Nina Violet with Dust of the Lotus

Nina Violet with Dust of the Lotus


The sound is its own, influenced by sixties/seventies rock, folk, country, and mountain music. It blends rich vocal harmonies and poetic lyrics with a slightly different take on some classic instruments.


Nina Violet and Dust of the Lotus have been working on a collaboration project for several months. They are linked by their small island home.
They have played together at a few venues so far: Piano's, T.T. the Bear's Place, The Brass Cat, Sin-e, and are booked and booking more.
The violist has toured with artists Willy Mason, Beth Orton, Kahoots, and The Magic Numbers. The guitarist has also toured with Willy Mason and was included in Willy's latest (still unreleased) album. The percussionist, and violist's little sister, has only performed solo and with band members. She has a performance background and was also included in Willy's newest album (as a vocalist).
The music is influenced by artists like Brian Jonestown Massacre, Johnny Cash, Nico, Bob Dylan, Bright Eyes, Vashti Bunyan, Elliot Smith, The Velvet Underground.


Home In This World

Written By: Colin Ruel

I felt like I was so tired I wanted to go home and I wished that I could go home
I knew that I was so scared I wanted to go home I wished I could go home I dont have a home in this world anymore god blessed the children who dont have their minds made up who foraged and recieved the bounty and the essence and they were the seekers and they sung like a chorus of angels and the bodhi was the seed in their bodies and their minds and our essence
I was so drunk i could not walk and I wanted to go home and I wished that I could go home
I was so stoned I could not think and I wanted to go home and I wanted to go home and I wished I could go home
Karma connected with its causes it affected like a candle that burned down and a flame that was passed on they sought out the old ways those that were rare and hidden deeply and there amidst the masses in a silence and a revernce of all that connected was a teacher that taught with just the movement that had always been done that had always been done I dont have a place in this space anymore and I dont have a home in this world anymore


Colin Ruel's ten song debut LP Home In this World ©2006 includes singles Om Ah Hum, It's Fine and Just Read (played on 92.7WMVY, 93.7WVVY, podcast in Texas and Leeds Radio in England)
Nina Violet's debut LP, Nina Violet and the Invisible Orchestra, has been sold all over the world (distributed from bread bags) on the Radiohead 2006 tour where she opened as an accompanist for Willy Mason and also on the Beth Orton Tour.
Marciana Jones' solo work is formally unreleased. It is shared online and played on 93.7WVVY podcast.

Set List

All original music, songs written by all members of the band. Set includes different members singing lead and instrumental swaps.