Dusty Wallets

Dusty Wallets

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA
BandHip Hop

Crowned "The Iggy Pop of Hip-Hop". Dusty Wallets' live shows are packed full of charm, brash lyrics, & high energy good times. A very eclectic mix of styles transformed into golden-age Hip-Hop, with a punk rock identity crisis. Picture Fugazi meets Ghostface Killah, or Black Flag meets Atmosphere.


Jason Karr a.k.a. "Spark1duh?" was born in 1984, to two young parents, some might refer to as hippies, who had no actual music instrument playing abilities. The love of music was still in the household with my mother singing songs with me as a child, a radio always on the 70's rock station somewhere in the house, and my grandmother playing country music on the acoustic guitar. I later moved into a house next door to my life-long friend Gene Louis, of (Bullets & Octane), whose father was a well known jazz drummer, and older brother was a teenager at the time, and listening to all of the early 80's rock, pop, and rap. My first cassette tape was almost "Guns 'n' Roses- Appetite for Destruction, but my grandmother advised my mom against it, and instead by a stroke of luck I snuck "Beastie Boys"- License to Ill, under their radars. Although my love for hip-hop and rock music steadily grew, I quickly found myself immersed in skateboarding and the punk-rock music that dominated the scene at that time. Punk was raw and angry and anti-everything almost, and that's how I felt. Like I had no connection to the world, and I was going to change the rest of the world, to my liking. I've seen so many punk shows, I don't remember half of them. Fugazi, Circle Jerks, Sick of it All, Face to Face.... etc. This is when the mosh pits were war, and sometimes full of skinheads, trying to catch any random person unaware of their surroundings with a stray elbow or fist. Before I get all punk-righteous, I need to humble myself by telling you this, if you were wondering, my first concert ever was "Poison" for the "Open Up & Say Ahh" Tour. Before you laugh, remember, I was only 9 years old, so think about what you liked when you were nine, then you can judge me. I also was at the infamous G'N'R/ Skid Row riot concert in St. Louis, when I was in the 7th grade. From there I listened to everything from Ice Cube to Megadeth, from 2pac to Primus, Cypress Hill to Nine Inch Nails...etc. Anyways, eventually around 92' or 93', skateboarding was overtaken by the revival of East Coast style hip-hop, that was bringing more of a conscious vibe, with a jazz influence, and was totally speaking to me on a wave-length that the West Coast Rap, and Grunge Rock were not catering to any longer.
I bought "A Tribe Called Quest"- the Low End Theory, and "Wu-Tang Clan"- Enter the 36 Chambers, and from there, it was Nas, Biggie, Digable Planets, Jay-Z...... etc. The list goes on forever. I don't know what it was that drew me to it. I think it's the truthfulness. "That's the way it is, and it's like that." It took a while and a few lame attempts at rock/punk bands, before I realized that I was a horrible singer, and couldn't really do that cool Heavy Metal scream either, but I could really rap along to the songs I liked & even spit accapella verses of other rappers songs, rather well. So well, that I started to write some lame poems and raps of my own, and tried to spit them over instrumental beats from some record I had. I think it was "Capone & Noreaga"- Illegal Life/ Stick You.
Sooner or later I was in a Basement, with a few of my friends, and making songs over old beats our friend Ponyboy made on a program called Cakewalk. The group slimmed down to 4 people. Our friend Sin and I were the emcees, and Pony and our other drummer friend Gravy, were the beat makers. We came up with the name "Redrum", which was totally lame, but we put out a self-titled 18 track cd around 2002, and played a few dozen shows to promote it, but later changed the name to "the Elements" and dropped a second album around 2003. We played around 40-5o shows over the next 3 years, and garnered a fair ammount of attention, but eventually the chemistry went stale, and I felt smothered by the group dynamic, or possibly the creative juices just stopped flowing when we were in the same room together, but I decided to go solo, and Sin had kids, and settled down, and doesn't really mess with music any longer. Dj Who?, joined the group, and our old friend Ben Jost moved back from Miami after assistant engineering at the world famous, Hit Factory under Scott Storch, and became our new engineer/producer, and Ponyboy moved on to his new math/noise rock band "Yowie". I put out a few unofficial, samplers over the years, over 40 some odd songs, and played tons of shows at some of the nicest venues in St. Louis, untill I was offered a chance to go on tour with my friend Gene's rock band "Bullets & Octane". I was sceptical at first, but he assured me it would be fun, and well paid, so I said what the hell, and went out on the road for about 2 years on and off. We've played in predominately 500 capacity or smaller venues, in almost every state except Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, & Rhode Island. I had tons of material written from being on the road in a van for so long, and when I got home, I recorded some of my best songs ever. I also


Everything's Fine

Written By: SPARK1DUH?

When I get low, I call up my friends,
and say let's do it again.
We're tying one on, drinking, singing the songs, that we love to sing, guess you could say it's our thing, crashing parties, breaking hearts and drinking gasoline.
Everything's good, and everything's fine, put your hands in the air, come on we're having a time. And everything's fine, and everything's great, I just wanna party, so par-tic-ipate.
I got no cares, I do what i want, i'm out on the hunt, i'm looking for fun, and getting love on the run. Then I hit the road, I got more places to go, I wish I could stay, but there's another show.
We're gonna die, so I figure fuck, why not just press my luck and know that I tried, it's been a hell of a ride, and I took em' all, the big and the small, the harder they come, you know the harder they fall.
Every party, every jam, check the man with the plan, his name is spark one duh, a fifth of Jack in his hand, hanging out at the jam, with all the boys in the band, and everyone of our fans, ay yo my mellow, my man, look at you, a new groove, a new tat, a new do, a new hat, and new shoes, ay man I pity the fool, that tries to go against us, when we decide it's time, for the three w's, that's whiskey, women, and wine.
Sun shining, shining down on me, i'm fine, and I aint got time to worry baby. Good times and friends are all I need, i'm free so there ain't no need to worry baby.
Sun shining, shining down on me, i'm fine and I ain't got time to worry baby, good times, and friends are all I need. It's our world so, come on baby party with me.
I woke up late, at around four, grabbed my old skateboard and hit the liquor store. Later on i'm passed out, half out the car door, or on the bathroom floor, because the night before, you know somebody got it, and I guess it was me, by the looks of my face, and my sharpie goatee. You wanna party? call up Bullets and the Hollywood Three. That's my boys Gene Louis, Jeremy Miller, and Me.

