Dutty Devioso aka Lil' D.V.S.
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Dutty Devioso aka Lil' D.V.S.


Band Hip Hop R&B


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tricksta - Rago Magazine UK"

Mans in the South will definitely know Lil DVS from his superb last album and peeps in the UK know of him through his collaboration with LATE from Wolftown on the hefty 'Open Mic Session (International Remix) from his 'International Rhyme Spittin' project. This new album impresses as much as the first and there are some heavy tracks on here worth checking. Feeling the reminiscent 'Back In The Daze', the Southern anthem 'Runnin A Train'and the Southpaw Slim collobo' 'Pimpology'. Lil DVS really has it going on with such a distinctive flow and such a class vocal tone. He's making moves in the South and with an album of this quality it's simple to see why. Definitely add this to your shopping list this week.

- Lil' D.V.S. is making moves in the South...

"Production is Tight & Your Rhymes are on Point"

A ..D.V.S Im really feelin those tracks on your site playa! Production is tight & your rhymes are on point.Dam dawg the energy is definately there.Have you pressed up any cuts on 12" vinyl if so let me know! I would say "Afta Party" would be a club banger it gots that whole latin flava going & "Dont Jump Out " would be a heater at the club it got an Ol'Skool feel on the beat that vibe is hot right now!
- DJ Kermit (West Covina, California)


Resistance is Futile (LP) 1998
Future of Da Funk (LP) 2000
B-Sides (LP) 2004
Unda Pressure (LP) 2004
They Hate To Like Me - Vol. 1 (2006)
Up The Ante - (Coming Soon Late Spring 2007)



Dutty Devioso’s decision to pursue rapping as a career, was not welcomed with opened arms. Coming from a professional family, Dutty faced obstacles, pressure, and ridicule from the start.
Growing up without a father figure, did not help matters either. Dutty, used all the negative energy he received, as motivation to become successful. With the help of Groove Control Entertainment, Dutty has made leaps and bounds. With every release, there has been vast improvement. Dutty is now ready to silence all of this critics and “get them monkeys off his back”.

Dutty Devioso was first introduced to Hip-Hop/Rap music back in the 80's when Def Jam was doing its thing with artist like L.L., Run DMC and the Beastie Boys. From that moment on, Dutty knew he had found his passion. Roughly ten years later, and now fresh out of high school, Dutty finds his way to Washington, D.C., attending Howard University on a football scholarship. It was here, through the help of a mutual friend (Chris Seldon), he hooked up Exec's at Groove Control Entertainment (K.D. & Fly). Seeing the untapped potential that was locked away deep inside this artist they gave him an offer that he couldn't refuse.

Dutty Devioso started his career under a different persona...."Foe-Real". Shortly there-after, due to close scrutiny and ridicule, it was changed to Lil' D.V.S., because of the "Devious" connotation that his first recording had (His current official Artist name is Dutty Devioso). Because of his hunger for learning and dedication to perfecting his craft, one month later he was finished with what would be his first release under the G.C.E. stamp, "Resistance Is Futile". A 17 track LP that was self described as "An attempt to find myself lyrically and musically."

While signed to Groove Control Entertainment, Dutty took up residence in Washington D.C., where he lived for about 5 years before returning back to his hometown in Baton Rouge. Dutty performed shows throughout the entire city and surrounding areas. Dutty was beginning to build a buzz, then complications arose. During this time, Dutty was facing a lot of personal issues from his childhood and young adulthood, both legal and psychological, that led to bad decisions. Dealing with these decisions, had taken a toll on Dutty. These decisions led to a downward spiral, that had Dutty living life recklessly and out of control. At times he had no where to live, and when he did find a place to stay, it was usually for no longer than a week or two. Because of the distance between the label and Dutty, recording was at a stand still, until Dutty could get on his feet. (Which During this period, was not for long). G.C.E. would fly Dutty back to D.C. to record. With all the drama surrounding Dutty, He finished and entire LP, in 1 weekend. (Future of Da Funk). His focus was unbelievable, due to the circumstance surrounding him at the time.

His releases consisted of stories and events from these times and displayed all of the emotions that he felt during these tribulations. This was the first in a string of "heart-felt" LP's that would later set him apart from everyone in his class. "Future Of the Funk", "Unda Pressure" and "They Hate 2 Like Me Vol. 1". With each release, Dutty’s fanbase has continued to grow by the thousands.

During this 8 year span, Devioso has learned from and done shows with some of the premier names in the industry. Dutty Devioso continues to work hard just to be considered as one of the best! Period. Currentlly he is working on multiple projects at the same time, including video documentary (consisting of Live performances, interviews, freestyles, and more) and His forthcoming release "Up The Ante". Dutty Devioso and Groove Control Ent. Are ready to put their name on the MAP….

With Baton Rouge's recent hip-hop/rap emergence, it won't take long for Dutty Devioso's star to shine the brightest.