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Dylan Fox And The Wave

Joshua Tree, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Joshua Tree, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Alternative Garage Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Introducing: Dylan Fox And The Wave"

Here’s a nice late night find. It’s a new EP called Buzz from an Oakland, California band called Dylan Fox And The Wave. The band consists of brothers Dylan and Sean Fox. They describe themselves as garage rock, and that’s right on the money. I checked out the EP and heard traces of The White Stripes and The Black Keys.

These guys have got the rock and roll passion and the execution of seasoned vets. This is as solid of an EP as they come. I’m absorbed in it right now. If you like blues inspired rock and roll, this is going to come as a treasure.
- weallwantsomeone.org

"Dylan Fox and the Wave – Move on Instinct EP"

Dylan Fox and the Wave – Move on Instinct EP
The California garage band returns with a much more crisper and cleaner produced EP but still manage to hold onto the great grit and DIY enthusiasm of their past releases.
FINAL GRADE: B+ - Officallyayuppie.com

"we have an excellent slice of raw garage rock from Oakland’s Dylan Fox and the Wave"

For today’s mp3 we have an excellent slice of raw garage rock from Oakland’s Dylan Fox and the Wave. The band are a duo consisting of brother’s Dylan & Sean Fox and the track we have is ‘Tricks’ – take it away guys - punkrockistnichttot.com

"The follow up to their Fuzz EP, entitled Tunnelvision, was tracked and mixed by Patrick Brown and mastered by Nic Pope in just two days!"

Brooding garage rock band comprised of two brothers from Oakland, Dylan Fox and the Wave recently just finished their latest EP at Different Fur. The follow up to their Fuzz EP, entitled Tunnelvision, was tracked and mixed by Patrick Brown and mastered by Nic Pope in just two days! Check out more on the band in video up above and keep a look out for the EP when it drops April 26th y’all! - Different Fur

"They have a talent for dark, distorted garage rock"

Sick of waiting for Jack White to get done with that Dead Weather nonsense and get back to making cool music (okay, okay, I like the solo album), give Dylan Fox and the Wave a try. Heavily influenced by both the White Stripes and Black Keys, the Oakland group is a duo made up of brothers Dylan Fox (singer-guitarist) and Sean Fox (drummer). They have a talent for dark, distorted garage rock, which sounds exponentially bigger on their new EP, Tunnel Vision. Curious Quail and The Ghost of Wrights open.
- - Steve Palopoli sanjose.com

"Cali-inspired indie rock sound and nothing but a guitar and drum set"

Dylan Fox and The Wave comes to us from the City by the Bay, formed in Oakland in 2010 by brothers Dylan and Sean Fox. With a Cali-inspired indie rock sound and nothing but a guitar and drum set, the pair is extremely talented and have been playing a number of west coast shows from SF to SD and everywhere in between. The duo mesmerizes with sweet distorted guitar riffs held down by solid drumming and has a way of capturing the listener, drawing them in even closer.
They released a self-produced EP titled ‘FUZZ’ in 2010, to excellent reviews, and have since released a second. They also have a third EP or full album coming around October, and their newest single, ‘Clock’s Been Ticking,’ was released on May 1st.
- - Cuethesound.com

"Rising Artist - Dylan Fox & The Wave"

The White Stripes may have come and gone but their legacy will be felt in every rock and roll duo that just uses drums, vocals and guitar. Band's such as The Black Keys, The Royal Chains, Blood Red Shoes and so on. One of those band's who's influence can be taken from anyone of those bands but they are making it all their own in their own unique style. For California duo and brothers, Dylan and Sean Fox who make up Dylan Fox and the Wave, the dynamic duo are taking garage rock mixing it with surf and fuzz and are showing the West Coast how to get down. They just released their EP, the Fuzz EP two months ago and are ready to make a big splash in your ears. They are one of those acts that even though there may just be two of them, they are making more than enough sound to fill a room and have it moving. - Officially A Yuppie

"They’re two brothers making honest rock and roll that just kicks ass"

