A recreation of the "Seattle sound" that many adore in such bands as Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains.


Honest. That's the first thought that comes to mind when you enter the world of DV1. From his Seattle-remiscent sound, to his sweet falsetto, to his raspy voice to the the raw emotion and desire for greatness heard through every song on his unparalleled debut album, everything about this 22-year-old from Nowheresville, Pennsylvania exhudes desire.
Deeply driven to have his story heard, DV1 began his life-long journey to the great stages that awaited him.
When his teacher put a guitar in his hand for the first time, magic was destined to happen. DV1's first performance was at talent show auditions for high school. "I played Staind's outside, and it was a feeling of great success, and I needed to re-create it."

Growing up in a small town called Barrington, New Jersey, many miles from Philadelphia, DV1 looked for ways to occupy his time. "Barrington was a whole mile or two, and all we had as far as a music scene was the local coffeehouse".
For two years, DV1 studied music in all forms. "I was going to school for music, but it made me hate it. It's all about the theory, but there's no story. Most musicians don't understand that. I spent a lot of time in choir classes, or at home pushing my voice, trying to better my range." DV1 turned to learning multiple instruments. "I picked up bass and drums, and learned how to play a both a little.

DV1 has spent most of his life writing, recording, and playing at all of the local venues, and even did both vocal and instrumental backup for other local artists. "I would go into the studio, and sing harmonies for people, or play guitar or bass for some other local performers. I consider myself a student of music. I wanted to help people tell their story, with hope that the experience would help me improve upon myself at the same time."
"My mentor, Terry Rivel, taught me that music is a craft, that takes creativity, practice, and discipline. He taught me how to look at the crowd, how to grab onto their hearts, and how to adapt to any crowd, and any setting." DV1 currently practices many hours a day. "I have a place to live that I pay for myself. Obviously, I've got bills, and when I'm not working a day job, I'm playing shows, recording, writing, and learning about music."
DV1 reaches to his surroundings for inspiration. "I like to walk around places, and look around for things to write about."
He also uses his musical inspirations as a reference for his own sound. I also look to the groups that I listen to. I wanted to combine the vocal styles of Til from Rammstein, Eddie from Pearl Jam, and Layne from Alice In Chains, and make something even bigger. I practice, because I wanted to be not just heard, but recognized. Each of these three singers has a huge, powerful voice that not only carries the music, but instills a feeling inside of you. I wanted to do that." "I practiced until I had the same range and power. I would go into the auditorium at my school, or the parts of my house that would make the sound resonate."
That powerful voice shows on his new album. "Ed, Mike, some musical guests, and myself went into Ed's studio. I went in expecting to make a really good cd, one that told the story instead of sacrificing things for radio play. I wanted to make an album that you can pick up, and love from track one. I expected it to be an album where every song could be a potential single. The album was years in the making, and I wanted it to sound like so."


Keeping It All Together

Written By: Devin Version 1.0

I regret to say...
that your light no longer shines
And I imagine... what must be going through your minds.
I'm sorry
That your son has left us
Well, among your memories... tears cause our hearts to rust.
Although we weren't close, know that I care...
And hearing what I heard, I had to be there...
The pain you feel, it can't be changed.
From the life you've known...
Lives re-arranged

Keeping It All Together
Traveling a little bit farther

I'm thinking of... the present and the past,
And as I'm moving on, yeah, well, I hope these memories will tend to last.
Look me in the eyes, and tell me what you feel...
As reality sets in, and everything just gets too real...
If you're all alone, pick up the phone,
Instead of standing there, in the shadows, all alone.
It appears to me, what people fear to be... Is all alone
Clinging to memories, desperately...

Keeping It All Together

(Secret verse replaced with synth)

As I'm growin' up, I've questioned, what you've meant to me...
I know that you care, but could you and I ever be? And at the end of the day, as you climb into bed, am I ever... the last thought, running through your head?

Keeping It All Together
Traveling a little bit farther...
Feeling Through the memories...


DV1 - self titled album released November 7th
"Keeping It All Together"

Set List

The set list depends on what time is alotted. If we're given an hour, we'll do about 10 songs. Two hours, about 18 - 20 songs.