Basically, our music is the good ol' days meets contemporary sounds. With a heavy rhythmic drive and strong melodic overtones of today, and the general "feel good" attitude of our music, we are a much need bridge between rock and metal. Our music is genuine, and people can easily identify with us.


The idea behind Durt is simple. Contemporary Rock seems to us a bit depressing these days. We hope to change that. While we do have what some may call "ballad" material, we tend to play up-lifting music that not only inspires, but also captivates our audience. All of our music covers subject matter in which people can easily relate, and we prefer an indirect lyrical approach to songwriting, thus leaving the listener open to make a unique interpretation that applies to their personal life experiences. We derive much of our influence from bands such as AC/DC, Journey, Alice in Chains, and a number of other unique and iconic musicians, which we believe has made our music sound genuine and true, and not manufactured. We have been compared to Alice in Chains, Disturbed, Tool, Metallica, and Guns~n~Roses to name a few.



Written By: Pate, Rhoades, Bowers

Burn me from the inside
Put me in the spot light
Take away my only reason
Left to live

No matter how I tried
You were never satisfied
Guess it's not enough I gave you
All I had to give

You say that it's better for us this way
You honestly believe no one's to blame

All your condescending
You've become my enemy

Now that we're over
Look over your shoulder
I'm the conscience
slowly creeping up your back

You'll try and make a mends
Saying maybe we'll be friends
Well I'll always be behind you
Just to watch you fall


Written By: Pate, Rhoades, Bowers

Struggling to come to grips
with what's now taken place
From the shadows lurking comes
a faceless one my way
He beckons me to follow as I
Turn to him and say
"This is not the time or place"
Give me back my life!
(you want it from me
you won't let me breathe
don't take it from me
if I'm not ready to go)

The air sets in again I hear
the keeper call to me
"As it's been from dawn of time
so shall it now be
fate has writ our paths to cross
you've turned the final page
this is for your own good son
Now give me your life!"

"You can choose to stay and find that henceforth from this day
Everything that comforts you
has swiftly gone astray
You've now seen what none have seen and for this you shall pay
but the choice is yours, my son"

I choose life!!!


Self-titled EP released March, 2008, and we have this EP streaming via Myspace at http://www.myspace.com/durtband.

Set List

Our set list is between 45 minutes and an hour long, and we may do a cover medley of 2 to 3 songs from either Black Sabbath or Alice in Chains. Our typical set list is as follows: The Others, Enemy, Clench, The Turnaround, Cover Medley, Durty Girls, Urge, Lost, and Life