Reykjav√≠k, Capital Region, ISL

The band is a 100% Rock experience. Their sound is Rock/Metal with a twist of Power-Pop and stadium prowess. The new album Radio Killer is including internet hit T-Bird Romance as well as sweet ballads such as the hit radio single Personal Rock Star and The Voice punk rock hits through metal.


Hailing from the Republic of Iceland, comes one of the worlds freshest new rock groups... known as Dust. This cutting edge band of musicians reformed out of the ashes of Envy of Nona. Headed by the multi-talented Dave Dunn on Vocals and Guitar, and his partners in crime; aVo (Lead Vocals), August Thor (Bass, Backing Vocals, Big E (Guitars, Backing Vocals) and drummer extraordinaire Torvaldur. The original incarnation of Dust released it's self-titled debut in February 2002, after which the album found it's way into the hands of Multimediary in Los Angeles, a management deal was eventually signed with Mulimediary. The boys of Dust were invited to showcase at the SXSW festival in Austin Texas 2003, and they discovered themselves on the shores of West Coast America. After touring America, which included the SXSW showcase. The band called it quits in March 2003, despite having their debut album remixed by Nickelback producer Dale Penner for U.S. release._Dave Dunn then returned to Iceland and formed Envy of Nona, (The rest of the band forming Canora), playing their first gig with Evergrey (SWE) in September 2003 in Iceland (With drummer Bassi from the Benny Crespo's Gang), and eventually releasing a self-produced LP entitled Two Years Birth, after having dumped the previous 12 track outing that Dave had been working on since Dust for a change of style, Two Years Birth saw the light of day in February 2007 in Iceland to little fan-fair at the time until the band was picked up by Tom Kat Records late 2007. However they called it quits after their last live show at the Iceland Airwaves festival in late 2007, creative differences cited as the reason for the break-up. Up from the Ashes arose a mighty demon from it's weary slumber, the Dust had been kicked up yet again, but with a slight name change and featuring new members (with the backing of Tom Kat Records), Dust was "a generally pleasing musical experience, and I had a great time performing in America" says Dust's main songwriter Dave Dunn. aVo and my friend August came in and we finished the entire album in a little under three months with the mixing talents of my former band member Albert Asvaldsson of the band Canora, we have new songs, some old songs and a few things from experimental stages." Both aVo and Big E were contestants in Channel 2's Iceland reality TV show Bubbi's Band produced by Saga Film. Similar to the Rock-Star series, it featured Iceland's biggest name in the music industry Bubbi Morthens, as he was in search of Iceland's best rock singer, aVo placed second. Dust has been featured on television before, as their early singles Truth and In My Blood were featured on MTV's Real World & Road Rules Challenge.

The new release Radio Killer is named for the band's dismay for the retro music passing for rock n' roll, includes 13 incredible tracks, including internet hit T-Bird Romance. Sweet ballads such as the hit radio single Personal Rock Star and The Voice punk rock hits through metal. The band is a 100% Rock experience, and describe their sound as Rock/Metal with a twist of Power-Pop and stadium prowess.


Album: Radio Killer, released in March 2009

Set List

Personal Rock Star
Break-up Song
Burned Out
Moist Tree
The Voice
T-Bird Romance
My New Beginning