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"Dwight Edwards Heart Of The Blues"

Review by Bruce Hibbs

Out of Indianapolis Indiana, come the sounds of late night, after the race is over-the soulful sounds of Dwight Edwards on his newest CD release, Heart Of The Blues.
All of the nine tracks laid down for our enjoyment were written, arranged, produced, mastered and engineered by Dwight Edwards. The only musicians used are Tony Jessop on percussion and saxman Joe Ketterman on the intro to “Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy”.
Edwards shows mastery of guitar, bass, keyboards, horns and strings. Oh, did I forget to mention the vocals? This man has about as much vocal range as I have heard. Kind of Al Green and Terry Evans combined into 40 years of blues and R&B music.
The CD kicks off with a medium, powerful lap around the track with “Love Somebody.” A wonderful easy-going, rocking, bluesy feeling of a song about the importance of lovin’ somebody in spite of the troubles and hard times. “I’ll Always be around” features high and low ranges of Edwards voice, along with a solid, unobtrusive trumpet accompaniment, as well as strings and guitar work. All of the very talented Dwight Edwards is highlighted with his impressive tune.
A lighter side is displayed with “Mama Blues” where Edwards provides both mama and son as they talk about the pros and cons of singing the blues. Lucky for us the son seems to win this particular discussion.
“Stop Lovin You” slows way down with a nice guitar through the first few bars giving way to trumpet and trombone while Dwight explains how everything he does “seems wrong.” Again a wide range of vocals and real pretty trumpet are featured on “One More Time.”
For contrast there’s what sounds fast as a title but slow in fact: “Runaway Train.” A heartfelt love song about stopping a train being tougher than stopping a mans love for his baby. “Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy” is another upbeat blues song with some nice keyboard work in the background.
Slow down once again with the slow-burning “Don’t Lie.” A real soul-searching appeal for honesty. The last track,”Jelous Man,” is a fitting finale to a CD that I appreciated most for its original songs, performed just the way Dwight Edwards wants us to hear them-with respects to Bobby Bland and Bobby Womack and others who have laid the rock solid foundation for the bluesman Dwight Edwards.
Information about obtaining a copy of this and other CDs from Dwight Edwards can be obtained from dwightedwards@att.net.

- Kansas City Blues society

"Dwight Edwards "Heart Of The Blues""

By Marla Fitzsimmons

I had not heard of Dwight Edwards until receiving this CD for review. By the looks of him on the CD cover I knew he must have charisma and soul. I think I was right. This CD is full of great straight blues. At first I was reminded of the Phillip Walker band with the smooth guitar playing, but with the horns standing out even more. Dwight has deep, strong and enthusiastic vocals, with enormous range. The keyboards fill in where the horns leave off. This is the third recording and apparently all have a variety of original songs. The other CDs are “out Of The Blue” and “Rivers Of Blues” (I think a review of each is in order!). On this recording Tony Jessop plays percussion, Joe Ketterman provides intro sax on “Fat Meat Ain’t Greasy” (nice walking bass line on this one), and Dwight does the rest! He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, horns, and strings and provides all the vocals, Imagine having that kind of talent! There are nine songs and each has a story of it’s own (and not just the lyrics) “Love Somebody” is upbeat, while “I’ll Always Be Around” has a slow soulful groove. “Stop Lovin You” and “Jelous Man” are slower tunes with great guitar licks, and the later really shows his vocal range. Most of the songs on this CD are slow blues style, but the faster ones would make for some good dancin’. This recording is mixed well and sounds like a 9 piece band. Solid blues lovers will like this CD, as will those that enjoy more horns and keyboard.
- Walla Walla Blues Society

"U.K. Review"

Whisperin & Hollerin
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Reviewing: Heart of the Blues

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'Heart of the Blues'

- Genre: 'Blues' - Release Date: '2007'

Our Rating:
With 40 years of being in the blues, it's no wonder that Dwight Edwards (http://dwightedwardsbluesband.com) sounds like he stepped out of some crackling vinyl. "Heart of the Blues" is raw, passionate blues, the real stuff, 100% authentic, no artificial ingredients added. It tastes like a hot, thick steak with a sauce that stings your tongue and then melts in your throat.

They should call Edwards "slow hand" because his style is that of the gradual build, creating ripping, emotionally charged solos that move about ten miles an hour until they explode into waves of melancholy and released tension. "I'll Always Be Around" is probably the best example of this. The mellow, sultry riffing on "I'll Always Be Around" is the perfect dressing for Edwards' soulful, magnetic, and deep voice, which sometimes recall B.B. King, especially on the opening cut, "Love Somebody."

