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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Rock Indie





Dweller started out as a side project for Cody Bluett and Luke Harsel to experiment with different styles and ideas while playing in the Philadelphia band Family Vacation. However, over time the roots began to take and the name came to represent something more solid and realised. Soon, John Evin Groome and John Kaeser where invited into the fold, and Dweller became a bona fide band in its own right.

From the beginning of last year, the four have been working on their debut record piece by piece, assembling a body of songs both old and new, continually revamping, recasting and reworking their material until an integrated, cohesive sound was developed. The result is a self-titled album, to be released on the 5th October via Forged Artifacts.

Opener ‘Avenue’ has the loose, languorous spirit of a long, late summer evening, though beneath this easy energy lies something more. “I went down to the avenue,” begins the pensive opening verse, “where I tried not to think of you. / You had me walking for a long time / I can’t read your mind.” With the lyrics in mind, the atmosphere takes on an entire new quality, the laconic dreaminess not a freedom from strife but rather the inability to process it, the track something of a dazed drift that precedes hard won acceptance.

This layered style defines the Dweller aesthetic, with many of the tracks operated on several levels to balance both style and substances. Take single ‘Running’, which marries a carefree surf pop style with a particular millennial disenchantment, the song eventually rising to cut through the catatonia. “Running is a song about being stuck in and frustrated with the routine of everyday life,” the band told Post-Trash. “About feeling pent-up angst towards the monotony, and choosing to be spontaneous and energetic to combat those feelings.”

The rose-tinted ‘Memory Lane’ utilises a nostalgia as an alternative means of escape, while the slack ‘Feel So Long’ is a song for the summer depressive, as though all its energy has been baked out under a hot sun. ‘Dayscreen’ is far more epic than its relatively modest run time suggests, a great glowing catharsis that, after the more playful ‘Sometimes’, is matched by the equally meaty ‘Bugs’, a track which creeps and crawls out of its slow opening to grow wings and soar.

This run of songs signals something of a trend on the record, as though Dweller are examining and addressing the issues they set out in the opening. Rather than hiding the frustration beneath a cool surface image, the second half of the album levels the layers, bringing all sentiments to the fore in order to hold equal footing. So, while ‘The Letter’ opens as a meandering folk song, it is of no surprise that it glues together into a redemptive climax. The insistent rhythm of closer ‘Walking (Airplane Mode)’ presents something of a lightened mood, though this time the buoyancy feels genuine, not feigned. Dweller are all too aware of the difficulties of trying to find your place in a world of infinite options and quasi-freedom, and their self-titled debut wants to help chart a path through it.

Various Small Flames has the honour of sharing the album a few days early, so be sure to take the opportunity below. - Various Small Flames


Still working on that hot first release.



"a jangly batch of indie rock that feels good. Good for the spirit, good for listening… just an overall goodness." - Dan Goldin of Post Trash

Someone said our sound is like a 4-way venn diagram between Built to Spill, the Grateful Dead, Real Estate, and My Bloody Valentine. Not sure if thats totally accurate but that sounded awesome so there ya go.

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