Dusk til Dawn

Dusk til Dawn

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

We are the place where funky tech meets with banging electro. Where pretty progressive meets with deep, soulful house. We are the link between that heavenly dance sound and those dirty, breakbeat grooves. We are here for you....Dusk til Dawn.


Inside every moment of light and darkness, there is a mystery, that something special. Without contrasting elements, there is no evolution, everything remains static. The thin line that exists between the bitter and the sweet, love and hate, good and evil, is a necessity of human existence. We cannot have one without the other.
Man and his music represent the epitome of this duality.

This is what you get when you bring together the Dark Prince and the Sweet Cupid of House Music...


Elation CD Mix - Dusk til Dawn

Set List

Typical recorded CD mix set is averages approximately 75 - 80 minutes in length.

Typical live performances average three to seven hours in length, dependent upon what specific guidelines are agreed upon with the particular festival, club, or venue.