Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven


Combining fuzzed-out rock n' roll with heavy psychedelic undertones into a sound that harnesses Fugazi's dischord chaos, Queens Of The Stone Age's stoner boogie, Mudhoney's fuzzorama & the bombastic assault of Motorhead while still maintaining a unique and unpredictable sonic experience.


Dutch Oven formed in early 2002, in Montreal, Canada. The members met while employed as groundskeepers at a local mental hospital. They were all fired after the administration caught wind of the fact that certain employees - 3 in particular - had been offering free rides on their tractors to some of the patients in exchange for their medication. Having sobered up from the incredible bender following their “retirement” party, the three decided to take a stab at a somewhat more interesting line of work, albeit no more financially rewarding than property maintenance. With a beer bond firmly in place, the dirty drunk rock was born.
The trio, comprised of frontman D. (guitar/yells), C.B. (bass/screams), and Kevbonics (drums/hums) [retired], spent the early part of their existence hammering out songs in between beers. Eventually they realized this was completely counter-productive and resolved to keep their beers firmly in hand throughout. With a solid clutch of songs, Dutch Oven took their sonic bulldozer to the stage and haven’t looked back since. The group has gigged consistently throughout, having shared the stage with countless underground legends such as Sons of Otis, Dixie Witch, The Mighty Nimbus, Ogre, We’re All Gonna Die, Red Elite , Maximum Rn’R, Brant Bjork & The Bros., Iron Giant, Mister Bones, Fiftywatthead, and Floating Widget. Dutch Oven released their debut album entitled “now serving” in December of 2003, and followed up with the “audible silence” EP in the spring of 2004. Their second drummer Jimbo, who joined the ranks in early 2005, disappeared under “Spinal Tap” circumstances within a year and was replaced by a man named Mucky. In keeping with tradition, Mucky soon faded out and was replaced by bad luck Tony. The band is currently promoting their latest full length release entitled “Electric Last Minute” [Gaia Disk]. Here for the long haul, Dutch Oven continue to bring their brand of loud love to the masses.

Dislocating Eardrums

It’s Dirty. It’s drunk rock. It’s Dutch Oven. The straight-forward principle of primitive rock n’ roll, no sugar-coating, no corny lyrics, no tight shirts and leather pants, no bullshit. Dutch Oven are about the music, about doing what feels right, no matter what the trendy hipsters might think. In the end, it’s all about having a good time and dislocating as many eardrums as possible along the way.
So what does the music sound like? That’s what everyone always wants to know, so they can stuff it into some sort of pigeonhole inside their head. Dutch Oven isn’t really sure, but here’s what other people have said:

“quicksand and queens of the stone age” “motorhead meets the misfits” “clutch blended with the melvins” “nirvana with a side order of the john spencer blues explosion” “mudhoney mixed with kyuss” “jesus lizard joined with fugazi”

Those are all great bands, and while Dutch Oven might not see the comparisons as easily as others, they appreciate them all the same. Some call it stoner rock, dirt rock, fuzz rock, punk rawk, and even metal-billy, but you can call it dirt drunk rock.


Now Serving (2003)
Audible Silence EP (2004)
Electric Last Minute (2005)
Weird Science EP (2006)
Empty Pockets EP (2007)

Set List

Sets are usually 30-40 minutes of kick-in-the-nuts rock n' roll. Songs include:

Random Drunks
Tropical Fish
Audible Silence
Peripheral Indecision
Heavy Hands
Long Lost Signal
Signed Synonymous
Brand New Past
Transmit From Skin
Just Arrived
Ceiling Crumbs
Rollin' The Hey