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Peoria, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Peoria, Illinois, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Hip Hop





D WEBB earned a spot on this Saturday's ILL Rock Block setlist next to artists such as Big Sean and Gramatik after winning Canopy Club's Battle for the Block competition. However, this will by no means be D WEBB's first time performing with big name artists. After gaining popularity in his hometown of Peoria, IL he has had the opportunity to open for artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne, Travis Porter, Machine Gun Kelly, Kid Ink, Do or Die, Tech N9ne and many more. In a world where it seems like everyone is dying to live the glamorous life of a music artist, D WEBB stands out from other aspiring musicians with his high energy live performance. At 22, he has dedicated his life to the No Chasers Crew empire, embodying his music and the No Chasers Crew Clothing Co. featuring apparel with slogans such as "Life's a drink, don't waste it." D WEBB has clearly taken the slogan to heart, wasting no time making moves in his music career.

Q: When did you first get involved in music?

D WEBB: I’d say my sophomore year of high school. I graduated in 2011 so sophomore or junior year. It all started just kind of free-styling with friends, it really wasn’t much. We would just make songs — it really wasn’t anything meaningful. Then it turned into making positive music and getting really good feedback, and I just started progressing from there.

Q: Was it hard at first to get your name out there and to get people to take you seriously?

D WEBB: From the town that I’m from, Peoria, there’s a lot of musicians here, I mean there’s a lot of musicians everywhere. So it’s kind of hard to get that hometown love, but once you do get that hometown love then you just know. I mean if you can get people in your hometown to like your music you can get anybody around the world to listen to your music. Kind of like your hometown is your first big battle as far as trying to get your music heard and I feel like I’m on my way. That’s why I like doing shows out of Urbana and Joliet and Bloomington and going out in different places and getting a different audience.

Q: Was there a moment where you realized you really just needed to drop everything and go for it?

D WEBB: It was actually at Urbana, it was the Machine Gun Kelly show in 2012 and that was my first really, really big crowd and the love we got was crazy, it was so many people. And after I got done with my set people were rooting “MGK, MGK!” then people started yelling “D WEBB, D WEBB!” So, everyone started saying my name over MGK, and I was just like, “What the hell is going on?” [laughs]. I feel like it was after that show at Canopy Club. Then I came back for the Lil Dicky show at Canopy and I felt the same way, and I was like, "Man, Urbana shows love."

Q: What’s it like opening for people like Wiz Khalifa now?

D WEBB: I opened for Wiz in November 2014 when he came to Bradley University at the Renaissance Coliseum. It was a sold out show and we actually got picked by Bradley’s student council. It was crazy. They had actually seen the MGK show performance footage from Canopy Club in Urbana and it was so live and crazy that they were like yeah we want you guys to perform and Wiz’s management took a look at our stuff too and confirmed that they wanted us to perform. So we’ve opened for Wiz, Tech N9ne, Twista, Do or Die, Afroman, MGK, Kid Ink — a lot of people.

Q: Do you ever get to talk to these guys?

D WEBB: It kind of depends. Like the Wiz show was really tight on security, they told us we weren’t even allowed backstage after our set. They told us that we actually had to leave to general admission after our set. It was cool though because we still snuck back there and were kicking it [laughs], we talked to Wiz’s DJ, DJ Bonics and he’s been his DJ for as long as I can remember. So we got to talk to him, and he was like, "It sounds like you guys have got a hype out there." We were the only openers and usually for rap, hip-hop shows there’s like six openers. But we put up a recap video and Wiz’s DJ actually commented on the video and gave it a little critique and was like “I love seeing the movement, good luck and respect” so just to hear that from Wiz’s DJ is crazy.

Q: I saw recently that when you opened for Futuristic you incorporated a live drummer. Is that something you want to do more of?

D WEBB: Yeah that was at The Castle in Bloomington this month. We actually just started putting drums into our live set, the Wiz Khalifa show was the first time we put drums into the set and it was awesome. We got so much good feedback that we were like man we need to have that in our set at all times because it gives it such a good live feel. People are okay with listening to hear someone rap over a beat but having drums on stage too brings a whole new level to the performance. I would love to have drums every time but it just kind of depends on the promoter and the event, like the Lil Dicky show at Canopy we weren’t allowed to have a drummer and I’m not allowed to at the Block Party either just because of tight stage production and little stuff like that. But I would definitely have it if I could.

Q: Are you excited for Saturday?

D WEBB: Yeah I’m super stoked, this is crazy, it’s one of the bigger performances of my career so far so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m just really happy to have won the Battle of the Block and with how everything turned out.

Q: It's pretty cool that you won the Battle for the Block since you came over from Peoria.

D WEBB: Yeah, people were talking and said I guess that it didn’t really matter too much how many people you bring it’s more about the performance, like you’re trying to wow the secret judges or panel or whoever it was. But I had just an inkling that we’d won cause the place just erupted. We had packed a party bus of like forty people and drove all the way there, but I didn’t want to win just because I brought people, I wanted to win because it was a good performance, you know? And if you heard from your friends it was good then that’s way better than I expected because that means people were talking about it and that’s really cool.

