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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Rockford Register Star"

Not many bands have alot of originals, so it's a refreshing change.
Give hard rock a go and make sure to catch DV8 when you can. - Rebecca Novak

"Chubby Rains"

By the time DV8 took the stage at Chubby Rains' House Of Blues it had already been a long day for myself and the sweat soaked crowd. We had already sat through a few other bands sets, But once DV8 tore into thier opening song we were brought to our feet and i was caught in the mad dash for the front of the stage. These local boys ripped it up for almost a half-hour with a pure set of original songwriting. - Kevin Beas

"Gold Star Talent"

DV8 possesses a remarkable energy and honesty for thier craft that i find is lost in some of today's music scene. These guys aren't striving to be the next pretty boy, one hit wonder they are building a multi-album career. - Tim Schnieders

"@ jd"s Sports Bar & Grill"

Rockford 's music scene is soooooooo not our scene its very tough to find a band worth checking out. (Hence our recent wanderlust). Nice to finally get a chance to see a FatCat Radio artist right here in town. A foot of snow fell the day before and the temps plummented that night (12 degrees) but it was nice and comfy inside JD's.

Was cool to meet Randy, DV8's lead guitarist after all this time. The band was very tight - and did a great job with their originals as well as several well chosen covers. Hats off to Nigel the drummer - I always dig the hard hitters. The set suffered a bit due to Dino's vocals being low in the mix and the overall volume being a bit on the tame side. (You gotta do what the bar owners tell ya). DV8 were having a good time and the people at the bar seemed to dig the band so thats all that matters. Stand out tracks included the opener 'No More Greed' the two tracks I play on The BIG Show ('Devils Dog' and Crossing Over') and 'Hell & Back'. The best cover was 'Holy Diver'. The best microphone toss of the night went to Randy.

Hope to catch 'em again sometime. Somewhere where they can crank it up !

One Angry Swede

- Fat Cat Radio


Past 2 demo releases have distributed well over 1000 copies world wide.
We also are featured on Militia promotions underground movement volume 3 Realeased by 7 records in 2004 that generated worldwide internet and college radio play!

In November 2009 we released our LP (Downfalls).
This LP will be available for sale on nabster, Itunes.



DV8 started in 2001. We all are from the Rockford Illinois area. DV8 started as a 4 peice band.We felt the need to have a center stage man (Dino).We strive To do original music. DV8 is not a cover Band. We work on being original, and not to sound like other bands.