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Dust and Bones

Greenville, Illinois, United States | INDIE

Greenville, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Band Rock Classic Rock


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"Strutter Review"


Now this is really great pure late 80s American Hardrock sounding little record. The band is called DUST AND BONES and 20 years ago they would have released their debut album ‘Voodoo’ on a major US label for sure, because their brand of pure Rock and Roll the late 80s American way, so with slight Bluesy and Sleazy touch, it is so close to acts like TESLA, LILLIAN AXE, KIX, TORA TORA, DIRTY LOOKS and such. This is just pure 1989 orientated stuff, remember the time when AEROSMITH had just made a succesfull comeback, THE CULT was hot and GUNS’N’ROSES was huge, so every label was keen on signing acts that played in these 2 styles… well DUST AND BONES could have easily followed up all the EVERY MOTHER’S NIGHTMARE’s, FASTER PUSSYCAT’s, CATS’N’BOOTS’ that were signed back then, if only this record was released 20 years ago. Still in the current state of affairs musically speaking, this record does not sound dated at all and is a great Rock and Roll record. Still anyone missing that style, well this record is your must-have! Every other fan of real raw Rock and Roll will of course also like DUST AND BONES! More info at: www.myspace.com/dustandbonesroxx

(Points: 8.2 out of 10)

- Strutter Magazine

"Power Play Review"

Dust N Bones
Genre: Hard Rock
Two Side Moon Productions

Dust N Bones deal in old school, good time classick rock. It is very Aerosmith in places albeit more "Jailbait" than "Permanent Vacation". Its rough n ready production helps add a sleaze feel to the record and the suggestive lyrics compound this element. "Your onion butt, gives me a nut, in my jeans" is sleaze poetry and the track "Whiskey Dick" isn't as limp as is sounds and does raise a smile. Fortunately there's much more to the record just the seaside postcard humor.

The band has a way with a pole dancing groove, hummable riffs and catchy pop rock choruses. "Pair Of Dice" is the most Aerosmith sounding track of the lot, although Nick Elmore also does a good Steven Tyler gargle at the end of the otherwise less successfull Poison like bop of "Feed My Disease". Best radio track award would go to the Kortini sounding "She's On Fire" and "Ready, Willing and Able" ticks all the boxes necessary for this type of music. Interestingly, another band they they owe a debt to is Tesla, especially on "No More Goodbyes" and the great "Dear Diary". On these tracks, like Tesla, they find catchy hooks without sacrificing the rock muscle. The title track has the type of call and response chorus that would work well live and "Come Up Swinging" has the pent up aggression and machine gun riff assault of Guns N' Roses, which you knew this band would have to emulate at some point on the record. Add a shot of LA Guns and a couple of carats of Diamond David Lee Roth and you know what old vinyl lines these guys shelves at home.

On the record they sound pretty much as they would live and it indicates that they would kick ass on stage. Next time out with a big name producer, their tunes, which are already well arranged, might get that extra sheen that might brouden their appeal and a little more care with the cd inlay(the font is unreadable) wouldn't go amiss. Overall though, this is likable old school rawk for bandana wearers everywhere.

Powerpoints: 7

Duncan Jamieson - Power Play Magazine

"Classic Rock Society Review"

Dust and Bones - Voodoo
Self Produced CD
Hailing from the US, this is the debut release from Dust and Bones, a quite remarkable sleaze rock band. Voodoo is a catchy and in your face album of driving rock and blues giving a hint of what the Stones would have produced if they had got together with Zeppelin in the early Seventies. Hard and driving these guys could be the successors to Aerosmith if a major label picks up on them and that could well happen given the vocal tallents of Nick Elmore and he plays a neat harmonica too. The guitar work from Sean Quidgeon is mean and dirty with Jon Jackson (bass) and Ryan Riggs (drums) pounding out an awesome backbeat rhythm. This is a confident and enthusiastic debut from a band definately going places. Check them out on myspace.com/dustandbonesroxxx. TC
- Classic Rock Society Magazin

"Glitzine Review"

If you like classic dirty rock 'n roll, Dust and Bones is the band for you!
Dust and Bones officially became a band in April 2008. Band members include Nick Elmore (lead/backing vocals/harmonica), Sean Quidgeon (guitars/backing vocals), Jon "Big Dawg" Jackson (bass/lead/backing vocals) and Ryan Riggs (drums/backing vocals). These guys are perfectionists when it comes to blending their respective talents.
Dust and Bones are a classic rock band with a very hard edge. If your into the likes of Aerosmith, Buckcherry and Tesla then 'Voodoo' is bound to have something for you.
Great songs and great vocals, musically it's hard rock with an alternative edge with the guitars chugging along, but it really works.
Stand out tracks included on this 13 track album have to include 'Feed My Disease', 'Dear Diary', 'Voodoo' and wickedly titled 'Whiskey Dick', which is funny as hell!

I love this album and am so happy that I Got to write this review, I just can't stop playing the lil bugger… lol!

Good old fashioned classic rock n' roll with a contempary twist.

Loving it

Rating 10/10

by Barry Gennard

- Glitzine Webzine

"Get Ready to Rock Review"

You cannot beat good, old fashioned, dirty rock n roll and that is exactly what you get with Dust and Bones’ debut album 'Voodoo'. The songs on the album are packed full of catchy choruses, some superb guitar solos and a whole lot of energy.

