Dustin Burley

Dustin Burley


Acoustic Music that mixes alternative, rock, pop, reggae, jazz/improv, and folk...My intent is to make your head groove


Dustin Burley's music can best be described as music from the soul. Dustin thrives on a constant changing setlist, playing without a net, improv jamming, and feeding off the energy fueled by his audience. Dustin's show can be in many different. variations. Dustin's prefers to be more on performing original music but if and when needed Dustin has over 250 fun cover songs to choose from to keep the fun going. So depending on the venue/market he is playing to is what you will get. Dustin's major influences are life and these artists...Nirvana, the Dead, Phish, Marley, Dylan, Pearl Jam, GNR, some punk, some jazz, some metal, ect. Dustin trys to cater to all so he is influenced by so mush music its hard to credit all. Currently Dustin is touring the US and trying to spread his music as best as he can


Dustin has released 5 cd's and has started preparing for the 6th with a live CD to follow

Album List

Shaded Grey
Auga Di Flow
Circle Spectrum
Rings of Saturn

Set List

Setlist variation=

100% original
50% original 50% cover
or 90% cover 10% original (DEPENDS ON VENUE)

All original shows are two 65min sets
50/50 shows are three 50min sets
90/10 shows can be up to four 45min sets

Covers range from the 60-today all the fun popular stuff Nirvana, Sublime, Pjam, Snoop dog, Cash, dead, Phish, men at work, Talking heads, Green Day, Oasis, Howie Day, Proclaimers, Skynrd, ect ect