Wichita, Kansas, USA
BandHip HopChristian

well i would have to say that it grabs your attention immediatley, it encouraging, inspirational, and uplifting. But at the same time causes you to look at life a little better than the average person. That you can begin again that you should forgive, repent and live everyday with purpose.


d-von is a gospel rap artist from wichita, ks that gives a very practical yet in- depth and profound look into christanity for generations gospel music has soothed people's spirit and souls in time of trials. Which is strongly needed in rap today. With the addition of ministry in rap, his ministry brings the counsel of god into view.He helps you understand the impact god intended rap to have in the world.D-von believes his music teaches us how to be more like jesus. Better still,how to allow christ to be who he is in us.Producing, writing, mixing, engineering and mastering his own music he gives the glory to god.D-von believes that his greatest strengths are his weaknesses and his total dependency is on christ and the anointing of god.D-von knows he is going to make it but his faith in god keeps him grounded.D-von does not make music for titles nor fame, but for god who called and chose him to minister in music.He believes that good success is not just having money, but having a loving marriage and peaceful life in christ.


bills, commercial for the big boy toy show with power 93.9 in wichita, ks