Dusty Lee and the Angels of Gung Ho

Dusty Lee and the Angels of Gung Ho


The Angels of Gung Ho are a psychedelic, rhythm and blues explosion hailing from adelaide. Take Melodic rock, with fuzzy guitars, a hammond organ, a saxaphone, trumpet and tin whiste (all of which ripping out solos) add in 3 part harmonies and some psychedelic break downs and thats what you get.


Dusty Lee formed the band in mid 2011 for a gig at the promethean show casing his original material with a full band of his favorite musicians to play with around town, Consisting of 2 high school mates, Jack Cunningham (Cunno) & Tom Morris, from Dusty's previous band The Swoop - Danny Leo and bass player of the grace emily billy bobs BBQ jam house band Ben Morris. For this gig also part of the band was Kacey Stephensen Dusty's younger brother, playing trumpet, tin whistle and percussion. The gig was a huge success, there was 120 heads through the door, and all were in ore of the performance they were seeing. It was filmed and recorded. This was a very diverse set, songs written in soft acoustic style going into heavy psychedelic tunes. But the main sound always coming back to gritty bluesy rock.
The band decided to continue after doing a second show at the ed castle with Ride into the sun and the Holy Smokes. Again a packed room, great response. For this show they added drummer Travis Dragani as Danny Leo is a busy man!
During all this Dragon Fly went to number 15 on the triple J unearthed charts and stayed in the top 100 for a few weeks getting all 5 star reviews. The band has recording booked for December at hillside studios in which they will record they're debut EP. Dusty is booking as many shows as possible but rest assured this band will be on fire in the adelaide scene by the february 2011.
Dusty Lee at the age 13 was the founding member and lead singer/guitarist of Adelaide band "Grannyflat" who caused quite a buzz on the scene from 2004 to 2010. They played gigs with Killing Heidi, Cog, Lior, Blue king Brown, the Angels, Russel Morris, Glen Shorick, Bondi Cigars, the Fumes & the list goes on. They won 3 music oz awards and were nominated for artist of the year.
Since that he joined the fab four (australian beatles show) for a 2 year stint in which he saved up money ready to take on the original music scene again.
Its only early days for this new band, but they already have a tight sound and could rock any stage in the country with confidence and more then enough ability.
Your ears might be ringing, but they will be happy ears.


DragonFly ---- 2011
demo recorded uploaded onto unearthed. Recorded in Dusty's Bedroom, he plays all instruments on this track.
it peaked at 15 on the triple J unearthed chart and has received some 3d radio airplay.