Newport News, Virginia, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

The Future is now and whats now is D-vour, an artist , not just a rapper. trying to bring somthing new not just to hiphop but the world, with a mix of hiphop and other alternative styles, D-vour has it all.


D-Vour, Jesus, the name alone is intimidating. So imagine his spit game. The BX born artist grew up in forest projects where he battled his way threw the hardships of the hood. That being the struggles trying to make it out and the rappers trying take him out. As a youngin he viewed things a bit different from everyone else. That’s why when come his music people might say he’s a lot different then everyone else. Part of that difference is due to fact he listened to various types of music growing up. Everything from classical to jazz but in particularly metal and rock. Drawn into the hip hop world by his older brother, he got exposed to certain rappers that was known for eating their opponents up in battles. Rappers like KRS ONE, Big Daddy Kane and Rakim had that raw persona about them he fell in love with. Down the line he got into the Bone Thugs in Harmony era who which inspired him to start rapping. At the age of 10 is when he wrote his first rap song which was for a school project and guess what he’s been writing since. D-Vour has been in a number of battles and ciphers where he has adopted the CandaNime, simply because they say his style seems to be a mixture of Canibus and Emenem with raw vocals and funny but sick word play. D-Vour is that alternative hip hop simple and plain.