Dutch tha Kid

Dutch tha Kid

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopPop


Not long ago – DUTCH DA KID (born Isaiah Johnson) was just another kid from the hood struggling to rise above the negativity that surrounded him. Born and raised in the infamous Mount Vernon, NY fortified with nothing but an amateur mix-tape, released under his own label “United Masterminds Records,” and hunger, he built solid local buzz through impressive live shows and an interactive hustle. Still, a kid with lofty dreams wondered if he’d ever catch that “big break”. Then one day a conversation at a popular Brooklyn concert hall changed everything.
DUTCH DA KID’s undeniable presence would be felt at various events, appearances and shows. People began to wonder “who is this kid?” His charismatic swagger gave off the aura of a star while he patiently waits for his real chance to shine. The press has also taken notice. The fact that momentum has started rolling in DUTCH’s favor has not been lost on the humble artist. “I truly am blessed to have such great people believing in me. I have so much of me bottled up that I knew people would relate to, I feel like I was put on earth to do this and be heard. I just gotta stay positive, keep my faith in God and I know things will turn out great”

DUTCH THA KID’S appropriately titled new single “All Night” was released by “Sound Vault LLC” this spring. The lead single is a track just screaming to take over radio. Ladies & Gentleman, meet the next great unknown artist in music, someone who needs no introduction and will keep you up ALL NIGHT – DUTCH DA KID