Joe Muth is the most handsome sonofabitch you've ever seen.


Dustworks self-released their Atlas EP in January of 2005. A combination of backwoods and backroads, sunlight and shadows, delicate acoustic work and ear-splitting feedback, the Atlas EP echos the work of the Notorious-lineup of The Byrds and Big Pink-era Band, and contains eclectic traces of Dylan, Joy Division, the Everly Brothers, and the Milwaukee press' favorite touchstone, Wilco. Built on the songwriting of Casey Stang, the Atlas EP features the vintage keyboard and guitar onslaught of Tim Larsen and Joe Muth, the rhythm work of Brandon Palmer and Ryan Stang, and the field recordings and synth work of resident oracle Adam Dingeldein. The resulting hangover was mixed by Jack Rodee, and mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions. Also on board was the lovely Michelle Anthony, supplying banjo and giggles. Ask us about Ty.


Demos (2003)
Atlas EP (2005)

Set List

Typical set is a series of our songs played in succession.