duppy a jamba

duppy a jamba


Duppy a Jamba, Jamaican patois for 'ghost of the crayfish', is funky punky smokey ska rocksteady reggae, rootsy and fun, dance music for the good people....


started as an experimental four piece in early 2006 we have grown into a seven piece over the last year, we are heavily influenced by the original jamaican ska rocksteady and reggae sounds, with melodic and rythmic inspiration also coming from old r&b, bop, soul, calypso, old country and latin jazz. We have played out all over town to dancers and drinkers smokers and thinkers. Last fall we were honored to be nominated for the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best world music and this summer (7/19/08) we will be releasing our self titled full length debut.


the ghost of the crayfish ep
Brain Delay ep
duppy a jamba (s/t coming 7/19/08)
track 5, 3rd Rate Abraham has been played on 88.3 WAIF and featured on the Cincypunk Fest CD compilation.

Set List

our sets can run from 40 minutes or so, to around 4 hours. A short and basic set list would run;
Drive Home, Apocarock, 3rd Rate Abraham, After This, Wrap Me, Gaia, Devil Rock, Outlaw i&i, Bag-o-wire, Emma...we also play another