Marietta, Georgia, USA
BandHip Hop

Deep thoughts, truth and vulnerability. Thoughts not to be taken lightly, truth that will resonate with every listener and vulnerability only attained through the human experience. Duran's lucubration has taken him to a new realm of creative expression.


In a world where obtaining the perfect nose, the perfect car, or most viewed reality show is considered living the dream, Duran and his faithful following, affectionately known as the Stargazers, believe that following the unique design plans or "divine blueprints" -which were written in the stars- will bring their dreams to life.

He could have easily replaced "dots" for "stars", but Steve Jobs famously said, "you can't connect the dots going forward; you can only connect them looking backward." This truth becomes glaringly obvious when looking back on Duran's life.

"When I was a kid, I quit everything. I quit football, baseball, rotc wrestling - I quit that after two weeks! But I couldn't stop writing music. It's stuck with me since I was six years old; I can't help it." it's a good thing Duran made the connection with music as it had been with him all along.

Duran, an accomplished rapper and songwriter (for himself and others), has come a long way since the days of his youth in Maryland when the gritty sounds of, NYC's own, ODB served as his soundtrack while on the school bus. As a man, his travels all over the world- through music and movement- and his relocation from Maryland to Atlanta- have created, within his soul, a smokey, savory and sweet gumbo that has become a signature- or blueprint- of his rhyming patterns and writing style.

"Those seemingly unattainable things that are attained everyday...Those are the stars."

Duran's musical journey had placed him on stages with some of rap music's most elite, G.O.O.D. Music's own, Big Sean being among them, and in recording studios with the titans of the production realm, crafting songs for some of music's biggest stars. But this is just the beginning.


2011 Wine & White Tees (EP)
2012 Skittles & Arizona (Single)
2013 Stargazers: The Preamble (Mixtape)