Dusty Pas'cal

Dusty Pas'cal


Singer Songwriter, Dusty Pas'cal is able to connect with any room and create an atmosphere, through the honesty of his music, which invites listeners to make his songs their own. His lyrics and their presentation, have a supernatural, almost erie, way of speaking to audiences of ANY demographic


A father of 4 (soon to be 5) Dusty is a family man first, a businessman second and an artist through and through. His poetic skills and songwriting abilities have been touching audiences for over 15 years. Starting out in his early teens, playing for intimate audiences comprised of friends & family his gift soon outgrew these small gatherings and he now finds himself in front of hundreds at a time. With a desire to finally promote his talent and increase the sphere of his musical influence, Dusty is looking forward to expanding the geographic reach of his live shows.


Dusty's first CD was published and released in October of 2006. It was titled "Home". The CD can be purchased at CD Baby and the individual tracks will be available through Amazon, Napster, Mp3.com by winter of 2006

Set List

Dusty's set list is made up of well over 35 original songs. While he likes to play original material (it seems audiences enjoy it more too) he does have dozens of cover songs in our repertoire. Dusty never has trouble filling sets with all original material.