Q: Where does the main inspiration for your music come from?

D WEBB: I try to write music that caters to myself, because I listen to my own advice if you can catch what I mean. We all give other people advice but it’s best to just follow your own advice. It’s kind of like, “Hold on to that thought and don’t forget what you believe in.” Things might change but don’t forget where you came from. There’s always a time for party music and to get crunk, and I am always going to have that type of music. But there’s also a special place for deeper meaning and what really makes a song is its deeper meaning and if it touches you in a certain way and effects you in a certain way and not just “oh I wanna get hyped on this song”— but that’s okay too.

Don't miss D WEBB's set at the ILL Rock Block Party this Saturday at 2:55 p.m.

- Madison Skaggs

Smile Politely (Champaign-Urbana's Online Magazine)

(05/01/15) - Smile Politely

"High Security, Higher Spirits At Concert"

The voice of Hall of Fame announcer Dave Snell welcomed the masses via loudspeaker into Renaissance Coliseum Nov. 14, 2014 where Pittsburgh rapper and five-time Grammy nominee Wiz Khalifa performed for the Coliseum’s first sold-out crowd.

Junior public relations major Caleb Philogene (DJ Caleeb) provided musical entertainment leading up to Khalifa’s two openers. Rappers Dustin Webb (D WEBB) and Casper Alexander (CHISongwriter), hailing from Peoria and Chicago respectively, warmed up the record-setting crowd for Khalifa.

This concert was the largest event to be held at Renaissance Coliseum since it opened in 2010. D WEBB said the event’s attendance was exciting and a new experience.

“This was by far the biggest crowd [I have] ever performed in front of,” D WEBB said.

With 1,423 student tickets, 271 faculty and staff tickets, 1,912 public tickets and 154 complimentary tickets, the Activities Council of Bradley University (ACBU) organized the event that totaled 3,760 people.

Last semester’s concert, The Fray (featuring Plain White Ts), saw 2,481 people in attendance, more than 1,000 tickets less than Khalifa’s concert. The Band Perry, which had considerably higher attendance than The Fray, still fell short of Khalifa by more than 600.

- Jacob Wulf

(11/21/14) - The Scout (Bradley University)

"Local MC's Opening For Sold Out Wiz Khalifa Show Friday"

Wiz Khalifa is playing a show at Bradley’s Renaissance Coliseum on Friday that just sold out earlier this week, meaning that a few thousand people will be packing into the Coliseum. While the obvious attraction is the headlining Khalifa, those thousands of concert-goers will receive their first exposure to two local rappers chosen as the opening act of the show.

Dustin Webb, who goes by D WEBB, and Casper Alexander, who goes by CHISongwriter, were selected by Khalifa’s management to open the concert. Both of them were raised in Peoria and have been making music and performing since 2007. Both have spent countless hours plying their rhyming craft in the independent hip hop scene. Both have opened at hip hop show before but nothing on the scale of a sold out Wiz Khalifa show.

“We had a couple songs and music videos and sent them to Wiz’s management,” Webb said. The duo opened for Tech N9ne in Fort Wayne, IN in 2012, but this opportunity is a little different. “Wiz is a big name in the mainstream,” Webb said.

When I spoke to Wiz Khalifa earlier this week, I asked if it was common practice for him to snap up local MC's as the opening act for his shows. He said that he’s done something similar before with his shows, but it’s definitely not a method he uses frequently.

“It’s not something that I normally do, but it’s not something that I’m against,” Khalifa said. “So, when an opportunity presents itself and it makes sense, I go ahead with it.

“I think it just made sense due to the circumstances. It’s something I’m totally with, as far as letting them get their shine on and get their opportunity. Because at the end of the day, we all come from the same place.”

For upcoming artists on the independent scene like D WEBB and CHISongwriter, the opportunity to play in front of above average sized crowd could open more avenues for them down the line. When you’re in front of a few thousand people, Alexander said, you’ll have the chance to gain hundreds of new fans with a good showing.

The two young MC's are unsure if they’ll have a chance to meet Khalifa during the show Friday, but if they can, the greeting will come with a great deal of gratitude. And for both of them, the real treat is a big stage in their backyard of Peoria.

“it’s in our hometown, which makes it even cooler,” Alexander said.

- Thomas Bruch

(11/13/14) - Journal Starr - The Buzz

"Local Artists To Open Khalifa Concert"

This is Bradley’s first hip hop artist since 2010 when Lupe Fiasco performed on campus, and ticket sales prove the hype about Khalifa coming to Peoria. Sales stand at about 2,600 tickets and are still steadily rising. With a limit of 3,800 tickets, it’s possible that Renaissance Coliseum could reach its capacity, according to Assistant Director of Student Activities Lauren Smetana.

