Peoria, Illinois, USA
SoloHip Hop

25 year old hip-hop artist whose unique style can change at any time on any track and will keep you guessing, bringing everything you need, from passion in his voice, to his compelling live performances and will continue to grow in due time.


Shared the stage with: Rakim, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, Twista, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Gramatik, Machine Gun Kelly, 2 Live Crew, Do Or DieJon ConnorKid Ink, Afroman, ZION I, Mac Lethal, Post Malone, Nappy Roots, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Blackbear, DUB O, Shawnna, Travis Porter, Chris Webby, KYLE, Futuristic, RITTZ, Krizz Kaliko, Alex Wiley, Jbre x Dougie Kent, Exmag, Matoma, Lil Dicky, Probcause, Stevie Stone, MAYDAY!, CES CRU, Chuck Inglish, Prozak, Kutt Calhoun, Problem, Huey Mack, Cam Meekins, DJ MAHF, Hi-Rez, Dylan Reese, Steddy P., Bo Deal, Statik and many more!


I Just Wanna

Written By: D WEBB

I just wanna smoke, chill and make music
That's how I feel inside, yeah I made up my mind
I just wanna smoke, chill and make music
This is my life and I'm not stoppin' till I die, [x2]

(VERSE 1:)
I just wanna live my life, roll up when I wanna
Smokin' while I'm walking down the street right in front of
A squad car, I'm just keepin' my peace
Got my headphones on, I'm just peepin' some beats
Me? I want change, more power to the people
And if we're all the same then why don't we feel equal?
I speak for everyone that feels like they need to
Ask a lot of questions, well maybe that's what people do
Maybe we just want the truth
Tired of guys hidin' behind lies
Terrorizing the minds of adolescents, leading them to depressants
Thinking of every second as a ticking time bomb no second guessin'
We spend our time stressin' 'bout the money we may have had
And all our life possesions that we wishing we could of grabbed
And miss out on the things that we shouldn't have
Then as we get older we just wish we could take it back


(VERSE 2:)
I just wanna make this music
And get lost in my mind, be creative and diverse when I write
Just wanna use this
Imagination of mine to tell a story using rhythm and rhyme
I need a vacation far away with my fam'
Where the weather is always perfect and the beaches filled with white sand
Oh what a plan, and my homies coming too
Reminisce about the days, sippin' us a couple brews
Man what a life that would be
Chillin', care-free livin', catchin' the ocean breeze
Taking a look around can't help but feeling satisfaction
Because you're living out your dreams
Nothing but open seas, surrounded by waves as tall as the trees
My homies surfin' I'm just pearlin' up some B's
I put one in the air for the people that doubted me
Open up my curtains as I look out from my balcony



Written By: D WEBB

Liquid courage gives you confidence
When times get hard it's so provocative
It's on your mind like your conscience
As you swallow your pride with every vodka sip
You find yourself comparing what's fair in life
When you're feeling like your opposite
You're just searchin' for that little slice of paradise
But at the bottom of the bottle more problems exist (more problems exist)

(VERSE 1:)
See while you were young, You used to drink for fun
Just a temporary fix to catch a little buzz
Too dumb to understand what the difference was
Now you find yourself gettin' a bigger cup
Feelin' no pain once it's in your blood
Then you wonder why the liquor fucks your liver up
But no matter what you keep the liquor pourin'
You want to live it up, go ahead and pick your poison


(VERSE 2:)
You rarely even party anymore
Shit, it's barely even a problem anymore
And when you get bored you get to writin' and drinkin'
Plottin' and schemin', drunken words aren't sober thoughts for no reason believe that
You get to thinkin' when things get rough
When things get hard to handle don't grab a handle just handle it
But no matter what you keep the liquor pourin'
Because you don't give a fuck, go ahead and pick your poison


The Ride Feat. Blaise B.

Written By: D WEBB,Blaise B.

I roll up and get high
Smoke and fly, windows up in the ride
It's a long drive we going to l-l-light
Light it up, bring a blunt for the ride (x2)

Smoking on that concentrate to help you concentrate
Why don't you open up your mind, it won't hurt to comtemplate
#DabLife, take a fast drag, pass that glass pipe
Pack that real fat, got flame?
Light it up, take a puff of the Cali bud
Twist it up, we got a dub of that cherry flav'
Crush it up while we crusin' down the interstate
It's got me thinkin' it should be legal in every state
Fuck the system, the rules and how they regulate
Everyday they be out here looking for hella weight
But truth is we ain't hurtin' anything
So Imma burn one down, have a better day
Whatever mane, take a hit and I feel better mane
Pretty little bitty nug up in that cellophane
It's hella dank this motherfucker gon' want a drink
Christmas tree nugs that what I call merry jane


(VERSE 2: Blaise B.)
Whiskey straight, no chasers
Flow bodacious, more taste than most asians
No dolce, hoes embrace us
Roll acres up, puff and enjoy nature
Employ haters for free promotion
Reefer smokin', chief with a deep devotion
Feet soaked in a pristine ocean
With your girl massagin' my knees with lotion, Blaise B.'s focused
Hocus pocus, weed disappears
Re-up, meet up, make it re-disappear
Eyes low but I see the clear
This whole frickin' year right here is gunna be his year
Fear? Shit is not an option
I don't even look in my rearview when I'm hot boxin'
You cannot box him in, my shot is on point
D WEBB please roll up another long joint



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