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"Traditional Country Music Star"."

The Midwest Entertainment News has stated Dustin Hunt to be "The Midwest's Traditional Country Music Star". - Midwest Entertainment News

"One of the Best Tribute Shows"

Bob Everhart, President of the NTCMA., has credited Dustin with performing "...one of the Best Tribute Shows to Hank Williams ever done."

- Everhart-NTCMA

"Father-son duo keep the tradition of country music"

This summer, Dustin (left) and Bill Hunt were inducted into the Traditional Country Music Association Hall of Fame in LeMars, Iowa.

Even laid up in the hospital this fall, music was never far from Dustin Hunt’s mind.

The crooner of traditional country music had his laptop computer with him, and on it his favorite music — Buck Owens, Ray Price and Hank Lockin and Webb Pierce, to name a few.

Recovering from a pretty extensive surgery, the music helped take his mind off things.

The music the Lansing resident immersed himself in was old-school country, which began to part ways with today’s mainstream country in the 1970s, as amplification became more common. It’s the kind of classical country where the instruments stay more muted in the background, allowing the vocals and melody to ride on top.

This is definitely your father’s, or maybe more accurately your grandfather’s, country music, and in Hunt’s case it couldn’t have been more true.

His dad, Bill Hunt, who had performed it all his life, had first taught his son how to sing and play with a microphone rubber-banded to a broomstick in a back room of a cigarette store they used to own, a sand-filled coffee can working as the base.

The first song he taught him was a Johnny Rodriguez tune — “Pass Me By.”

“The mic wasn’t plugged in as dad wanted to teach me to project my voice and learn to work the mic as a tool,” Dustin Hunt said.

“Work the mic correctly and save your voice,” his dad would say.

The lessons sunk in, and it wasn’t long before the father-son team was playing across the whole of the Midwest, even shows in Canada and southern Texas. Along the way Dustin Hunt achieved some acclaim on his own when he won first place in a Hank Williams Sr. look-alike contest sponsored by Southwest Airlines and the television station TNN.

Though the physical likeness is striking, Hunt said he was still surprised when people started asking him to sing Hank Williams songs. Since then he’s added a number of Hank Williams songs to his repertoire and even performs a tribute show.

Hunt said he’s never tried to be anything other than himself, which is why he was always shocked when so many people believe he sounded just like the late singer.

“I would listen to a Hank song and then sing it so that I wouldn’t be an imitator but rather Dustin,” he said. “It just came out that way and still comes out that way.”

But the Hunts are known for more than just Hank.

They’ve received airplay over most of the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe, and their songs are available through a number of Internet sites (including Amazon and iTunes). On top of that, this summer the two were inducted into the Traditional Country Music Association Hall of Fame in LeMars, Iowa, and were recognized by Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for their contributions to the genre.

Since then, however, they’ve kind of had a rough go of it.

In addition to the diabetes that Hunt, 38, has had for years, he also suffered a aneurysm two years ago. This fall he underwent an all-day surgery to repair complications from a first surgery, which laid him up for a few weeks in the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Both father and son have handled it with the same lighthearted humor that has netted them fans and friends from the countless shows they’ve played across the country’s midsection.

“If you’re going to be laid up then winter is the time to do it,” said Bill Hunt, 73, who postponed a surgery of his own a couple of weeks ago because his wife had recently fallen ill, and he figured there should be at least one moderately well person to care for everyone.

The two are hoping to bounce back by summer and perform as often as their health will allow. Always optimistic, they have four appearances lined up already.

Their next is at the Heart of America Old-Time and Bluegrass association’s monthly jam Jan. 16 in Kansas City, where they hope they’ll have enough stamina to make it through at least a 30-minute set.

It’s not what they used to do — the two tell stories of playing four-plus hours a day at festivals and playing 32 sets over an eight-day event without repeating the same song twice except for requests — but it’s a start. And they have no plans of missing this one.

Said Bill Hunt, “We’ll manage if we have to crawl.”

- Kansas City Star

"Lansing duo inducted into country hall of fame"

Lansing duo inducted into country hall of fame

By Tim Linn
Leavenworth Times - Leavenworth, Kansas
Thu Oct 09, 2008, 08:15 AM CDT


Lansing resident Dustin Hunt probably seems like a regular guy — unless he’s wearing a Stetson hat.

