New York City, New York, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

Combining big electro beats, vintage soul melodies, dubstep bass wobble and rock guitar, D.V.S* is a next generation producer. He will make your feet warm & your heart dance.


D.V.S* is a guitarist / DJ/ Producer based out of Brooklyn, NY. His music combines big dancefloor beats with vintage soul melodies, and big bass with modern rock textures.

His lightening quick DJ skills and rock n roll guitar tricks have earned him both live music fans and full dancefloors.

No stranger to spotlight, he has toured as support for Ana Sia, Beats Antique, Big Gigantic, Boombox, JFJO, M80 Dubstation and members of STS9.

D.V.S* has toured as a performing member of with many acts, including DJ Logic, Devotchka, Cabaret Diosa, The Motet, and with members of Lotus, Particle and many more.

Since October 2009, he has released as full length LP, a 4 song EP, a 30 minute original mix for Dublab.com and 2 singles, including a remix of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxey Lady."

In early 2009 he won the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey remix contest for their tune "Tetherball," which was release on 1320 records.

Brian Haas of JFJO says “"The new D.V.S. album, 'Before I Sing',
combines beautiful melodies, super fat beats, jazz guitar power,
and lush horn harmonies into true, relevant psychedelic trip hop.
Very positive sounds from a unique, new voice in modern
music....highly recommended."

"Amon Tobin and Nina Simone would be proud to have his style as their own." Lost In Sound


SOLO DISCO---------------
"BEYOND THE Looking Glass EP"-2010
"Out on the Sandbar (single)"-2010

8traC-Falling Up 2006
Devotchka-Halloween 2009
Cabaret Diosa- Apocalypso 2005
The Motet- Live @ Fox Theatre July 2008

Set List

0-140bpm in 75 minutes."
Start soulfully steeped in hip hop,work up towards the electro funk, ride the the funky house vibe, end the set with all out dubstep....or i just throw that whole notion away a feel the crowd and vibe accordingly.