It’s hard for me not to rave about Dylan Fox And The Wave. They’re two brothers making honest rock and roll that just kicks ass. With two EP’s under their belt, they are just getting started, but I assure you, they have a promising future ahead of themselves. - Weallwantsome.org

"Purevolume.com Single Premiere"

Dylan Fox and the Wave are following in the footsteps of fellow Bay Area lo-fi psych rockers Thee Oh Sees, creating incredibly infectious fuzzed out garage rock. Today we're excited to premiere the sibling duo's latest single, "You Never Say Anything Nice," off their upcoming debut full-length Chasing Shadows. Stream the track above.

"This was the first song I wrote in January 2015 with the idea of finishing an album," Dylan Fox reveals. "May 2014 I had a break up and I had a friend who was going through one as well. After hearing a story about her being in one room and him in the other after an argument I started to see similarities to the end of my relationship when you start to think, Why am I still in this? Sometimes people get comfortable and start to get mean to the other person because they are so comfy. I know I am guilty of that. So it’s about realizing it’s time to go."

Chasing Shadows is slated for a July 16 release and Dylan Fox and the Wave will be celebrating the album's release on June 18 at San Francisco's Mason Social House. - Purevolume

"Turnstyle Music Group"


What’s your bands name? Where’d the name come from?

Our bands name is Dylan Fox And The Wave. We always struggled to keep a name so at one point I figured I’d just use my name and stick to that. My name is Dylan James Fox which made that part easy. We played a show way back when where Sean was being referred to as “The Wave”. We took that for the band so “The Wave” could represent any number of people that may be playing. Sean is the only permanent member of “The Wave”

The Yellow Collar Collective is all about the daily grind musicians go through to perfect their craft, what has been your biggest struggle and accomplishment as a musician?

The biggest struggle is bringing people out to shows. It’s hard for a band coming up. We are proud of the amount of material we have been able to release since we started this band in 2010. We had “Fuzz” in December 2010, Tunnel Vision 2011, Moving on Instinct 2012. We released some singles after that and made music with our friends. Now June 16th 2015 we have “Chasing Shadows”.

What other instruments can you and your fellow band members play?

Sean Drums on the records and Dylan records any other instruments. For this album we had a friend play bass so we could cut the basic tracking live.

Why’d you start making music and why specifically did you choose your genre?

I began loving music at a young age. It felt like something I was always drawn to. I like live feeling records, where you feel like you’re in the room. Also, I enjoy music that has a certain raw vibe to it. I love records to be a little rough around the edges. That feels real to me when I hear it. And I don’t mean rough as in their playing, I mean the production didn’t take away from the vibe.

Do you have any memorable musical experiences that have shaped who you guys are?

Playing shows and struggling to maintain a full line up shaped this band. It became the two of us. For our show at Mason Social we will be playing to piece. For our show July 10th a Hotel Utah we will do the full band thing. It’s cool to experience the songs in different ways like that. It keeps it more interesting. At least for the band.

Have you ever released any albums or are working on any now? Any special projects?

We just put out an album June 16th called Chasing Shadows. It’s 10 songs. I produced it and we cut the basic tracks live. We are releasing 2 more this year. Each 10 songs. One in September and one in November. You can find out albums on iTunes, Spotify, etc. most online retailers. Prior to that we have released 3 eps and a bunch of singles.

Do you collaborate with other artists? Inside and outside your genre?

I produce tracks for my friends regularly and collaborate with them. I have a place in Joshua Tree right now that I’m using to record as many friends projects and mine as possible. It’s important to try new ideas and experiment. For this band though we stick to the formula of playing songs I wrote and Sean and I working out them into Dylan fox and the wave songs.

What venues and events have you performed at in the past five years? Which has been your favorite?

We have played all over SF. Slims, Bottom Of The Hill, Milk bar, Mason Social, Boom Boom Room, Neck Of The Woods, El Rio, The Knockout, Connecticut Yankee. Outside of there, The Uptown, a few places in SD and LA. We tour the west coast a bit.