The band have only been together for about 18 months and in that time have crafted the songs on 'Voodoo' in a way that some bands would have taken years to achieve. The combination of sleazy vocals and guitar driven hard rock has elements of old AC/DC, Ratt and maybe even Tesla and Ozzy Osbourne, yet sounds like none of these bands really.

Highlights on the album include opening track 'She’s On Fire', 'Ready, Willing and Able', 'Dear Diary', 'Whisky Dick' and 'Shot Down'.

'Voodoo' is a great album and leaves you in no doubt that the Dust and Bones are probably very good live. It is also encouraging to see that outside the world of the big corporate record labels more and more albums like this are being made. ****
Review by Nikk Gunns
- Get Ready to Rock UK

"Rebel Music Review"


MEMBERS: Nick Elmore-vocals/harmonica, Sean Quidgeon-guitars, Big Dawg-bass, Ryan Riggs-drums


SONGS: She's On Fire, Pair-O-Dice, Feel My Disease, Come Get Some, Ready, Willing & Able, Dear Diary, Voodoo, No More Long Goodbyes, Whiskey Dick, Shot Down, No More, Running Free, Come Up Swinging

This is one Cd I didn't want to come to an end. After just one listen I could draw numerous influences from this one band alone. I'd say this is a heavy rock sounding band w/alittle alternative in the mix on a few songs only. As I draw from the songs I hear the typical writing styles of Danger Danger & Buckcherry. Most familiar to the sexual/female stereotypes of songs. Which I enjoy listening to. As for the music itself. I can draw influences from certain songs from bands such as Kiss, Hair of the Dog, Ozzy, Metallica, Ratt. To name a few. I heard other influences as well.

As Dust & Bones quote on their page that it's an album they're proud of, I'd have to say they should be! Work well done! I enjoyed the overall album, but my fave pics would be She's On Fire, Feed My Disease, Come Get Some, Ready, Willing & Able, Dear Diary, Whiskey Dick, Shot Down.

All I can say is, if you're a fan of any of the above mentioned bands, then these guys wouldn't disappoint at all. They have a good strong sound, that you'd feel is already a commercially established band. I enjoyed the guitar works of Sean Quidgeon the best. Stands out the most. I'd sure like to hear more from these guys in the future.

If you're interested in a sample listen or owning a copy for yourself, check out their following site for further details.


And yes they do ROCK!!!! Great job guys!!!! - Rebel Music Promotions

"Metal Centre Review"

The music of DUST AND BONES reached to me thanks to Two Side Moon/SLW Promotions… The first melodies show that the band (which exists from one year only) creates the music with passion and energy. Anyway they look like solid fans of Rock'and'roll, hahaha … But the cover-art (from some ATARI or COMMODORE) causes that I feel mixed feelings…

It is over forty minutes very dynamic and also melodious music, which is able to rouse even largest stiff-men. Catchy, melancholy as well as cheery subjects wiggle still and cause that a man has willingness to sing and hum together with the band, and even want to dance or jump. Moreover nostalgic and gentle dark melodies also appear among idyllic mood. This music is good to night parties with alcohol and the best palls as well as with nice women, hahaha …

However the music of DUST AND BONES is not only melody easy falling into ears… The guys approach to their arrangements very seriously and this causes that the compositions are very varied thematically. Obviously strong guitar subjects, adorned by the solos, the very energetic rhythmical section as well as the different vocals and the backing singers are the basis of the arrangements. Those vocal colours in connection with concrete guitar subject make the associations with such veterans like AC/DC, ALICE COOPER, DEF LEPPARD and AEROSMITH. In addition the sounds of harmonica appeared in one work creating more original climate. I think that this type of serves should more often be here...

The music of DUST AND BONES is marked by positive energy. Listening these tracks I have one declaration - Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll!!!

Rate: 8.0/10
GNOM - metalcentre.com


Voodoo - 10/2008
Rock and Roll Show 03/2011
We are being played on vaious radio and internet stations.



St. Louis, Mo. - to all the die hard rock fans around the world, you can now spread the word. Haven’t you had enough of the melancholy whiny want to hang myself music? If you like classic dirty rock ‘n roll, Dust and Bones is the band for you. Rock N Roll has taken a back seat far too long and Dust and Bones calls “shotgun”.

Dust and Bones officially became a band in April, 2008. Band members include Nick Elmore (lead/backing vocals/harmonica) Sean Quidgeon (guitars/backing vocals), Jon “Big Dawg” Jackson (bass/lead/backing vocals) and Ryan Riggs (drums/backing vocals). These guys are perfectionists when it comes to blending their respective talents. The chemistry between them is evident when you see them perform on stage together. They are a melodic, funky, freaky, dirty, sleazy, hard rock band who knows how to grab an audience. They utilize fun and catchy hook oriented songs that make you want to dance. These types of songs stick in your head. You’ll be singing them over and over. They are that good. From the awesome drums to the great melodic tunes – to the guitar solo’s with such incredible runs. They are high energy with an attitude.

Dust and Bones are the little voices in your head that argues with your conscience. “Go ahead, have another.” Or, “It’s only nasty if you think so.” There is nothing wrong with letting loose of your inhibitions. Go ahead try it. They will be there with you, trying it themselves.

Rock and Roll will never die

We are a fun band and want everyone to have a good time when they listen to us or see us live.