“It’s been pretty steady,” Smetana said. “Every ticket update, we go up by a couple hundred more tickets in various categories of ticket buyers. Sitting at 2,600 with still about a week to go, it will be a very good turn out.”

D WEBB, a 21-year-old hip-hop recording artist from Peoria, will be one of the two openers for Khalifa. Power 92.3 radio labeled D Webb as ‘one of the best local artists in a recent press release. He has performed in clubs and universities throughout the Illinois area.

CHISongwriter, another Peoria native rap artist, is the second opener scheduled to perform. Both his and D WEBB’s music is available to stream online on SoundCloud.

- Melody Marcado

(11/07/14) - The Scout (Bradley University)

"Playing In Peoria"

What will "Play in Peoria" in 2014? Time will tell. If there is something you would like us to see, make sure to tag your video on our Facebook page, Tweet the link to @Power923, or somehow find a way to get it in our ears. The D&V crew has started off the new year with the "Cypher 2" featuring CHI, YD, Pat Clark, and D Webb. Click play, and #SupportLocalMusic.

- O'Ryan Tha KANG!

(01/09/14) - WZPW FM - Power 92.3

"Dozer Park To Host Music Festival Sept. 1st, 2013"

Dozer Park in Peoria will close out the summer concert season with a music festival featuring more than 30 acts on three stages. Consider it an end-of-season blowout party, an appreciation of Peoria and its local acts," said John Govia, a Peoria radio veteran and executive producer of the festival. Govia said all acts are from the Peoria area or started out here. The lineup includes Bubblegum Jack, United Groove Theory, Steady Flow, Cole Hollow, JammSammich, Brainchild, The Personnel, 2nd Nature, Change Up, Generations, Wolf and Gypsy Band, Easy Riders, Dj Real Juicy, Big D., D WEBB, Blaise B., Highway 61, Kaboom Fantastik, Dj Danger Dan, The Pride of Peoria Quartet, James Ghareeb, Beer Goggle Prophets, Timmy2Times, Pat Clark, Lucky 7 and Dj Hief Rocka.

- Journal Star Staff

(08/14/13) - Journal Star

"Playing In Peoria"

I'm pretty geeked for the fireworks July 4th on the Peoria Riverfront. I'll be there, with all of central Illinois enjoying one of the most spectacular fireworks displays in the country. And speaking of blowing up, #PlayingInPeoria showcases another local talent today. D WEBB, with D&V Entertainment and the No Chasers Crew, recently released a music video featuring Marcus McCall. The song "Smile," is dedicated to friend and family member Dwight McCall, who lost his life on August 3rd, 2012 to gun violence. This song takes a tragic situation, and reminds you that even when life seems to be at its worst, just smile. Click play, enjoy, and smile!

- O'Ryan Tha KANG!

(07/03/13) - WZPW FM - Power 92.3

"Playing In Peoria"

Peoria represent! It's another blazer from the D&V crew...D WEBB and the homie YD put a track together for the ladies, and the lead is one of the hottest ladies in not just Peoria, but the world too! Her name is Tawny (in case you didn't know). Check out 'Every Time You Go," share it with the world, and check out D WEBB's new mixtape "Make The Connection"!!!

- O'Ryan Tha KANG!

(04/16/13) - WZPW FM - Power 92.3

"Playing In Peoria"

What's "Playing In Peoria" these days? The D&V crew, that's who. Over the weekend, D&V released "M.O.T.M," or Middle of the Map featuring D WEBB, EJay, and YD. You can find this song on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play, Xbox Live Music, and More! Support local music, and rep your home town!

- O'Ryan Tha KANG!

(03/11/13) - WZPW FM - Power 92.3


[2017] What A Beautiful Life (Album)

[2016] Fuel For The Soul (Solo Mixtape)

[2014] No Chasers Vol. II (Solo Mixtape)

[2013] Appreciation (Collaborative Mixtape)

[2013] Versatile EP (iTunes Album)

[2013] Make The Connection (Solo Mixtape)

[2012] Realistic Dreams (Collaborative Mixtape)

[2012] Realize (Solo Mixtape)

[2011] Misunderstood (Collaborative Mixtape)

[2010] No Chasers (Solo Mixtape)



Shared the stage with: Rakim, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, Twista, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Gramatik, Machine Gun Kelly, 2 Live Crew, Do Or DieJon ConnorKid Ink, Afroman, ZION I, Mac Lethal, Post Malone, Nappy Roots, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Blackbear, DUB O, Shawnna, Travis Porter, Chris Webby, KYLE, Futuristic, RITTZ, Krizz Kaliko, Alex Wiley, Jbre x Dougie Kent, Exmag, Matoma, Lil Dicky, Probcause, Stevie Stone, MAYDAY!, CES CRU, Chuck Inglish, Prozak, Kutt Calhoun, Problem, Huey Mack, Cam Meekins, DJ MAHF, Hi-Rez, Dylan Reese, Steddy P., Bo Deal, Statik and many more!

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