In that case, Hunt becomes the spitting image of the late Hank Williams Sr.

The transformation is complete when he begins to sing.

Dustin and his father Bill have been playing country music at festivals around the country for at least 10 years. Recently, the two were recognized for their contributions when they were inducted into the National Traditional Country Music Association Hall of Fame in LeMars, Iowa.

Dustin said Bob Everhart, president of the NTCMA, presented a plaque to the father and son team in August at the 33rd annual Old Time Music Festival.

“It’s quite an honor to carry on the traditional country music,” Dustin said.

Dustin was also recently recognized by Gov. Kathleen Sebelius for his work representing Kansas in the world of country music.

Bill said country music is something of a “family tradition” in the Hunt family. He said he grew up playing the guitar and singing and his stepfather played the fiddle. He said he now also plays the Dobro, mandolin and lap steel guitar.

However, Dustin didn’t begin his career in music until after graduating from college, when he said he finally convinced his father to teach him how to play guitar. Dustin said his father then passed down his knowledge of traditional country music.

“He taught me the classics,” he said.

The Hunts defined “traditional country” as a style of country music that requires no amplification. Dustin said the music shares a songwriting tradition with country music from the 1950s to the early 1970s.

To some people, Dustin said the “no amplification” rule can be very strict, and separates traditional country music from modern country music.

“Acoustic music is health food for the ears,” Everhart said of the style.

The Hunts said they have performed at traditional country festivals throughout the Midwest and the southern U.S.

The lack of electric guitars and drums may surprise some people, although the Hunts said the concerts are evocative of another era in the history of American music.

“It’s kind of like going back in time,” Bill said.

Dustin said he helped put traditional country music in the national spotlight in 1996, when he won the grand prize in a Hank Williams look-alike contest through the television station TNN.

Though he looked the part, he said he was surprised when people started coming up to him and asking him to play Hank Williams songs.

“I didn’t realize how much I sounded like Hank, but apparently I awed the world,” he said.

Since then, he said he started performing a Hank Williams tribute show and performing a number of Hank Williams songs. In addition, he said he writes, performs, produces, records and distributes his own music through his Web site, www.dh-music.com.

He’s also been invited to events like the 50th anniversary of Williams’ death at the Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery, Ala., where he said he found himself standing on WIlliams’ grave at 7:30 a.m., singing a song to the late singer.

The Hunts’ touring schedule has been put on hold for the last year and a half due to illnesses.

Dustin said he is still undergoing treatments for a brain aneurysm he suffered two years ago, and also experiences some complications from diabetes. Bill said he has also been in and out of the hospital, undergoing treatments for his own health problems.

At the August festival, Dustin said Everhart led the crowd in LeMars, Iowa, in a five-minute prayer for the Hunts’ speedy recovery.

Dustin said that hopefully, he and his father can continue to play music and help inspire a new generation of traditional country musicians.

That wish has started to come true, as Dustin said he has started to see younger faces in the crowds and on stage at the festivals. The Hunts both shared stories about 8-year-old harmonica virtuosos and teenage fiddle players. Dustin said he is also approached by his nephews, Dustin and Christopher Nold, to sing a song.

Dustin said a lot of young people are drawn to the heritage of the music.

“Once they’re exposed to it, it’s like a piece of history that’s coming back around,” Dustin said. “They say history repeats itself, so it’s going to repeat itself.”

To encourage future generations to take up traditional country music, Bill said he and Dustin invite younger musicians to play with them on stage. Dustin said helping out younger musicians is a way to keep the music going.

He also said he remembers getting advice from veteran players when he was first starting out.

Dustin quotes his hero, Buck Owens, when he talks about his extended family, young and old, at the festivals.

