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Dying breed

Kelowna, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Kelowna, Canada
Established on Jan, 2020
Band Rock Punk




"Local Music Scene Ep. 3"

I love my job especially when I get introduced to new local, kickass music such as these guys. I had not heard of the band before to be honest (and a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t heard of them because they sound so frikin good!) but, I am now a big fan! Guitarist, Dacoda had sent me their Spotify link where I played “Drive Slow” and I immediately sent him a message asking him, “Who the hell are you guys and where the frik did you come from? Holy sheet! Great tunes, man!” (I believe my words were slightly different. lol). - Gonzo Okanagan/Brad Krauza

"Okanagan band releases heavy hitting EP"

Rock-n-roll trio Dying Breed — a true garage band that calls an automotive service shop home — has released a heavy-hitting EP introducing themselves to Okanagan music scene.

The four-song EP, Unchained, hits hard, launching the band into the forefront while showing off their range.

“We didn’t want to play covers, we started writing songs from day one,” said Rory Ormiston, who is on bass and vocals.

“Drive Slow, it’s kind of a song about not rushing through life.

“There’s a lyric that’s, ‘I’ve been running most of my life/chasing all these dreams of mine/never had the time to blink/always seem to pass me by.’ It’s about how I’ve been working random jobs and just not really going anywhere because of wanting to now be a musician, so the song is about learning to grab all your opportunities and chasing the dream.”
Taking their power and punch into overdrive is Stephan Rolland on drums, and to keep that gritty feel, Rolland recorded the drums off the floor of Kelowna Chrysler’s service shop, where they practice their craft.

“Everything else was done in the studio but we actually set up 30 mics in the shop here to do the drums for the EP tracks,” said Rolland.
The band members have spent their time during the COVID-19 lockdown working on perfecting their EP, and are wasting no time working on their first album now that they have finally come together.

“I grew up with Rory in high school and Rory was back and forth with his music and it wasn’t until a few years after we graduated that we decided, let’s do something with this,” said Dacoda Nevens on guitar. - Global News/Sydney Morton

"Kelowna’s Dying Breed run from their demons in first music video"

Kelowna’s Dying Breed is unleashing its first music video, just in time for Halloween.

It’s creepy, it’s dark and it’s super-charged with heavy-hitting rock and roll.

“The riff is what inspired the lyrics behind it,” said Dacoda Nevens, lead guitar.

“The minute we heard the riff we knew we wanted a devil-going-to-Vegas-type sound.”
Dying Breed let Global Okanagan tease their first music video ahead of its midnight release on Halloween, and buried beneath the flashy car and gore, the trio is ripping the skeletons out of their closet.

“It’s about inner demons and it’s about trying to run away from them and then I hint to you having to kind of fight them head-on,” said Rory Ormiston, lead vocals and bass guitar.
“It also portrays to the whole signing your soul away in the music life,” said Nevens.

And they are not slowing down any time soon.

“We are full speed and we actually hadn’t rehearsed in two weeks because of schedules and stuff and we just wrote another song,” said Stephan Gilbert, drums

“We just want to steamroll anything that’s in our way and just get to the top as quick as we can,” said Nevens. - Global News/Sydney Morton

"Kelowna rockers ‘Dying Breed’ release new single, reveal new bandmate"

Kelowna’s Dying Breed isn’t holding back in its soon-to-be-released single, Coming Alive.

The upcoming release follows their one-year anniversary.

Over the year, they made the most of their downtime during the pandemic, rolling out song after song since coming out swinging with their heavy-hitting debut EP, Unchained.

Guitarist Dacoda Nevens said the new single all started with a riff.

“I came to the band with a riff and it was like Rory [Ormiston] was pulling words out of my mouth, it was just so cool,” said Nevens.
“The song has kind of an overarching [theme of] overcoming things, whether its drugs or a breakup, it’s about coming out of your own skin and letting go,” said Ormiston, lead vocalist.
“Now they have rounded out their sound with a new face — Jamie Spencer on bass.

“With Jamie coming on board and Rory dropping the bass, it’s just opened up much more things that we can stack on top of each other,” said Nevens.

Spencer joining the band makes their new single more dynamic.

“[Nevens] started playing this riff and it just felt like this almost a western vibe, [and we could visualize] this cowboy riding nice and slow,” said Spencer.
“The level of our songs has gone through since he’s started, the way he writes really brings out the flow of the song,” said Ormiston.

Now that provincial health orders are being loosened, one of the hardest working bands in the valley is ready to step on stage.

“We are practicing every week from 10 in the morning to five at night,” said Stephan Gilbert, drummer. “We are putting in the time for sure.” - Global News/Sydney Morton

"Kelowna band aiming to raise $1,000 for mental health, plans to host virtual show"

An up and coming Kelowna band has decided to make a difference for those struggling with mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The band Dying Breed has been together for just one year and because they’ve been unable to perform live shows due to pandemic restrictions, they’ve decided to put on a live show virtually once they raise $1,000 for the B.C. Division's Canadian Mental Health Association.

“We had half a dozen shows planned and that’s when the pandemic started, so those got brushed off very quickly,” explains guitarist Dacoda Nevens.

After reading a Castanet article explaining the negative effects the pandemic has caused for peoples mental health, the band came up with the idea of a fundraiser.

“The pandemic has effected a lot of people including ourselves, so it’s something that hits home for all of us,” says Nevens.

The GoFundMe campaign has raised $405 of the $1,000 goal so far. Once the goal is reached, Dying Breed will host a virtual show. Those interested can stay up to date on their Facebook page.

"We have all been affected by this pandemic in one way or another, and we want to share our music to bring people together through this difficult time. So, if you can spare a buck or two, you could potentially save a life. If you can't, sharing this link is just as good. Let's stick together and lend a helping hand. We look forward to the show!" reads a statement on the fundraiser's page. - Castanet/Miriam Halpenny


2020 - Unchained EP 
1. Drive Slow
2. Where Did You Go
3. Dog Days
4. Money

October 31, 2020 - Single
1. Demon Got Mine 

June 27, 2021 - Single
1. Coming Alive

October 19, 2021 - Single
1. Mckinley Skies

December 25, 2021 - Single
1. Psycho



Dying Breed is a Rhythm Driven rock band with a community based mindset.
Since the inception of the group they've been pushing to create a name for
themselves in the music scene.Releasing their Debut EP Dying Breed
Unchained EP only a few months after forming, the band hasn't slowed down
for anything.Raising money for mental health awareness, to live streaming
their performances during the pandemic Dying Breed aims to make a change.
Their music brings you back to a time when music had a message, with their
uniquely original sound, the band is generating some heat on the airwaves.
With their eyes set on touring and releasing more music, Dying Breed are
coming out of the gates swinging for the fences.

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