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Dutch Diamond

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For lovers of Sean Paul, Beenie Man and Buju Banton. Hottest unsigned dancehall mc on the web


In 1994, Dutch recorded his first demo, a dancehall tune called ‘Healthy and Strong?which was licensed for a compilation on an independent label out of Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. This song gave him credibility in his city and surroundings, so that served as a catalyst for a career in the music industry. He toured the clubs and schools in South Florida opening up for many acts including Capleton, Sanchez, Heavy Dee and the The Fugees, before they were ‘The Fugees? making a favorable impression on Wyclef Jean who invited Dutch to come to‘The Bugga Basement? So in the spring of 1995 Karlito moved to East Orange, New Jersey.
In NJ, feeling right at home, Dutch started to learn to do his own production, watching Wyclef at work, he began putting together tracks for his first album. Then tragedy hit home hard; Dutch lost his father in 1996, so he decided to go back to Jamaica to help out the rest of the family and ended up staying there for two years. By the time he got back to NJ, the Fugees had gotten their break and moved to New York. So he decided to move back to Brooklyn. There he started his own label ‘Streetrunnuz Records?and released a slew of singles including the hits ‘Healthy and Strong?and ‘Dream Lover? a song which features Beeni Man. These sold well on the streets and he continued to play in clubs all over New York.
Then in 2000 he recorded ‘That little Boy?which still receives acclaim in the hip hop circles and is the lead single on his premier compilation project entitled The HIP-HOP ALLIANCE which features the collaboration of the best artists in the D.C.metro area which he now resides. Then came “We Got Nexx?featuring his group T.R.E. Produced by the TuneRaiduz, his three man production team from Northern Virginia, this 14 song gem shows the total package that Dutch Diamond brings to the table: lyrical flowess, Ragga chants and banging beats. Check him out @ http://cdbaby.com/cd/dutchdiamond where this and other cds are available for sale.
Now, in 2005 Dutch is set to launch his brand new CD on the Smoketown Record label. This CD, entitled “SPARK THIS?is his first full length solo project and is already receiving rave reviews. Check out all this @ www.smoketownmusic.com , listen to some samples and hear for yourself what all the industry hoopla is about.
E.Z.Writer July 2005


Situation- The Situation

Written By: Diana York f/ Karl Wilkins

This a nuh Beyonce or Sean Paul, this Dutch Diamond and Diana York y'all.(Repeat)
Mi want de¡¦.yeah, yeah Diamond want de world yeah mi want de¡¦ uuhh
me want de whole world yeah, yeah ¡¦.

Dutch Diamond want de whole world know who a de hottest pon de block now
Know who a de princess of hiphop now
No gal nuh want none a wha you got now
Diana York
Diamond want de world know who got de city under wrap now
Know Dutch Diamond got you back now
When a gal come test tell har fe back down
Diana York ¡¦¡¦ Diamond want de world ¡¦

As I would say¡¦¡¦.. yuh hear dat¡¦¡¦¡¦.love you style¡¦¡¦.gal pop style
Oowww¡¦¡¦. Waaah¡¦¡¦. Crucial situation A wah a trouble you gal? You really realy want know, You realy realy want know?
Nuff cutie cutie waan come around, glamorous gal pickiney run di town
Miss cutie cutie a yuh get de crown, glamorous gal pickiney run de town
Okay, wha a gwan wha a trouble yuh love
A gwine let u know as long as you nuh get swell headed
You really, reely waan know, you reely waan know
No cutie cutie can¡¯t come around, glamorous gal pickney run di town

Diana a whey mi want & mi afe get yuh
Mi nuh know wha name can¡¯t. Just can¡¯t feget yuh
Yuh body a break e law Traffic Blocking
A cause all kinda wreckeyaw ain¡¯t no stopping
Sexy figga and face cute like Sanaa
Kiss round the edges but up ina it mi naaw
Pressure di glamitty wit di big wreckilla
Dutch Diamond cutta bore out de naanaa
WOW Situation whey we ina getting critical
WOW Mi have a woman but hafi get u pretty gal
WOW Dutch Diamond and Diana we original
WOW Two a we together rich like Shaq mi gal

This a nuh Beyonce nor Sean Paul, this Dutch Diamond and Diana York y¡¯all


Tune Raiduz Presents... May 2003
We Got Nexx April 2004
Spark This August 2005
Dancehall Stylie December 2005

Set List

Short Set: 4 songs (15 minutes)
Long Set : 7 songs (25 minutes)