Dwight Sirls

Dwight Sirls


Compelling and thought provoking Nu-jazz grooves


Nu-Jazz Artist Connects Ancient Influence
To His Music

East Texas native and rising Nu-Jazz artist Dwight Sirls believes the key to his creativity is the experiences of his ancestors that's deeply embedded in his genes. His current CD "Purpose" is a direct tap into this creative pool. Dwight feels that making this connection may help him understand not just his existence, but that of all mankind.

"Purpose" is eleven tracks weaving together the pieces that make-up Dwight's existence. His ancestral guidance harnesses his contemporary style of music to convey visions and passions that are a part of his being, and possiby to help others discover the denizens of their soul and conscious. His compelling and passionate lead bass performances illustrates the emotions of his ancestral experiences. "With each project, I'm learning more and more about myself," states Dwight. Dwight also states that this is just a belief, resulting from experiences. "My utmost belief is that beliefs are fragile, new information and modified thoughts can alter or totally erase beliefs", said Dwight.

All the tracks on "Purpose" were composed, engineered, performed, and mixed by Dwight at his private project studio in Tyler, Texas. Dwight's first solo CD "The Human Complexity" brought him into the smoothjazz community, especially with the airplay he received on www.smoothjazz.com. Tracks from the first CD can still be heard there and on other internet radio communities. He has made fans in Asia, Europe, Canada, and several U.S. states. Both CDs were released on Dwight's label, Japoonoonie Records.

For further information about Dwight Sirls go to www.dwightsirls.com or www.myspace.com/dwightsirls.

Dwight Sirls is a self-taught musician and engineer. He began his musical life playing bass in local groups, but by the 1990s Dwight was more at home in his studio. He became interested in engineering in 1981, but became more interested in 1986 while working on his first release, the singles "Living For You" and "You're The One". His interests in engineering became more serious by 1992.

Dwight's full length projects are " The Art of Love" by Velyncia & Dwight Sirls 1995, "Life Is Like" by Fenis Daniel 1997, "Due Seasons" by First Kin 2004, "The Human Complexity" by Dwight Sirls 2005 and "Purpose" by Dwight Sirls 2006.

Dwight has been a composer and publisher with BMI music for around 20 years and plays seven instruments. Dwight is beginning the promotion of his second solo release "Purpose". This project dives into the mystical world of his ancestral past, then transforms the visions and passions into his signature style of conceptual groove Nu-jazz.

Dwight still believes in music as a pure art for the people, a passion he had back in 1988 when he was chosen member of the year by the Longview, Texas Metro Chamber of Commerce for a musical and cultural event he organized and spearheaded.

Dwight founded his own label, Japoonoonie Records, in 1986. Three full length projects have been released under this label. His publishing arm is Sirls & Brothers Music BMI.


1." You're The One" 1986 featuring Ron Daniels/Composer, Musician/Single

2." Living For You" 1986 featuring Ron Daniels/Composer, Musician/Single

3. Velyncia Sirls "The Art of Love" 1995/Engineer, Producer, Musician,Composer/Complete Cassette

4. Finn (Fenis Daniel) "Life is Like" 1997/Engineer, bass & classical guitar solos/Complete CD

5. First Kin "Due Seasons" 2004/Engineer, on two tracks, Producer, Musician/Complete CD

6. Dwight Sirls "The Human Complexity" 2005/Engineer, Producer, Composer, Musician/Complete CD

7. Dwight Sirls "Purpose" 2006
Musician, Engineer, Producer, Composer/Complete CD