“It takes people li - Leavenworth Times

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"Dustin has won contests as a Hank Williams look-alike but his talents lie far beyond his "look". While maintaining a persona which has brought him the attention neccessary to "make it" in today's world of country, he has managed to also retain his individuality when singing his own music. An easy, flowing voice, much in the style of Ray Price or Don Williamshttp://www.dh-music.com.but that's the only resemblencehttp://www.dh-music.com.he is strictly Dustinhttp://www.dh-music.com.true to his music and his roots."
Marlene Slater - My Kind Of Country WWW.MKOC.COM


"Your music shows the world that the traditional country sound is alive and well and can be wonderfully executed and appreciated by today's generation."
Eddie Bear - Net Radio Ect-Country


Dustin is talented. He has excellent stage presence. He is a delight to work with. He would be a credit to any show or stage. He works well with other performers. I will use him again and again. The audience likes him and his selection of songs. Highly recommendeded
John Cox - Heartland Country Music Assn. NE


"You are incredible regardless of what you are singing."
Gloria - Sioux Fall, SD


When Dustin was performing, he was stopping people in their tracks as they passed by because it was a standing room only crowd. Dustin does a credible job doing Hank Williams Sr. music, so good, that some listeners said they couldn't tell the difference.
Music Industry News Network


In a recent album review by, Miroslaw Desperak of Czestochowa Poland, stated the following regarding Dustin Hunt’s, Honky Tonkin’ and An Echo From The Pasthttp://www.dh-music.com.A Tribute To Hank CD’s. Your great CD - Honky Tonkin` and your excellent tribute to Hank Williams. Your Hank Williams collection is a masterpiece. We were so impressed by it. It seems Hank Williams is alive. It`s the best tribute to him ever. He would be so proud of you if he was alive. I have goose bumps when I hear you sing HW songs. I played it on the air last week and believe it or not but I was "bombarded" with many, many requests to repeat all of your HW songs. You are an overnight hero here. We love your great style and voice. My congratulations !
CM d.j. - Miroslaw Desperak and many of your local fans here. 11/18/02 PRWEB


Dustin is a very talented entertainer. He has a wonderful voiceand is a gifted performer. He has entertained numerous times at the LeMars "old Central " Auditorium here in LeMars Iowa and has never fails to "wow" the audiance. When he sings his Tribute to Hank Williams you would think Hank was back on stage. He is a man who takes his career and obligations seriously and is very dependable to give his best, whenever he has done a show for us.
Sincerely, Mike Mullally LeMars, IA - Lally Productions


"As a Hank Williams fan . i thought your CD "Echos of the past" was the most fitting tribute to the man and his music, Brilliantly perfpormed by you . Congratulations on an excellent album and one i,ll cherish."
-John B. - Ireland


Phylis Bishop, Omaha, NE


"The strength in Dustin Hunt’s voice is pure country. There are very few young entertainers today who are as capable of carrying on the tradition of Country Music. His Hank Williams Sr. Tribute is a remarkable journey back in time to the deepest roots of Traditional Country Music. It has been a pleasure for The Kenaston Family Band to share the stage with this fine entertainer and we’re looking forward to many more opportunities in the future." Sharon Kenaston - Wahoo Country Music Show - Wahoo, NE


“Dustin Hunt, the only legitimate claim to the mantle of Hank Williams Sr. “ Bob Everhart- National Traditional Country Music Assoc.


Being in the Promotional end of Country Music, I have directed/ produced/ coordinated/ sponsored/ booked/ managed/ prepared press releases/acquired backers/ and provided a promotional service for many successful entertainers. Often working from "centerfield" - N/A

"'Flag Of Our Country' released by Dustin Hunt, Midwest traditional Country Music Star"

Country (2004-09-10)
'Flag Of Our Country' released by Dustin Hunt, Midwest traditional Country Music Star

NEW YORK (www.dh-music.com) - Dustin Hunt, Midwest Traditional Country Music Star Releases, Flag Of Our Country on SoundClick.Com/DustinHunt.

This is a great traditional country song with strong ties to our country's flag. The words will make you once again thing of the value of our FLAG.

Dustin has performed around the country and dedicates this to those who stood on 9/11. Besure to take a listen at www.soundclick.com/dustinhunt and to give his sight a visit at www.dh-music.com for more information.

