Dyed in the wool

Dyed in the wool



It is no wonder a city as gritty as Hamilton, Ontario, Canada would spawn a metal act such as dyed in the wool. Formed in October 2001, through the demise of other local heavy acts, dyed in the wool have since gone through several incarnations. Currently the lineup consists of Derek Calligan on Bass, Max Mileski on Vocals, Curtis Smythe and Bart Maslikowski on Guitars and Norman Killeen on Drums and Percussion.

Some might call it hardcore or progressive, but whatever you want to call it, it certainly is Metal, dyed in the wool style. The band owes its sound to many diverse influences, spanning from Jazz, Fusion, new wave, Grunge and the Metal sounds of the late 80's and early 90's.

Having already gained some recognition through their previous Demo release (dyed in the wool, the EP) and their insanely tight live performances, dyed in the wool are set to expand their already large fan base with their next endeavor. Like many of their predecessors, dyed in the wool seem set on pushing the limits of heavy music. They have just released their self titled debut album. A down tuned churning plethora of steady chaos. The album pounds with undulating and convulsing rhythms, many in odd meter time, neatly disguised by a seamless flow. There is an unyielding tightness, much like their live performances, from one song to the next. And it never gives up until the albums climactic conclusion.

For those of you that are fans of heavy music, this is one band that you will want to listen to. Only at the start of their music careers, this five piece act is already writing more material for another release in the near future and a promising one it is.


Dyed in the wool - Ep 2005

Set List

Set list 6 - 8 songs 30-45 mins.
cover songs- Pantera, sepultura