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"DustyMarcus flies to Vancouver with his “axe” and gets DANGEROUS"

DustyMarcus and Vancouver Rocker and Producer, Tim Steinruck, put themselves to a 2 hour challenge to write and record their next single.
Let’s just get it out of the bag! Have you ever been with someone where sex is the best part of your relationship over your day to day dynamics, and it’s not exactly the friction you were looking for?
Well, DustyMarcus has a few words to say on that in his new song release “Dangerous” that hit all platforms last Friday, March 1st, 2024.
…that relationship when ‘you get together with someone and the sex is amazing but they are bad news. You mix like oil and water. That’s Dangerous.” -DustyMarcus
The London, Ontario based Singer-Songwriter, who usually colours his songs with the sounds of Folk and Blues, flew West with his `axe` in hand and paired with Greater Vancouver based 26-8 Music Productions Studio Exec and Rocker Tim Steinruck (The Mighty One) last April to record their latest co-production, `Dangerous`. The creative and multi-genre duo hopes that “the music touches people in a way that a lot of music has touched them. Something that stirs up a long-forgotten memory, something that makes them laugh, something that makes them cry.”
Working with Tim was an eye opening experience. When I was in Vancouver with Tim at Begin Street Studios in Coquitlam, BC Tim said that we had two hours to write and record a song. We went through the lyrics back and forth and Tim came up with the music. The miracle is that we finished up as the two hour time limit ended. We had done it!! Of course Tim had to go back and produce it but we did it and it is an amazing song, Very different genre than I had been used to but I love it. I had the opportunity to do something different and it really opened my eyes to the world of Rock and Roll. An amazing experience! Thanks to Tim I will be doing many more rock songs!!
Dusty, (né Dustin Simpson), who has been in the music Industry for over 35 years, took on the stage name DustyMarcus after a serious illness in 2019 that led him to reevaluate his position as an Artist and his life dream. His new artist name derived from a combination of his actual name Dustin and Marc, the latter being his middle name.
It was after this (sickness) that I said I was going to do everything I always wanted to do. - DustyMarcus
Dusty, who sings and plays acoustic guitar, as well as bass guitar on most of his recorded works, says that he’d rather say “yes, I did that” than wish he did.
I always put a piece of myself into each song I write. That way I get to live forever. If anyone ever asks who I was or what I was about the answer is, “listen to my music”.
Dangerous is now available on all platforms.
Distributed on Sony / The Orchard and available on all platforms as of March 1st. - Jenny M. C. DuHaime, JETSet Music Media

"Canadian singer-songwriter DustyMarcus has released a fresh, captivating track titled "Stay""

DustyMarcus is an artist who has been through such a journey, and still, his musical passion has never faltered.
LONDON, Ontario - June 30, 2023 - DustyMarcus is a rare and unmatched talent and his rise to stardom has been nothing short of meteoric—growing from strength to strength at every turn, always feeding his fan base with tracks that ooze charisma, raw talent, and deserved acclaim. And for those who have followed his journey quite closely, there's reason to be excited as he releases yet another single to appeal to all of your musical senses.
DustyMarcus has released some new ear candy dubbed "Stay" distributed by Sony Orchard on all the popular platforms. In this track, DustyMarcus stakes his claim with a timeless tour de force, further proving his musical prowess.
"In "Stay", DustyMarcus encapsulates a genre-bending blend of roots, blues rock, and folk influences, backed with a distinctive rhythm that evokes an enticing sense of mystery and excitement all at the same time.
Commencing with a mellow guitar melody that incrementally intensifies as the track progresses; this song weaves a mellow soundscape underscored by a reverberating drum kit that harmoniously blends with the acoustic guitar.
On the mic, DustyMarcus brings to light his faultlessly powerful voice that fills the song, pirouettes effortlessly through the soundscape, his signature heavy voice oscillating with irresistible allure, bridging the gap between classic and contemporary blues vocals.
Passion, attitude, and vibrancy are evident in "Stay", a force that reaffirms DustyMarcus' status as one of this generation's premier music composers. The backing vocals do not go unnoticed and add a fine layer of flair and elegance to the song, elevating it to new heights. This performance, flanked by top-notch production, is something any music lover can appreciate. - Pamela Harbottle

"Singer-Songwriter DustyMarcus Wants You to Be Free in His New Single "Take It Down""

Singer-Songwriter DustyMarcus Wants You to Be Free in His New Single "Take It Down"

LONDON, Ontario - Oct. 3, 2022 - PRLog -- DustyMarcus' life has always revolved around music since the day his grandfather taught him the basics of playing the acoustic guitar, he has never slowed down. Dustin was born in Cape Town in South Africa and moved to Canada as a young child. His musical journey has been nothing short of exciting with stints in several bands such as "The Survivor" and "Decay and the Retribution."

DustyMarcus' music influences stem from his lifelong musical inspirations as well as his connection with other cultures and lifestyles. He is currently located in London, Ontario, Canada. DustyMarcus had a good year in 2021, releasing three critically acclaimed singles and the album "A Long Time Ago."