How do you acquire shows and promote yourself? Do you have any recommendations for other artists?

It’s tough. I think the best thing to do is start small and grow. Form relationships with bands and bookers. Going to shows and meeting people is a good way to get involved with bands playing shows. We try to play places we have enjoyed and we really just reach out and tell them what we are about. We have done a lot of opening slots and that’s cool.

Do you have any mottos?

Keep on rocking in the free world

What artists inspire you?

Anton Newcombe (the Brian Jonestown massacre) , Jack White. Ty Segall, Bob Dylan, The Ramones.

What’s next for your band?

Shows, shows and more shows. Promoting the new album. Releasing more albums.

What do you do when you’re not listening to or making music?

We watch or play basketball.

What’s your favorite song right now?

Right now my favorite song is The Warlocks – The Dope Feels Good - Yellow Collar Collective

"TMN Radio New Artist"

The roots of Dylan Fox And The Wave were set in late 2010 after brothers Dylan and Sean Fox had a few jam sessions in Dylan’s Oakland basement as just guitar, drums and vocals. “After a couple years struggling to maintain a solid full band lineup, we realized it was probably going to be just the two of us”.

The first EP “FUZZ”(recorded in the Oakland basement and various friends garages, produced by Dylan) was released December 28th 2010 under Dylan Fox and The Wave. The release was followed by shows up and down the California Coast and a follow up EP “Tunnel Vision” recorded with Patrick Brown was released a few months later. Over the next few years the band continued to record, releasing tons of singles, playing shows and playing in bands with friends. “After some time off, playing in bands with friends, we decided to record a new Dylan Fox And The Wave full length album, which we had never done”.

Keeping the garage rock, lo-fi vibes were important in the production of the new LP “Chasing Shadows” which Dylan handled the majority of producing on. “We had a lot of help making the album and it was cool to work with friends and have them play on the songs. It keeps things fresh. We really love playing music together and this album really feels like a new beginning for us“.

Dylan Fox & The Wave are now playing on TMN Radio. - TMN Radio

"thejailhouse.net Chasing Shadows Review"

Dylan Fox and the Wave’s Chasing Shadows LP makes me think about the first time I learned to appreciate my dad’s CD library. My introduction to artists like Warren Zevon, The Grateful Dead, and The Beach Boys opened my ears to excellent songs that far predated my existence. Chasing Shadows is like a love letter to those kinds of past artists, but with an infusion of punk and surf rock modernity, creating an album that despite its faults, oozes profuse amounts of Grade-A, farm-raised, FDA-approved enjoyment.

Distorted guitars, wailing vocals, mighty drums, and simple melodies dominate this album, but it all adds up to something that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts. For example, in “Walk on By,” the second track, the lyrics go “Walk on by” sixteen times in a row. On the surface, that sounds like it’d be a source of annoyance, but the rhythm of the vocals meshes with the steady drumbeat and guitar chords to form an exciting buildup to the song’s main bass riff being suddenly isolated, until the other instruments come back in. It gives the feeling of a deceptively long fuse burning down into a satisfying explosion of crunchy guitar chords and pounding drums. Every track exhibits this same level of excellent composition.
Additionally, from top to bottom, Chasing Shadows LP gives the impression of familiarity and respect for past artists. Dylan Fox and the Wave use the perfect amount of distortion and reverb on their guitars to hit that “surf guitar” sound. The beefy and often cymbal-heavy drums help support this sound, while the wailing vocals are the ketchup and pickles that make this musical hamburger a tasty treat.

However, Chasing Shadows LP isn’t an absolute homerun. If you never understood the allure of surf and punk rock, Chasing Shadows LP won’t cause an epiphany for you. It’ll just sound like more of the same stuff that you don’t want to hear. This is an album for people who like their vocals waily and their riffs repeated, not for people who want earth-shaking kick drums and pulsing synthesizers.

