Dweller is a band with absolute pure chemistry. With a vast array of songs written by frontman John Andriani, Dweller pulls off being versatile, perforimg or recording any kind of song Andriani has written, from pure power pop to alternative country rock.


Singer/songwriter, John Andriani started out in music as a drummer. " I didn't learn to play guitar 'till I was in high school & was mostly a drummer until I began to write songs." Growing up in small town suburbia with a love for baseball & music Johnny began to listen to great music e.g. Beatles, The Small Faces, Queen etc.
"Actually the younger I was, the older the music I liked." Although he venerated these great artists, his biggest influence has always been his homeless uncle,Robert Andriani,who walks the streets of Greenwhich Village in NYC. Known as "Ziggy" by most but Uncle Bobby to Johnny & his friends, his uncle Bobby was signed to Atlantic Records in the late sixties by Ahmet Ertegun and who the great Folk/Rock singer Tim Rose and Davy Jones of The Monkees did a version of his song "King Lonely The Blue" which was the B Side to his highly acclaimed version of Hey Joe. As well as being a great songwriter himself, Robert Andriani also had a beautiful high singing voice, that Dionne Warwick once said "sounded like an angel." Bobby however was very shy of performing & succumbed to drugs, which ended his career in music but left an indelible mark on Johnny.

Johnny went from drummer to lead singer for a couple of bands until on his own he landed a publishing and record deal with EMI, releasing the CD "Whatever makes you happy" (produced by Tony Visconti) & toured the country with radio play for the single "Rocket ride."Playing some shows with Jewel & the Goo Goo Dolls, Johnny met Jewel at an outdoor concert when she asked him "who writes your songs? Cause I really like them."

The Dwellers not quite fitting in with the climate of the time, were put on hiatus. It was then that he was asked to write songs for other artists by his record label. Although Johnny had lost faith in some ways the industry works, it did not discourage him from writing hundreds of songs, ranging from straight ahead rock songs with attitude to country/rock & semi-ragtime/cabaret. Around the time he was NOT putting a down payment on a house with the money they told him he'd make, Johnny called up his old high school friend Mike Milazzo (formerly in The Juicemen)to join Dweller.
In high school Mike was hailed as a great blues style player, although he adapted to Johnny's writing with a unique less is more flavor while not losing his edge. Soon to be introduced was the tasteful & solid drummer Martin Stroh.

After a year of not finding the right bassist they called up original bass player for The Dwellers, Rick Amado & begged him to come back. While they were independently recording their CD "Before you save the world" with money put up by a friend turned manager turned friend again, Ricky came in & learned the new songs Johnny wrote after the rest of the band put their tracks down with another bass player. Producer, Pete Denenberg canceled a session bass player after hearing Ricky. "Why didn't you tell me he was so good?" Pete said to Johnny. 'I did,' said Johnny. With an inimitable chemistry of unique players, Dweller stands out as one of the better bands in today's music.


Whatver Makes You Happy, EMI. Before you save the world, Manor Park Records, Make a Goddess, Manor Park Records

Set List

Forty Minute Rock Set List Alternative Country Rock Set

1. Crazy for the girl 1. Tennessee Fried
2. Adventure 2. With Sympathy
3. Wonder Girl 3. Sticky Hearts
4. Sex Change 4. Make you mine
5. Pimp 5. Hot Air Balloon Ride
6. Deep in love 6. China West
7. She'll be mine 7. Die in peace
8. Dear Nicole 8. Your Mommas Place
9. Make a Goddess 9. One Man Town
10. Venus forever 10. Dreams can come true
11. Moonage Day Dream