Dutch Dinero

Dutch Dinero

BandHip Hop

Dutch would describe his music to be versatile to the many styles of today. He brings energy as well as substance to music. His music can be played from the clud to the bedroom.


Born in 1987, Dutch Dinero, Born LeRon Williams had a knack for excelling in all
dimensions of life. When Introduced to music at the age of 3 he quickly caught
on to the feeling and art of the genre Hip Hop and R&B. Although he was not
financially blessed he moved to make money with his skills. At this time is was
1996 and his skill was basketball. Following in his brothers footsteps he had
chosen his life goal. when his mother bought him a computer in 1999 all he did
was let it collect dust until a friend of his gave him a program called Acid. Not
knowing anything of how to compress music he would rap over instrumentals
until he acquired Fruity Loops a sample based music production program. From
that day on he began to hone his skills as a rapper and producer, at 13 years of
age he was running a "record label" of his own named Holla Entertainment,
self taught he structured songs for local talent while running his own crew.
Dutch became the go to guy if you wanted to battle or witness a battle.
When he turned 16 he was the top flower of all flows in high school and
was signed to Infinite Hustle Records to reinvent to music business. dutch has gone on to perforn on local scenes in chicago as well as in various states down south including but not limited to atlanta, nashville, and st. louis. he has been feat. on WGCI Roc the Mic, and 92.3 the Beats Power Hour.


Im Good
Hustle Music
Shake That Ft. Hymalaya
Im Gone
Ohh (This Party Jumpin)