Dutch Love

Dutch Love


Dutch Love is a blend of mind-blowing guitar, porn groove bass, thought provoking lyrics and drums more powerful than the war gongs of ancient China. Together Dutch Love have found the recipe for awesome and they are ready to share it with the world.


Forged from the rubble of Blacktop Manhattan, Dutch Love brings a high-energy explosion of funk rock. After recruiting a new singer, the group developed a sound that fuses influences including: Incubus, Mars Volta, Yes, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, and the Chili Peppers.A young band finishing high school, Dutch Love combine soaring guitars, tight bass groves, provocative vocals and pounding beats, an assault of sonic proportions.


Delay (2006)
Distraction (2006)

both on myspace page.

Set List

The New Division
Stars in a Jar
Hollowed out Junction
Nice Nugs
The Zombie Song

our sets are usually 30-50 minutes and we play all original content.