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Dwight Robertson

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Call Loren Hayes at 800/873-8957 to request information about having Dwight Robertson at your event.


Kingdom Building Ministries Founder and President Dwight Robertson is known nationally as a dynamic and gifted communicator. His life calling and mission—to challenge Christians to the role of laborership—is shared passionately as Dwight communicates with evident excitement and urgency. The goal of his message is to see individuals moving toward deeper levels of spiritual intimacy and to gain a world-changing vision while assuming their role as laborers for God’s Kingdom.

Dwight and his wife, Dawn, live in Denver, Colorado, with their two children, Dara and Dreyson.

Event Availability

Pastors' Conferences
Laborer Training Conferences
Sunday Morning Church Services
University Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
Mission Conferences
Multi-church Events
Church Spiritual Emphasis Weeks
Family Camps
Audience Captivity

Dwight's ministry focus is Pastors and Ministry Leaders, Adult, Young Adult, College and Mixed Groups where he can challenge and inspire deeply committed and nominal Christians to love God deeply and to live the life of a laborer.

Ministry Passions

Laborership for ordinary people
Leaving a legacy through spiritual multiplication
Loving God
Top Messages

Loving God: A message on keeping Him "The Main Thing."
Laborers—the World's Greatest Need: A message based on Matthew 9:35-38, which reveals God's search for common laborers and gives practical choices ordinary people can make for Him.
Leaving a Legacy Through Spiritual Multiplication: A message on discipleship and mentoring.
Road Blocks & Detours to Putting Love into Action: A message on John 21 which talks about the enemies of love in action.
Being Wealthy in the Word: A message about getting into God's word (Bible reading/studying) and getting God's Word into you (memorization).
Heart-Match on Both Ends of the Rope: A message on financial and prayer partnership in God's global Kingdom advance.
Advancing the Kingdom of God: A message that gives a portrait of a New Testament laborer, Barnabas, who powerfully advanced God's Kingdom in tangible, behind-the-scenes ways.

You may also find the following helpful:
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• A link to the companion site to Dwight's book "Plan A – and there is no plan B," (www.planaconnection.com)
• And lastly, a link to an audio file containing a sample of one of Dwight's messages ( http://kbm.org/downloads/dwight_robertson.mp3)