Dylan Black

Dylan Black

 Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, USA

I began writing in 2008. I was terrible at singing and playing. But I kept doing it until I got better. By 2009 I began to get good at what I did. I started playing shows and writing new songs. In 2010 I started recording my first EP in a studio and I'm still finishing it now.


My whole life I have always loved music, but it was never my passion until 2008. Then it became my life.
I started writing songs but I was a horrible singer, and songwriter. But I kept playing. I would record my songs in my room really low quality and put them online my myspace page. I would tell people to listen to them. I kept writing and playing and recording, regardless of how bad people told me I was. By 2009 I started to get better, and in the Fall I wrote my first two break-up songs. This time it was different.... People liked them. I was very excited about this. So after I recorded them all low quality as the usual, I put them online and stalked my page just watching the plays go up. A couple of my friends added my songs to their myspace pages. I realized that all this time, I had been writing by forcing lyrics and chords out of my mind instead of letting them flow from the heart. After that happened, my friend texted me one day and told me that he really liked my songs and that we should record with their recording materials. So of course I said yes. It was a huge step up for me. We recorded a couple of songs and I put them online and took all my old ones off. Then my friend never wanted to get around to recording anymore and we ended up not finishing what we started.
One day a friend of mine called me up and asked me to open for his band. So I accepted. It was my first show, and it was really weird. I opened with my acoustic stuff for a punk rock band that played right before a rap group. There was only about seven people there. But as soon as my set ended, the owner of the venue came up to me and told me that I was great and wanted to know if I could play there again. Before the next band's set even started, I had another show date.
On the way home from that show, me and my friends decided to start a band. We recorded a song and were working on more to finish an EP. We played that next show I got as a band. This time, more people came to the show and we played great. But after that show everything stopped. We never played again... I don't know why. The band members never got around to wanting to play. So I tried to start a Christian hardcore/screamo band. I couldn't find members though and I felt like God was calling me to focus on my solo project. I played at a local version of American Idol and sang a song that I wrote. The entire crowd loved it! But apparently the judges didn't. I didn't place in the awards, but when the event was over, and for weeks after that, so many people that I didn't even know told me about how much they "loved my song and my voice" and that "the judges were wrong because I should have won". So I quit my job and my sport to dedicate my time writing, playing and recording. My influences for my music were bands like Third Eye Blind, Green River Ordinance, and Safetysuit. Occasionally I liked to write softer songs with more of an Iron & Wine sound. Shortly after that, I got another show. It went well. Then I started talking to a guy who owns a local recording studio. I recorded a song with him and it sounded great. Now I hear my friends all around singing my songs very often. I'm still recording at the studio and working on finishing an EP there. I thank God for my talent and my family for supporting me.


I don't have anything released yet. But my EP is in recording now.