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Two kinds of confidence

Written By: Dustin Micheli

"Two Kinds of Confidence" by Dustin Duane Micheli
4/4 time Key of A ish
(1st verse)
I didnt know what to do when you called me an angel Heavin Knows what you see in me
If I lay all my cards upon the table.
Does it mean I lay down my dignity?
(1st Chorus)
But when the morning comes,Ill be thinking of more than sunshine.
There are these things about you,Id like to know please give me more time.till were out of time
(2nd verse)
We could resolve to stay together,we could part as friends and say goodbye.we could pretend that theres no answer,as long as we promise not to cry.
(1st chorus starting with"and" into second chorus)
(2nd chorus)
Maybe Im in love with the idea of being in love.Maybe Im just hoping too hard for all those things I've been dreamin of.Ive got two kinds of confidence one is week and one is not that strong.Maybe I was just hoping we could get along.
(3rd Verse)
As if in a fairy tail or fable,we stayed together here in our dream.I dont know if I believe in forever. but here is what I think I believe.
(1st chorus starting with"When the morning comes...
into 2nd chorus. -Repeat and end 2nd chorus with "And we're out of time... end)