The words to this great patriotic song are:


There's a flag of glory that will wave ever more
As long as it wave we'll be free from shore to shore
It waves so proud in this land of liberty
So let's give thank to those for the flag of our country

Red, White and Blue with all them Stars
It fly's so high, standing for the cause
We all know someone who's left their families
So that we could fly, the flag of our country

Oh that flag that stand so tall and proud
Other have tried, but they can't take her down
And many have died so that we could be free
Remember them, fly the flag of our country

So let all fly the flag of our country.
- top40-charts.com


Dustin has released several albums consisting of self-penned and covers songs.
"Travelin' Without Me"
"Gettin' Over You"
"An Echo From The Past...A Tribute To Hank
"Turnin' Back The Time"
"Honky Tonkin'"
“The Man, The Music, The Legend”
"LIVE" at the request of his fans
"Reflections Looking Back...Again"

Some of Past Performances
Orilla Opry - ON CA HW Muesum - Montgomery, AL Midwest Country Theater - Redding, IA Miles Of Memories Fest - Hastings, NE Clinton County Opry - Plattsburg, MO Avoca Festival - Avoca, IA MCMA Festival - Weeping Water, NE Crocky's Showbiz Theater - Branson, MO Decator County Fair - Leon, IA Barn Door Opry - Ravenwood, MO Iowa State Fair - Des Moines, IA Gene Autry Music Fest - Gene Autry, OK Apple Festival - Wyandotte, KS Missouri State Fair - Sedalia, MO Downs Festival - Downs, KS B.J.'s River Front Opry - St. Joseph, MO Town Creek Opry - Stanberry, MO Colorado State Fair - Pueblo, CO Trout Haven - Divide, CO South Texas Music Festival - Mercedes, TX Silver Dollar City - Branson, MO Melody Ranch - Gene Autry, OK Wahoo Music Festival - Wahoo, NE Red Barn Opry - Omaha, NE Oak Tree Opry - Anita, IA Country Pickins Opry - Richmond, MO Northtown Opry, Kansas City, MO Mercer Street Fair - Mercer, MO Main Exchange PX- Ft. Leavenworth, KS Turney Opry - Turney, MO Glenns Opry - Tonganoxie, KS Christmas On The River - Parkville, MO Utter Lounge - Orchard, NE Eagles Lodge - Des Moines, IA Historic Gym - Le Mars, IA Nebraska CMA - Louisville, NE Mount Etna Opry, Mount Etna, IA



Dustin Hunt spent his childhood in St. Joseph Missouri until the age of 13 when his family moved several time and making Sedalia, Missouri their home. Dustin attended high-school at Smith-Cotton High and attended college at Central Missouri State University. After a few moves he now calls Lansing, Kansas home.

Dustin has performed on a national basis over the past few years. He has gained recognition by receiving awards, winning several talent showcases, obtaining national/International airplay, media attention and has broadened his fan base to include diverse groups of individuals. Regardless of age. Dustin has an extensive repertoire of country songs.

He has opened for Hank III and Grand Ole Opry Stars to the like of Claude Gray, Ernie Ashworth, and more.

He enjoys performing a variety of music but his passion is traditional country. Within his own style you will hear those of legends Johnny Horton, Marty Robbins, Faron Young, John Denver, Buck Owens, Ray Price, Hank Snow, and Hank Williams to name a few.

Dustin has released several albums consisting of self-penned and cover songs. "Travelin' Without Me", "Gettin' Over You", "An Echo From The Past...A Tribute To Hank", "Turnin' Back The Time", "Honky Tonkin'", "Searchin'",“The Man, The Music, The Legend”, "Reflections" and most recently "LIVE" at the request of his fans. Dustin and his father, Bill Hunt, are currently working on a Bluegrass Album to be release early summer 2009.

He has gained attention with his broad range of styles and individual charisma. Dustin has been credited with performing "...one of the best tribute shows to Hank Williams." He was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the TNN/Southwest Airlines Hank Williams look-a-like contest.

Read More On Dustin's Hank Tribute Show Click Here

Dustin is not only an outstanding vocalist with a wide variety of styles, he is also a very talented songwriter.

Dustin has been nominated for a number of songwriting awards from several country music associations and is a member of the National Traditional Country Music Hall Of Fame. He is a versatile entertainer performing with a full band or alone and is available for national as well as international bookings. He takes the stage with vigor, enthusiasm.

Each day Dustin Hunt pursues this career with vigor; writing and performing a variety of songs, performing anywhere and anytime he is given the opportunity as well as establishing a large fan base, obtaining studio, stage experience, radio airplay, and media attention. All these endeavors are in an effort to prepare himself for the day when the world will hear his music.

At present Dustin is looking forward to performing and increasing his extensive repertoire of traditional, bluegrass and modern country/pop songs and writing songs for his next album.

His strongest influence has come from his father, Bill Hunt. View his bio at WWW.DH-Music.com
Under the Bio tab