Dusty Duhon

Dusty Duhon

 Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Hi, my name is Dusty Duhon. I am a Texas singer/songwriter in Houston area. I have been writing and performing country music for the past 10 years and hope to perfect my songwriting as well as getting exposure with my music. My influences range from George Strait to Keith Urban.


Born in Louisiana, starting writing songs when I was 14 years old. Graduated in accounting from LSU in Baton Rouge, moved to Houston where I am now working for Spectra Energy as I continue my songwriting and performing on the side.


This Perfect Night

Written By: Dusty Duhon

“This Perfect Night” (Duhon) © 2009
Verse 1
The only thing that I can think about - is there ain’t no place I’d rather be right now
The sun is setting down right into the clouds - leaving a velvet sky no worries to be found
The perfect song playing at the perfect time -As we open up our favorite bottle of wine

She’s the reason for this perfect night
She’s in her summer dress looking so fine
One look into her eyes – I go out of my mind
I could spend the rest of this life
in this perfect night

Verse 2
The day slowly fades to night as a million stars explode across the sky
The summer breeze is blowing just right as looking out at the moon shinning bright
The waves are sneaking up to our feet as we cuddle up on the beach

Repeat Chorus
I don’t’ need the 4th of July – to see fireworks in her eyes
She’s got a smile on her face – reminding me I’m in the perfect place

Repeat Chorus

Doing the Best I Can

Written By: Dusty Duhon

“Doing the best I can” (Duhon)
Capo 4 © 2008

Verse 1
I spent Christmas curled up in a trench
Protecting our country with all my strength
Walked across the dessert under the morning sun
My eyes were heavy and my body numb
Slept up against a rock all night long
Just dreaming of you and our little girl back home
But right now

I’m doing the best I can
After all I’m just a man
I got this cross around my neck
And a hundred pounds on my back (
If this rifle doesn’t shoot
I know God will come through
Either way I’m coming home to you


Verse 2
Tell our sweetheart I’m doing alright
Wish I could be there to tuck her in at night
But I’m a million miles from there
Lying in this bunker and I’m so scared
But I got this picture from our little girl
That says “My daddy’s gonna save the world
Make sure you tell her

Repeat Chorus

The only thing that keeps me holding on
Is reading those letters postmarked from home
And dreaming about that joyful day
When I’m stepping off the plane – you’re running my way

Repeat Chorus (Slowly)

Better Together

Written By: Dusty Duhon and Beth Kille

“Better Together”
(Duhon, Kille) 2010

Verse 1

I know you’ve got to catch that plane
but I’ve got something that just can’t wait
I spent a sleepless night lying in bed
this conversation running through my head
We’ve shared our secrets except for one
I’ve been in love with you since we were young


I could go on living if you didn’t stay
And you would be just fine making your own way
But we both know – we’d be missing something great
baby we could be better together

Verse 2
We promised that we’d never cross that line
but here I am on the other side
Now with everything that’s at stake
this is a promise that I have to break
Here’s the dream that I want to share with you
I want to be your best friend and you lover too

Repeat Chorus
If you have to go I will understand
but I was hoping I could change your plan

Repeat Chorus

Red Eye

Written By: Jon D'Agostino, Dusty Duhon, & Jason Eustice

Verse 1
Waiting at the gate for another late night trip to Tennessee
One week a month just ain't enough when it comes to you and me I
Yeah you say you love your dream job and that California beach
But now I need to know, where this thing is going


Cause it's time to board
a midnight flight to lonely
And give my heart
A window seat and slowly
Pull the shade down on the world
And keep on thinking about you girl
Till I find, another sunrise
On the red eye

Verse 2
Two thousand miles can't keep your smile from this hole within my heart
Packing up my jeep, giving my two weeks then I’m going to bet the farm
That the rest of my life is waiting for me in those loving arms
I’ll leave my lake front view just to be with you, cause

Repeat Chorus

Next time I’ll be back with more than t-shits and ole jeans
Next time we won’t have to dream

Repeat Chorus


Heart to Heart - 2001
Frozen in the Moment - 2002
Acoustic Sessions - 2006
Doing the Best I Can - 2008

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