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Forever No More (2008)



Born & Raised in Long Island, NY, Dwayne embodies what a true soul singer is. Being inspired by the funk, jazz, soul, rock, & blues of the late 60's- early to mid 70's, this singer's mind is a open emporium. With rough but soothing vocals, dwayne relentlessly cuts through tracks with ease and poise. But it doesn't stop there. Striving for excellence, dwayne knows what he wants and goes for it. He is involved in every facet of his musical career: writing, producing, arranging, composing and engineering & even a budding instrumentalist. Music is the epicenter of his world, stemming from a tough upbringing, music served as a mental utopia from the violence, drugs and hard knock life. Now as an adult, dwayne reflects on so many aspects of his life that left him once tormented.

The idea behind the music is simple yet complex. "Life throws you so many curve balls and sometimes it has you second guessing yourself, your craft, your drive. My music is about my life: what I've experienced, grown from, overcame and who I am mentally, spiritually and socially. I also love to infuse many cultures and flavors into the music, so there is something for everyone. I'm continuing to find myself and hone in on my craft."

Many things can be said, those who choose to, are seen. "Dwayne's Lament," a song about really pushing yourself to, despite the nay-sayers, do what makes you smile. It's a song for the underdog, the person who continues to get knocked down but refuses to give up. "Feenin', " brings the love back to R&B/Soul with an infectious groove, reminiscent of the late Curtis Mayfield. It's not vulgar, raunchy nor risque, but melodic, wise and poignant. Live horns and string arrangements give it the flair it so readily deserves. "Stay Out The Streets" a psychedelic trip into the lives of modern day hustlers, caught in between the wrong and right thing. The song is a plea; a warning for those who partake in the "streets," the results can be harmful, even fatal. ",New York" takes us to part of the Harlem Renaissance and the merger between gospel and blues. It's a witty clever tune about the city, its' boroughs, the feel of walking down the streets, basking in its' glory. Scatting and fingering-snapping is required.

Gimmicks aren't an option. Within time, they fade with the rising sun. Individuality is key. "I never wanted people to perceive me as this copy-cat or clone. I won't allow anyone to try to change me, because I've worked so hard on me to be fine with me. Real people with real causes and goals usually hold precedence over those who live for the moment. Longevity is the name of the game and it's what I look for in the future."