Dyan Tai

Dyan Tai

 Camperdown, New South Wales, AUS

Sydney keytar hero! Singer/songwriter and DJ infamous for his blue hair and sparkly mirror-coated keytar.


Self-made sensation, Dyan Tai, is well known for his sky high blue hair and colourful performance style as a Sydney singer, songwriter & DJ.

Armed with his weapon of choice, a flashy mirror coated keytar, Dyans indiscriminate performance style leaves every audience he encounters captivated.

Dyan has performed to audiences across the country from Sydney Mardi Gras, City of Sydneys Dragon Ball, Sydney Fringe Festival, to Brisbane Festival and Tasmania Pride Festival.

As a singer-songwriter Dyan has released 2 singles and an EP entitled C.O.O.L. (Triple J Unearthed #4 Pop Chart, 2012 MusicOZ Award Nominee) and completed an Australian tour to promote his first release.

He also brought his high-energy electro-pop from the stage to the screen on XFactor Australia, Foxtels Planet Unearthed, and as a finalist on TVS Singer-songwriter Series.

The Malaysian-born keytar hero isnt just all glitter and glam. Dyan is a passionate believer in human equality and supporter of same-sex marriage.
Its not everyday you can say someone literally wears his heart on his sleeve but Dyan does exactly that, sporting a tattoo of his favourite childhood cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants' on his arm, tying the knot with Patrick Star.

Having acquired clothing sponsorship from European fashion label Mr Gugu, Dyan will be releasing a new single and music video in Dec 2013 and a follow up EP in early 2014.


Why Sydney?

Written By: Dyan Tai

Been trying to hold on tight but there’s too much to life
Too much to deal inside
Party people dance all night having jack after jack
Cocktails until it’s light
Why break it down when it feels so right?
If it doesn’t really hurt you, makes you feel brand new
Until the time you’re up and sober trying not to trip over
So lonely in Sydney

Pre chorus:
Why do you keep saying NO NO NO
When all my fellas say YEAH YEAH YEAH
Why do you feel so LONE-ONE-LY
In this city called Sydney?

Why? Why Sydney?

Take it slow walk off this feeling
It’s too soon to know there’s no need to worry
Look in his eyes in his soul
Girl don’t chat hesitate don’t chat hesitate
Why quit on love when it feels so right
If it doesn’t really hurt you, makes you feel brand new
In this sea of glistening lights why do you feel so lonely
So lonely in Sydney?

Repeat Pre chorus and chorus

*Keytar solo*

Repeat Pre chorus and chorus

Part time lovers

Written By: Dyan Tai

You think I might feel weaker, you think it’d last forever
I don’t rely on you, don’t wanna mess around with me
How come you don’t call me no more
Wished that you had showed and done more
I don’t rely on you, you’re better off far away

Pre chorus:
Shouting out now can I have your attention?
No longer in my world found satisfaction?

I’m HOT and you’re NOT and you’re missing a lot
It’s not fair if you want it back
You got your work and your friends I got my dreams and my band
So we can’t be, we can’t be
Part time lovers

This tune can go on a lifetime but now I give the stop sign
I don’t rely on you this soundtrack’s gonna change its beat
You’re the beat that makes me wonder
Why doesn’t it make me feel better
I don’t rely on you guess now that I can finally see

Repeat pre-chorus and chorus

Repeat Chorus

We don't have to

Written By: Dyan Tai

Never thought I’d be losing you, never thought I’d feel so blue cause
Everything will be alright
Down the streets with my fantasies slowly, watch them grow into a reality
Everything will be alright

I’ve loved you all my life… I’ve trusted you and I wanted you
Never let you outta sight… Even on lonely nights because

We don’t have to do everything together…it all will be alright
We don’t have to do everything together…it all will be just fine
In my head there’s a picture of us together… we’re doing things alright
Every second every minute we’ll be together

Why do we dwell into this madness; why do we like to live a world of madness
Everything will be just fine
Don’t you know guys love their freedom, stars agreed then our worlds collided
Everything will be just fine

Repeat pre chorus and chorus

I’ve trusted you and I’ve wanted you
In my heart of hearts I love you cause it ain’t the same
Like the memories of those who lied to me
Telling stories misconstrued the things that I do
I’ve trusted you and I’ve wanted you
Gone forever like a summer breeze to other seasons
Uh uh

Repeat Chorus


Digital Kiss EP (2013-2014)

The Roman Love Affair EP (2012)
1. Roman Love Affair
2. C.O.O.L.
3. Not Crazy For You
(Received airplay through Airit & Amrap distribution service on independent radio stations, nominated for a Music Oz Award 2012)

EP (April 2011)
1. Why Sydney?
2. Part time lovers
3. We don't have to
4. A song for Linda

(Winner of the inaugural Sydneyvision song contest, winner Citylove music competition)

Set List

1) Intro
2) He Ain't Got No Money
3) Roman Love Affair
4) C.O.O.L.
5) Why Sydney?
6) (cover)
7) Digital Kiss
8) Holla