DustyMarcus performs with his son Josh who is an unrivaled keyboardist.
Johnny who is on drums; is also a fantastic guitarist and producer. DustyMarcus is currently signed to Big Records and has been keeping busy. He was a cast member on the RiseUP TV Maritimes Tour and Filming which took place in June of this year. This is a reality tv show which follows artists and films them throughout the tour.

The single, "Take It Down," is an absolute stunner— proficiently composed and passionately delivered, this track truly fits the description of an authentic masterpiece that cannot be denied by listeners who enjoy the nostalgia of the folk sound combined with the melodic tension of the rock genre! There is something about this track that makes it a straight favorite. The tune gets off to a very thrilling start and followed closely by the warm, velvety, raw, and relaxed vocals by DustyMarcus.

DustyMarcus's vocals scream folk sound while the instrumentation tells the tale of rock – this combination itself is heavenly! Rooted in evocative yet demure musical landscapes complimented by the emotionally relatable lyrics and sedative vocals. In this tune DustyMarcus fuses bold technical ability with versatility as he delivers a performance that transcends stylistic boundaries, blending his undeniable vocal versatility and artistry with his innate gift of getting at the heart of the song.

DustyMarcus's repertoire spans across great jazz standards and contemporary music as he harnesses talent that transitions seamlessly between powerhouse delivery and lyrical sound on the grand drums and keyboard, especially on this jam.

Special mention also goes to John who did justice on those drums, he performed with such charisma and panache. With "Take It Down" it is easy to say DustyMarcus has found his voice and shows no signs of slowing down. DustyMarcus makes music for everyone in the mood to enjoy phenomenally crafted music. "Take It Down" is an immaculate example. Follow DustyMarcus everywhere and be on the lookout for his new music coming soon! - Big Records Ltd

"Poignant New Single by DustyMarcus"

DustyMarcus recently dropped “Time and Again” for worldwide distribution on Blast FM. This rising independent artist captures hearts with this track. This hit is distributed by Bentley Records and is the first single release off the new album titled “A Long Time Ago”.

Dustin was born in Cape Town, South Africa and immigrated to Canada
as a young child in 1981. Dustin’s grandfather started him with three chords: A, G and C. It impassioned Dustin.

Dustin started writing short stories in public school which progressed to poetry and composing music. He started playing guitar with a friend in grade nine. Many years later, he reunited with that friend and formed the band “The Survivorz“.
Years later Dustin formed a new band called “Decay and the Retribution“. The band performed a number of shows in London and Southwestern Ontario. After a couple of years, the genre of the band’s music changed. They went from a rock and folk band to a folk and blues band. Following the disbanding of Decay and the Retribution Dustin went on to use the stage name DustyMarcus..

DustyMarcus is presently playing alongside with his son on keyboards. He is also joined in the studio by good friend Garnet Bruce. Covid presented a lot of challenges over the past 18 months. From live shows being cancelled to not having the opportunity to record with others. Despite these trying times, DustyMarcus was able to record and distribute the album, A Long Time Ago.

Dustin has started planning for the future. He will be part of the RiseUp TV Tour in October 2021. RiseUp TV is a bold new Broadcast & Media Production Company that has created a unique TV show filmed on the road with touring musicians. RiseUp TV is streaming on Roku – be sure to check it out.
When asked what do you want your music to accomplish? Dusty replies easily “I want my music to get my listeners to think and feel something, whether it be love, compassion, togetherness, it is then that he has accomplished something good”. Proof that this is already happening; he recently received an email form a fan who stated because of his music, she has picked up the guitar again and has started playing. When you receive numerous emails with the same theme, this is your confirmation that DustyMarcus is touching his fans with his music; Time and Again.

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Dangerous - Single 
Stay - Single
Straight C Kid - Single
Take it down - Single
Once in a lifetime - Single and can be found on the A Long Time Ago Album
A Long Time Ago - Single and can be found on the A Long Time Ago Album

A Long Time Ago - Album
1. A long time ago
2. Night Train
3. Once in a lifetime
4. Time and Again
5. Always my girl
6. Walking the line
7. A long time ago (Demo)



Dustin has been writing poetry and music since his early teens. Later he was able to form the band The Survivorz featuring the late and great Mike Palmer on lead guitar and his son Josh on keyboards. He occasionally teamed up with his son Brandon on drums. His friend Byron was featured on bass guitar. His good friend Garnet played acoustic guitar on a number of songs. Garnet also produced the music for the band. Later Dustin teamed up with his school friend Kyle and formed the band Decay and the Retribution. Josh joined his dad on keyboards. He was also joined by Sean on backup vocals and guitar and his dad Peter on harmonica and lead singer for the blues portion of the act. The band carried on for about 10 years before disbanding in 2018. In 2020 Dustin began using the stage name DustyMarcus and he is joined once again by his son Josh on keyboards. Dustin is lead singer and acoustic guitar and he also plays the bass guitar for tracking in the studio.

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