Further hampering the album is that it doesn’t do much that’s “new.” This album is not about changing the world of music, it’s about taking the best bits of older music and sticking them all together like an aural collage. Do not listen to Chasing Shadows LP if you’re all about ultramodern art house music. You will only come away disappointed.
Chasing Shadows LP isn’t the type of album that could be life-changing, but it is the type of alum that could be day-changing. Play it in the car on your drive to work, listen through headphones while you work out, or put it on when you’ve got friends over. Like a good barbeque sauce, Chasing Shadows LP enhances the flavor of life whenever you listen. Its small weaknesses make it tough to recommend the album universally, but if you’re hankering for guitars that are crunchier than a pile of gravel, Chasing Shadows LP is just what you’re looking for.

Score: 8/10 - Josh Zimmerman

"thisisbooksmusic.com Chasing Shadows Review"

Heard of Dylan Fox And The Wave yet? Then you have hit the right place at the right time, for the group will be releasing an album on June 16th (next week Tuesday) Chasing Shadows so if you became familiar with these garage rockers with their EP’s, you have to wait anxiously for the new work. I am here to give you one song as a preview, a tune called “You Never Say Anything Nice” that doesn’t sound nice. Well okay, it is gritty and pretty in its own way but the ugly thing is all in the mind. The nice balance of rock and pop works quite nicely, check it out. - thisisjohnbook

""The track straddles the line between garage rock and psychedelia reminiscent of bands like MC5 or more modern bands like Jeff The Brotherhood""

Oakland garage rock duo, Dylan Fox and The Wave recently released their debut full-length, Chasing Shadows. Surviving the Golden Age is pleased to premiere the album’s second single, “The Pits.” The track straddles the line between garage rock and psychedelia reminiscent of bands like MC5 or more modern bands like JEFF the Brotherhood. - survivingthegoldenage.com

"DUSTY ORGAN | NEW MUSIC Dylan Fox and the Wave – You Never Say Anything Nice"

Dylan Fox and the Wave (The Wave being Sean Fox) are the brother garage act formed in their home basement back in Oakland, and after a number of attempts at forming a full band lineup and playing with friends, the Fox boys decided a duo would work just fine.

As the June 16th release date for their debut album Chasing Shadows inches closer, the lo-fi duo have shared the lead single “You Never Say Anything Nice”.

Dylan Fox handled most of the production for the album, making the lo-fi, fuzz-rock a priority for Chasing Shadows. Guitar licks blanketed with distortion, “You Never Say Anything Nice” follows the signature garage-rock formula, but with a certain twist from the Oakland brothers. - dustyorgan.com

"Anywhere The Needle Drops"

This tasty morsel comes from Oakland brothers Dylan and Sean Fox, under the title Dylan Fox & The Wave.

The duo has been leaving us a trail of restrained, head bobbing tracks for years now, but are finally coming at us with their debut LP, Chasing Shadows.

Chasing Shadows is available now direct from the band, as well on Amazon and iTunes.

There’s also plenty of goodness (not to mention free tracks) available from the band at their Band Camp page. - anywheretheneedledrops.com


"FUZZ" ep released December 27th 2010
"Tunnel Vision" ep released February 26th 2011
"Moving On Instinct" ep released June 26th 2012

Streaming on Last FM



Having played music in bands together for years. Brothers Dylan and Sean Fox got together in Late 2010, to form Dylan Fox And The Wave. The bands first ep "FUZZ" was recorded in Dylans Oakland basement, as well as friends garages and was released December 27th to positive reviews. The band continued to play shows and in February 2011, went in Different Fur Studios with Patrick Brown (The Morning benders. Toro Y Moi). The result was "Tunnel Vision". It was recorded and mastered in 2 days and the single Junk came with great reviews. However, the band, after a few more shows, decided too take a break for the rest of 2011.Work resumed toward the beginning of 2012, with the release of a new single "WILD CHILD". The single showed more texture and quickly became a fan favorite. After playing shows in San Diego, SF, and In between, the band released a new free ep called "Moving On Instinct".

Chasing Shadows. The Bands First Full Length Album was released June 16th, 2015. Reviews have been positive and more gigs have been played.

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