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"Rock Plymouth State"


Live music returned along with the student body on Wednesday September 5, 2007. It was the first day back to class for PSU, and the first night for students to enjoy the first of the PACE sponsored events of the semester. Drawn by the crowd forming in front of the HUB, many students came out for the show, which featured openers Dusty and the Know, as well as the ever-popular Roots of Creation.

The night started out strong with a stellar set from Dusty and the Know. They played a solid and entertaining mix of covers as well as original music, and kept the energy high. The band did a great job getting the crowd pumped up for the headliners Roots of Creation, who are a familiar act to Plymouth State.

"They are really fun to dance to" said PSU student Becky Britton, of Dusty and the Know.

"I'm really digging the CCR covers", said Junior Matty Green. "They are tight, simple, and good for the crowd".

After a few songs, the band got into a solid groove with the crowd as more than sixty students joined the band onstage. Everyone really got caught up in the energy of the event, dancing to infectious bass lines and guitar solos, and singing along.

Green also added "They may be in possession of the pick of destiny, I mean, they rip to well for an opener."

After a final massive round of applause from the crowd, Dusty and the Know gave way for Roots of Creation, who were greeted in true Plymouth style.

Anyone near the HUB Wednesday night could hear the cheers from the crowd as Roots of Creation introduced themselves for all of the first-years and new fans. Many of the concert attendees remembered the stellar performance Roots of Creation delivered last year that rocked the HUB Fireplace Lounge. The scene outside on Wednesday night wasn't much different, as the crowd grooved on the band's laid back reggae sound.

Overall the night was a great success. The crowd loved the performance and the bands felt very positively about the event and their performances. It was truly a night of great music shared by good friends. There will be many more concerts like this one throughout the semester, so be sure to stay tuned for more from PACE.

Written By: Mike Kim / Seth Nason

- The Clock

"Going For It"


Members of The Dusty Gray Band readily admits they are youngsters in the music scene. They don’t even mind being called “baby-face” anymore because they’ve got something else to prove.

After sharing the stage with several popular Concord-based groups, like the Ron Noyes Band and the Brooks Young Band, they refuse to be known as just another “local garage band.”

“These are some big local acts. To get on stage with these bands is a huge thing,” said Dusty Gray, founding member of the group.

“We are a very young band but we have a lot to offer. Not every band even gets a chance to do these gigs,” Gray said. The Dusty Gray Band is Gray, 22, on vocals and rhythm guitar, Matt Jensen, 20, on lead guitar, Chris Noyes (no relation to Ron Noyes), 20, on bass, and Evan Gillis, 20, on drums.

“It’s definitely in that singer-songwriter style with a soul rock influence. But don’t think soft when we say singer-songwriter. We let our lead guitar player run wild with it,” Gray said.

The Dusty Gray Band considers Ron Noyes, with his own singer-songwriter style, one of their biggest influences.

“To me, in my mind, they’re a real time band. They’re ready to do the big time and I would love a little part of the Ron Noyes Band to be in my band,” Gray said.

The Dusty Gray band practically was a garage band, until a few months ago when they picked up their drummer, changing their three-piece to a full-band sound. Gray said watching acts like the Ron Noyes band influenced them to grow up and be serious about their band, especially at their age, if they want it to be more than a local band.

“This is what we want to do and we might as well start being serious about it now. We’re not going to stop until it happens. It might be a one-in-a-million shot but we’re willing to go for it,” Gray said.

Their first real gig as a four-piece was at the Concord Rock ‘N Race in June. They also entered into the Granite State Songwriting Contest, organized by Ron Noyes. Coming in eighth place, they were allowed to perform at Stone Church as one of the 10 finalists.

“There were some amazing musicians at the competition. Coming in eighth place isn’t so bad overall. But there’s so much more I can take from the experience. It makes me want to pursue it even more,” Gray said.

The Dusty Gray Band has about 15 original songs and pulls a few covers from the likes of Otis Redding and Ray LaMontagne. They’re working on an EP, Beneath the Shadows, their first recording.

Gray said his goal for the band is to tour with popular acts and one day be a popular act for which local acts open.

Written By: Erica Febre - The Hippo Press

"Dusty Gray Band"


Most days, the Bow gazebo is quiet, adding small-town New Hampshire charm to the center of town.

Sunday, Aug. 19, however, the gazebo will have a slightly different feel, thanks to local folk-rock act The Dusty Gray Band.

The four-man ensemble, consisting of three Bow High School graduates, Dusty Gray, Matt Jensen and Chris Noyes, got together only a few years ago, but their advanced knowledge of the music industry has helped them click and begin gaining popularity in their hometown.

The band’s lead guitarist, Jensen, bassist, Noyes, and drummer, Evan Gilles, are all music majors, something Noyes said has helped make it easier to gel.

“Matt and Evan are music majors too, so they understand a lot of different kinds of music and what it takes to make a good song, a good band and a quality product to put out there,” said Noyes. “So the level understanding and the know-how is what separates us from other bands in the area.”

Noyes first took an interest in music in about sixth grade and was in his first band by seventh grade, so the band scene is nothing new to him since.

“I’ve had my share of bands,” he joked.

Dusty Gray, 22, who plays acoustic guitar and is lead singer for the band, writes many of the songs the band plays and compared himself to someone who isn’t anywhere close to the music business.

“It’s kind of like Manny Ramirez. Sometimes I am just on a tear and everything is coming so easy, but there are times when I just can’t get anything going,” said Gray, whose musical influences many artists, including Aretha Franklin. “I can be coming up with songs left and right and just can’t get them out fast enough. But sometimes I just can’t get anything to come out. It’s when I am pushing too hard to get a song that I usually end up not liking it.”

The process usually starts when Gray hears a melody in his head, works that out into a good hook and then the rest comes naturally. Writing music is one of Gray’s favorite aspects of what he does.

“It may seem kind of selfish, but my favorite part about being a musician isn’t being up in front of a big crowd or anything like that. It’s just how I am able to express myself when I am playing and writing,” said Gray, who has written between 20 and 25 songs. “It’s just such a great way for me to get whatever is in my mind out.”

Noyes agreed with Gray.

“The creativity that comes out is probably my favorite part about being a musician, because as a music major, music is obviously a huge part of my life. Being able to play with Dusty and play that rock music, you get the creativity coming out that normally wouldn’t come out with other music you play,” said Noyes.

Gray’s ultimate hopes for the band are high. He hopes to make his career doing what he loves.

“The next level for us is that we want to be professional musicians and we want to be signed. Yeah, we’re young, but we have shown people that we aren’t the typical garage band,” said Gray, who also said the group mixes in a few cover songs to go along with its originals.

Although the four band members usually take time off from playing while Noyes, Jensen and Gilles head to school, Gray said this year they will play some shows during common time off throughout the year.

Written By: Matt Schooley - The Bow Times


Current CD Releases
"Down & Dirty" Demo (2009)
"Downshifting" EP (Summer, 2008)
"Beneath the Shadows" Demo (2008)
"Bandstand" (2007)
"Alive @ the Green Martini" (2007)



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