Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
SoloHip Hop

DVSH is Novembers Coldest


Hip hop was born and grew up in denser urban areas: places like New York City, Atlanta, and Los Angeles. 

But Caleb May developed his passion for the genre, honed his writing and flow, and acquired his own fan base growing up here in Northeast Indiana, in the town of Waterloo. 

Throughout school, May, aka DVSH was often isolated and spent most of his days alone in his room. At a young age he gained a high interest in the genre of hip hop music. He spent a lot of time studying other artists and hip-hop trends. He found himself as an aspiring artist and started recording from his own pc and video game headset. 
After years of being the laughing-stock at his school for his taste in music genre and having a far-fetched "dream", he was more motivated than ever. 

In 2013, DVSH made his first big impact in the Mid-West music scene with his hit "Novembers' Coldest." 

Soon after the video reached 100,000 views on YouTube he followed it up with his second music video titled "Heartless." 

DVSH and his independent label KGMG are stirring up a buzz not only in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but also in the national music scene.

2014 will be the year DVSH releases his first EP, "Novembers Coldest" as well as spread his unique brand to a much broader market. 

May has seen fans flock to his brand and it's as if he is building a cult following.

DVSH seems to have a comfortable mix of MGKs attitude and look along with the marketability, catchiness, and look of Justin Beiber. He is made for mainstream and has the independent numbers to prove it. The best part, is his music is very high quality, very original, unlike anyone else, and made for radio and stage. 


November's Coldest will be released later this year.

Current Singles: November's Coldest, Heartless

Coming soon: Michael Jordan