New York City, New York, USA
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Huge rock-band energy - created only by 6 voices. A beatboxer and bass singer form a tight rhythm section. 4 others sing leads, harmonies, instrument sounds, and more. Not just a gimmick; their songwriting has won awards and been recognized by Billboard Magazine editors. Must be seen to be believed.


"Whips up a crowd with their exuberant funk-pop tunes... but all six musicians perform empty-handed. Duwende is a band foremost and an a cappella show second. Their bubbly funk and hip-hop-fueled tunes draw fans more for their refreshing, expansive sound than their novelty." - The Boston Globe

Duwende (Doo-WEN-day) is a six-person vocal band best known for its fiercely original, bass-and-beatbox-driven funk/pop style of music. The New York-based band made its mark with shows in traditional rock clubs and venues, but they've also appeared at music festivals, colleges, and special events all around the county. Major a cappella shows they've headlined include the East Coast Summit, SoJam, and AcappellaStock.

In the 2002 Independent Music World Series, the editors of Billboard Magazine chose Duwende as one of the "Top 6 Indie Acts in the Northeast."

In 2005 millions of television viewers saw Duwende performing their own, original music in an ad campaign for 1.800.OKCable.

Duwende's two most recent albums (2004's "Radio Screaming" and 2007's "Collective") won the 2005 and 2008 Best Pop/Rock Album and Best Pop/Rock Original Song CARAs. "Collective" is available as a 100% free download at www.duwende.com/collective.html.


For more lyrics and sound clips...

Written By: Duwende

Visit www.duwende.com for more lyrics and band information. The website also provides a link to Duwende's CDBaby page, which has sound clips of individual songs.


Written By: M. Phillips and Duwende

(Translated from the French)

To develop arms like those of M.C. Super-Cool,
There are three choices:

1. Pull-ups

2. Push-ups

3. Sit-ups.

However, push-ups are super-cool.

Hitting your head?
That's super-stupid, not super-cool.
Pull-up bars are somewhat cool,
But push-ups are super-cool.

Smile, ladies and gentlemen.
M.C. Super-Cool is here,
In the house, at this moment.
He has declared himself a hunter,
And also that it is open season
On any M.C. who is made of sugar.


"Collective" (2007)
1. Young Leaders of Tomorrow
2. Electrify
3. Mamahouse
4. Scatter Away
5. Come Back
6. Your Lady
7. Been Lookin'
8. Poor Dan
9. Someone You Don't Know
10. I'll See You Tomorrow

"Radio Screaming" (2005)
1. Spot
2. Amazon
3. What I Need
4. Take You Dancing
5. Temporary Nadia
6. I Fall
7. Movin' On
8. Six-String Crybaby
9. Sugar
10. Dog Days
11. Blow Smoke

"Sounds Like This" (2003)
1. Free Your Mind
2. Walk Away
3. Angel
4. A Moment of Peace (So Shut Up)
5. Pomper 2003

"Duwende" (2001)
1. All Too Good
2. Good Morning Brooklyn
3. Was A Time
4. Take My Money
5. Come Rain
6. Flash Mama
7. Walk Away
8. Your Only One
9. Sister Carmencita
10. Pomper

Set List

Can perform up to 2 hours' worth of original music, plus a half-hour's worth of covers.

Performances typically range anywhere from 45-50 minutes (clubs) to 60-90 minutes (colleges, theatres, concert halls).

Material is mostly drawn from original songs on Duwende's 3 albums; visit www.duwende.com for tracklists, lyrics, and sound clips. The band also performs some classic pop/rock covers.