Written by Jason A. Karr
Music by Benjamin Jost
Additional music, and vocals by Gene Louis, appearing courtesy of Ares Records.

Live Ill-Eagle

Written By: SPARK1DUH?

I ain't trying to be thug, or mafia like Bugsy Segal, but as long as im alive, im'a live ill eagle.
I ain't cold hearted, I got love for yall people but, as long as im alive, im'a live ill eagle.
Even if i'm pushing a rusty ass light grey Regal yo, long as im alive, im'a live eagle.
Rhymes too hard, yall too feeble but, as long as im alive, im'a live ill eagle
Some of these cats say they're hustlers. They look more like jugglers, struggling with their business, they're bitches. The riches, that they brag about, are ficticious. Delicious, i'll eat their candy ass up malicious. The ladies want the one, the thugs call him son, cause he shine on everybody without packing a gun. Emcees, wanting to battle but have nothing to gamble, i'm taking your chump change like it's Monopoly, or Scrabble. I never claimed to be the best type of rapper, a little fame and all the cash is what i'm after, so get it right, I ain't hiding the facts, i'm just keeping it tight, yall keep rewinding my tracks, I ain't from the slums, and I aint the best, but i'm young and dumb, and yall know the rest, so if you fucking with my fam i'll leave you hurtin for certain, i'm butt naked with a knife in ya bathroom behind the shower curtain.
I spit hot rhymes, stay on my grind, for payola, hit so many colors of brawds, they call me crayola, either I bob and weave, or they bob, then I leave, sweating with dry heaves, and soaking in my seeds, i'm putting in Visene, and hitting the hi-beams, feeling like the champeen, in the grand prix, running laps around yall never see me, i'm in the tub, with ya ma, sipping chablis, we, got the hot shit, the smell is noxious, we be the shit, like that stain up in ya boxers. You can't imagine or fathom, how it feels to have skills, you never lived like an eagle thats ill, cigarettes, alcohol, gina juice on my balls, exercising, all my vices, and rarely my concience calls, the liquid scriptures, I spit, they're giving vivid pictures, make you kill ya girl then o.d. like you was Sid Vicious.

Written by Jason A. Karr
Music by Benjamin Jost

The Flavor of Regret (remix)

Written By: SPARK1DUH?

If there's something that you want, don't wait. The flavor of regret, is a very bitter taste, so make haste, no time to waste or reflect on mistakes, because we gotta look ahead to the (problems/future) we face.
If life is for the living, im'a live it to the limit, im'a live it for the day, for the hour, for the minute, im'a live it to the fullest from beginning to the finish, im'a do it how I like, ain't nobody saying different, cause im gifted, unlimited, naw im just playing, keep my thoughts to myself, but people know what im saying, an artist starving for attention, but nobody is paying, thay give a fuck abot the tracks that I slave over making, a little voice in my head, says it ain't over Jason, though it ain't an easy road, gotta muscle your way in, you gotta stay crazy, or life will beat the dreams out of ya, and everybody standing round will wanna doubt ya, a fallen angel with some angellic advice, you can't sleep away your whole life, drink away cheif away your whole life, you gotta put some effort to it, cause ain't shit to it, but to do it.
Lost in space without a trace, nothing to think hear smell see touch or taste, nothing but nothing in front of my face, nitemares, daydreams, while i'm wide awake, lifes a jumbled mistake, wrong turns and bad breaks, cold wars slow burns, the most venomous snakes, lay in wait or remission, stressed struggle to fit in, they prey for early death, had enough of livin, till inside realized, that I was only trippin I was blessed with the best and a gift I was givin, the church drones echo off the hedgestones, you running through the dark eyes closed with your head flown, watch for the red cones, and in emergencies, you gotta dial nine on the red phone, beating a dead horse, can give you a red bone, so get busy living for you enter the dead zone.

Written by Spark1duh?
Music by Spark1duh? and Benjamin Jost
Additional Music and Vocals by Gene Louis appearing courtesy of Ares Records


Redrum (3-song Sampler) 2000
Redrum- (self-titled) 2001
the Elements- (self-titled) 2003
Spark1duh?- (Sick World Sampler) 2004
Spark1duh?- (the Butterface Song) 2004
Spark1duh?- (Moving Out) 2007
Spark1duh?- (Everything's Fine) 2008
the12to6Movement- (self-titled) 2008
Spark1duh?- (My Life with Dusty Wallets) 2009
the12to6Movement- (Judged by 12.......) 2010
Dusty Wallets- (My Life with Electro Wallets [Electro Remixes] ) 2010
Dusty Wallets- (Dusty Wallets presents... Wild World duh? Remixes])
the12to6Movement- (....Carried by Six) 2010

Set List

Usually my sets are between 30 & 45 minutes long, and consist of all original songs. Here is the current set I've been performing lately.

1. Survival of the Illest
2. Change the World
3. Moving Out
4. So Much Soul
5. Family
6. Live Ill Eagle
7. Wild World
8. The Flavor of Regret
9. Everything's Fine