dusan dukic

dusan dukic


Progressive rock. It is a hybrid of acoustic instruments such as the mandolin, hungarian tambura, classical guitar,double bass infused into a melange of edgy electric guitars riffs and bass with balls.


I was born in Belgrade, Serbia or the former Yugoslavia, but we all know what happened there. (That is where I developed my keen ability to converse and make love to spider monkeys). Anyhow, I came to Canada when I was 3 years old. I figure that 25 years later I have become accustomed to the traditions and culture of North America(which means no more making love to spider monkeys). But enough about me...no lets talk a little more. I've been playing music my whole life, my mothers side of the family are all musicians, so that is where my training came from. I studied acting at the National Theatre School of Canada, where I also composed music for plays we performed. I want to keep music in my life so I created this: the notorious 3 song demo. I use many acoustic instruments when composing music for plays, so I got the idea to make a hybrid of electric and acoustic, because you can't really rock out while a play is going on...well maybe if it's something very abstract. Eastern European and South American music provide inspiration for my music while bands like Radiohead and Sigur-ros were very influential in creating my sound. They have the edge while still being sincere in the music.I strive for this sincerety.


Je t'aime

Written By: Dusan Dukic

I will love you always


The Notorious 3 song demo

Set List

The set is all original music. I have 10 originals songs and my sets usually last about an hour.