To call Edwards a bluesman, as appropriate as it is, is only presenting half the picture. The guy is pure soul. There are traces of Gospel in his vocal style like on "Mama Blues," an autobiographical tale of parental dissent towards his blues mission. On "Mama Blues," Edwards' voice reaches up into the heavens; it's a spellbinding, spine-tingling moment that will leave you absolutely breathless.

Edwards is a phenomenal guitar player. Check out his Eric Clapton-ish leads on "Stop Loving You," his icy fingers plucking every feeling from those guitar strings. This is an outstanding work of the blues and deserves the highest recommendation.
author: Adam Harrington

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- Whisperin & Hollerin

"rivers of blues review"

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A great new voice in American Blues
author: Bartholomew Buford Buffington III International Critic at large
This is one of the finest Blues Cds I have heard in a long time, and I have heard a lot of them. Dcwight Edwards is definitely going to be a major influence on the American Blues Scene over the next couple of decades and a new Blues Legend in the making. When one is looking for that obvious Chicago Blues Music style, they should definitely be looking for it in Indiana, because they have moved it. :)) The Real deal Blues is alive and Happening in Indianapolis, Indiana and any where else Dwight Edwards is invited to perform. A great Left handed Guitar slinger and word wizard, he weaves his Blues stories in a way that makes them real for everyone in the audience. If you do not buy any other Blues Cd this year buy this one you will not be disappointed.
- C.D. Baby


View Video of New York show with Dan Aykroyd at

Out Of The Blue (CD) contains 1) Party on the Blues 2) So Many Tears 3) A Good Man is Hard to Find 4) Burning Log 5) In-Laws & Out-Laws 6) I'm In Love With You 7) Icon of the Blues 8) Snow Ball Love 9) Something in My Eyes
Rivers of Blues (CD) contains 1) Dimples 2) Born Again Fool 3) Sorry 4) Jody Brown 5) Blindsided 6) All Over The World 7) Don't Go 8) Chicago 9) Broken Heart 10) Hear Me Calling
Heart of the Blues (CD) contains 1) Love Somebody 2) I'll Always Be Around 3) Mama Blues 4) Stop Loving You 5) One More Time 6) Runaway Train 7) Fat Meat Ain't Greasy 8) Don't Lie 9) Jealous Man



Dwight Edwards

Dwight Edwards has arranged, produced and recorded numerous original Blues and R&B tunes, the best of which he has compiled onto three outstanding CDs. These CDs have received worldwide recognition. Over the years, Dwight has performed in clubs and festivals throughout the Midwestern United States.

Born and raised in Indianapolis,Indiana, near Chicago's Blues Heaven, Dwight Edwards began pursuing his love of music at the age of 8 when he began singing in school choirs and church programs. At age 12 he taught himself to play the guitar and began playing the Blues and began writing his own songs.

At age 21 Dwight began to tour the Mid-west, while gaining much insight into the world of professional music. He learned self-discipline and the contractual, legal, financial and management aspects of the music business. It was at this time that he expanded his area of expertise to include R&B music.

When Dwight returned to Indianapolis he put together a band and played in local clubs, quickly gaining a reputation as the Best Blues singer in the city. He combined his love of music with his knowledge and business sense to establish the Sounds of Naptown Recording Studio. As vice-president he recorded and booked 5 local bands for a period of 3 years.

At Age 35 Dwight traveled to Detroit, Michigan to record what was to be his first single release. As he entered his 40s, Dwight turned his emphasis to a combination of Blues and R&B.

It was at this time that he arranged, produced, and recorded his first CD in a period of 3 months. In March of 1996 “Out Of The Blue” was released and was immediately distributed throughout the United States and as far away as Ontario, British Columbia, Argentina, France, Japan and the Netherlands. This CD has received Outstanding responses and has resulted in ratings of “#1 New Release” in Mississippi by Jack the Rapper magazine and “#1 Best New Local Band” by Vogue magazine in Indianapolis. It has also received rave reviews in blues magazines worldwide.

In July 2001 “Rivers Of Blues” was released, featuring 10 additional original tunes. As with his first CD, “Rivers Of Blues” has been released worldwide. Both CDs exude heart-felt emotion with a variety of Blues sounds to appeal to all tastes.

Dwight established a state of the art recording studio, which he used to record his third CD, “Heart Of The Blues” released in July of 2003. This showcases Dwight’s talents and abilities as a vocalist, writer, arranger, performer and engineer.