Dy'Ari, the electronica pop artist takes the role of rebel with high spirited anthems like "The Girl in Me" and "Build-A-Boyfriend". His introspective collection of music is full of heart, sex, and vigor.


(Pronounced Diary)

The essence of emotion is only as evident as the person who expresses it. We all need a unique way to pour from our heart those things that are heavy on our mind, whether it's a blog, a video, a Hallmark card, or maybe this time, a Dy'Ari.

Like it sounds, this Dy'Ari is a vault of stories, dreams, visions, and aspirations balanced with heartache, disappointment, pain, all intertwined with the strength of heart to rise above adversity. Every chapter, every page, every story, every lesson strikes a chord with this musical artist.

Producers Miykal Snoddy (Mary J. Blige, Brandy, Jamie Foxx) and Lounge Lizzards (Lil Scrappy) are expanding the spectrum of popular music by uniting their production with the warm and energetic vocals that pulsate from the studies of Donnie Hathaway. With songs like The Colors of Me, a playful self-description of his many curiosities, to Human After All, a ballad anthem that professes to adversaries the knowledge of his value, Dy’Ari explores the stories of love of self and others in dramatic and bold ways.

The Detroit, Michigan native’s path is directed by the memories of those things he had envisioned would always come to past. Destiny was never a stranger, so the music is merely the expressions of divine inspiration. Dy'Ari is the vessel of something bigger than music, than performance, than production. He is an author of the music of life. His life. His way. His words.




Written By: SeanMichael Rodgers

I put the sex into sexy
The S is for sexy
The E is for Extacy
X is Xpecially for

Are, are, are you ready for a new destiny
It might be the first time, time, time your eyes retreat
I'm on a mission tonight to make you see
You'll enjoy the bite the feel the hard, hard, hard, hard of me

The future is tonight and the stars are aligned
The devil's on vacation so let's start the celebration
Let the angel act go, let me put on a show
You will never forget, you will never regret

Your touch is so familiar, have you touched me before?
Have you dreamed of this door that you're about to open?
No turning back, you've got my body in motion,
My sexy is flowing and you got me soaking wet

Let your body talk
Make my body talk
I like the way you walk

Insanity welcome to my domain
Where life as you know
has changed the things you know to whatever your sexy desires
This season....no reason

The Girl in Me

Written By: SeanMichael Rodgers & Neill Springle

Speeding down Broadway
Looking in the rear view there is no sight of you
Switching gears and changing lanes
I'm chasing a memory this is how you left me baby

Pick up your cell phone, I drive by you not home
Your friends say you busy, I can see that their lying
I thought I was stronger, But you making me wronger
You breaking me down and Smiles are turning to frowns

You bring out the girl in me
I gave you authority
Where's my sorority
I need a shoulder to cry on
You get me emotional
Losing my self control
And when it comes to you
I'm, I'm, I'm....
I'm just a girl (a girl 8x)

Heartbroken and pouting
Feeding my misery, a void left inside of me
Pathetic and doubting
My only wish is that we no you send an apology
Pick up your cell phone, I drive by you not home
Your friends say you busy, I can see that their lying
I thought you were stronger, But damn I was wronger
I'll see you around with a frown upside down
We know how the story ends, Just like the tale begins with you running away
Feeling so stupid I listened to cupid. Why did I do this?

Museum Man

Written By: Dy'Ari & Jesse Lipscombe

You painted a picture
how could you understand
a masterpiece on the canvas
of my life (my restoration has began)
continued strokes on my heart
gentle from a painters hand
tell me what's your plan
my museum man

Auctioned off my love
to the highest bidder
Christies sold me
from the exhibition
of leaving loneliness
dusted off the pain of the past
no more velvet rope between us
Ill be your curator

My Eros de Milo
your love is necessary
(museum man)
Sculpted like david
you were created for me
(museum man)
with great proportion
you are the image
of a perfect man
vitruvian man
(my museum man)

You feel so close right now
closer than you've ever been before
I see your perfections flawed
but that mysterious smile
is what keeps me coming back
your romantic approach
is what has me baroque

Auctioned off my love
to the highest bidder
Christies sold me
from the exhibition
of leaving loneliness
dusted off the pain of the past
no more velvet rope between us
Ill be your curator

On a starry night
miss lisa looked up to the heavens
and the angels of the sistine chapel
looked back at her

it was life
imitating art
imitating life
imitating love
imitating you and me together
in the Louvre we live forever

Colors Of Me

Written By: Dy'Ari & SeanMichael Rodgers

Today I'm feeling blue dut dut
It's all because of you that's ok cuz
Tomorrow's gonna be a yellow one
Purple tears will drown away
Yellow fears of yesterday
look into my brown eyes and say

You are my sunshine after rain
Rainbows will be mine after pain
There may be white days, black days
But these days are colors of me

There doesn't have to be gray skies
And I don't have to tell white lies
greens eyes are only gonna see me while I rise

Silver lining of my soul
Orange clouds painting leaves of gold
Red's my color
You're only going to make it bold

Red hearts are falling from a blue sky and
Purple dandelions are resting on green tulips
Pink and white roses are dashing and
Posing and everything is the color of me


S.E.X.Y, The Girl In Me, Colors of Me, Museum Man are streaming on http://www.reverbnation.com/dyari.

Set List

My song set usually lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. The list of songs are as:

S.E.X.Y, Build-A-Boyfriend, Damaged Goodz, The Girl In Me. The Colors of Me, The Voice of My Dy'Ari, Nobody Knows Me, Museum Man

Cover Song: Gives You Hell (All-American Rejects)