Dustin Darnold

Dustin Darnold

 Seattle, Washington, USA

There's a level of honesty to Dustin Darnold's acoustic presence that hints the songwriter has crafted his music with meticulous intentions. He sounds like a student of Americana music who put years of appreciating folk forefathers into arranging his own contributions to the genre.


Having moved from the windswept plains of the Midwest to Seattle in the summer of 2007, I went out in search of a change in scenery and a little adventure. The world was at my finger tips and I was going to write songs about truck stops, mountains, cigarettes and booze. It wasn’t long however, before I became homesick and sought out a way to channel my yearning -- the snow, the northwoods, friends, the endless fields of corn and soybeans. As a result, I dusted off the old recording unit during the fall of 2008 and wound up with Silos & The Long Pause...an LP to comfort my vanishing prairie.

Shortly thereafter, it was a chance encounter with a documentary that provided much of the inspiration for writing my next album "Condolences To Dewey." It's an album about a man whose stories are as beautiful as they are desperate. He is living with alzheimers and the album documents both the fading light and growing uncertainty he faces.

I enjoy taking walks with music... whether its down memory lane or on the road less traveled. As a child, I used to wake up on the weekends listening to my Dad play songs by Neil Young, John Prine, and Greg Brown. So it only makes sense that as a young man... now I play songs that draw on similar influences.


Silos & the Long Pause - Fall 2008
Condolences To Dewey - Summer 2010