Dwarf Planets

Dwarf Planets


Dwarf Planets Eclectic Indie Rockers Orbit Colorado Craters leading sublime musical journeys through galactic cloud fields and muddy ditches. But fuck the shit and LISTEN to the music. Dwarf Planets rock.


Dwarf Planets formed in 2006 when Pluto was a full fledged member of the solar system. Six musical minds met in the middle of a multi-cultural mindstorm of meliflouous melodies and magical moments. In other words it clicked. Every song is different. But it swings and it rocks and and reggaes and it jazzes and it bops and it weaves and it casts the magical musical web on the audience until they beg for...Dwarf Planets.


4 song EP - the Far and Away Sessions

"Running from the Fallout" - selected by Carmen Allgood for the Colorado Wave and the indie music wave.

"Zijuatanejo" - featured by Jacob Schroeder on 93.3 the Mountain's "Homegrown" show. September 2009.

Set List

Dwarf Planets plays almost all original music and including songs from our in-progress opera "Mathilda and the Ditch".

Here's a typical set list:

Running from the Fallout
Waiting on the Rain
Desert Palace
Dead Flowers (cover)
Mathilda man->
Careless Catapult
Like me
The Less Traveled Road of Mathilda
New October
Secret Agent Man (cover)