Dylan Cash

Dylan Cash


Dylan Cash is the Canadian "Jack Johnson" crossed with Barenaked Ladies and Brian Adams. A truly Canadian prairie good ol boy who's live shows are mezmorizing and interactive. Known as the "Prairie Surfer" , Dylans music is soulful and rich , with lyrics and musicianship of a truly gifted artist.


Dylan Cash
“Prairie Surfer”

Dylan is a talented multi-instrumentalist and good ol’ prairie boy, as a father of 3 and grandfather of 2 , this 53 yr old has a knack for simple , yet highly addictive melodies. Whether it’s tackling global issues or simply walking in the sun this prairie boy, known as the “Prairie Surfer” , mezmorizes his audience with wonderfully crafted songs and an powerful and memorable performance. From his first studio experience, with John Lennon at New York’s Record Plant to recently performing for 10yrs with his two oldest children in a Club cover band & ZZTop Tribute Show.

Dylan is now recording his 3rd solo CD and is in production for a new set of music videos to compliment the new 2007 CD. Dylan is currently working small venues such as clubs ,coffee houses , outdoor festivals.
With the big success of the 2006 CD release “Prairie Surfer”, and a big response to the 4 music videos on youtube.com and myspace.com , Dylan is looking forward to opening for some larger acts this year as he tours across Canada.
Critic’s reviewed “Prairie Surfer” and compared Dylan Cash to Jack Johnson, and in 2006 Café 100 fm Radio in Winnipeg, played “Everyday People” and “Bluesy Blue” from the 2006 release on regular rotation . Winnipeg Free Press music critic Rob Williams gives “Prairie Surfer” 3 ½ stars , John Kendle of Winnipeg’s Uptown magazine says ”These songs are a snapshot of a guy whose muse can run from cheerful Jimmy Buffett-style singalongs , Jack Johnson esque breezes and country/blues/rootsy reflections of love “.

Chris Fantini Music Director /Afternoon Radio Host Café 100fm says “Dylan Cash is another gem waiting to be unearthed from the Manitoba Prairie”
With local sales of Prairie Surfer and the online sales through CDBaby.com , Dylan Cash is reaching audiences from Canada to Belgium where Dylan’s last two CD’s have been played on Golden Flash Radio Belgium for over a year now.
Contact Dylan Cash at dylancash.ca myspace.com/dylancashonline youtube.com


Everyday People

Written By: Dylan Cash

Everyday People

We’re just everyday people,
Walkin on the same streets
Soakin up the same sunshine

Breathe the same air
Grow long hair
Drive-in movies on a Friday night

Waves on the beach
Love in the air
BBQ weekends, breakfast in bed

Make love to me on a Saturday night
Your kisses make everything alright

Walk with me , hold my hand
You make me a happy man.

We’re just everyday people
Wet feet in the sand
Everyday people
Makin our way the best we can.

Just everyday people
Summer thru Spring
Listen to the same Robin sing.

Were ever you go, whatever you say
Time after time it’s the same old same.

School yard swings, Lemonade stands
Summertime love , holdin hands.

Ride a two seater bike on a country road
Sippin latte’s down at Café Joes.


Country People

Written By: Dylan Cash

Country People

Im livin on country time
Hangin out on the front porch waitin for a sign
Sittin down by the creek on a rainy day
Not a worry in the world, & I’d like to say that

My friends are country people , they drive tractors & trucks
You can rely on country people, to say he-ll-o
& wish u good luck

Workin out on the fields all day

Soakin up the sun lyin in the hay, Cool
Breeze on my face, feet on the ground
Everywhere I look happiness abounds

Out here I’m livin the good li –fe

Food on my table most of the time
Hat on my head, shoes on my feet
I say to myself what more could I need



Songs blastin on my truck radio

As I cruise on down this old dirt road

See my neighbour Jim tryin to mend his fence
He’s had that old yellow dog since I don’t know when

Bugs on the windshield , dust in my face
Couldn’t ask for a better place
Stars everynight big harvest moon
Guess I’m movin to the city, no time soon



Chorus: 2x’s


Life is amazing

Written By: Dylan Cash

Life is Amazing

Every blade of grass, Child that laughs,

A grain of sand, every can’t that can, it’s Amazing

Every movement in the universe,

Winds that blow & a heart that hurts,

It’s Amazing.

Every cloud that flies in a clear blue sky,

The breath you take & the love you make

It’s Amazing.

The earth gives birth to a new day while

Wars take sacred life away,

It’s Amazing.

The pious man prays,

The poor man lives for another day,

Bless the child that finds the way &

Leads us through the pain we make (stop)

It’s Amazing, It’s Amazing It’s Amazing, It’s Amazing.

Live this life like a Star burnin bright

Shine on children all of the time

Compassion speaks soft & sweet

Open your heart & you will see

It’s amazing, It’s Amazing, It’s Amazing, It’s Amazing

Every smile that cries, Truth that lies

Heart that beats for someone you meet

It’s Amazing.

Mountains high, Oceans wide

Souls connect, for the love inside

It’s Amazing.

Clear your eyes, don’t be denied

Fight the truth of an unfinished life

It’s amazing.

Faces change, underneath we’re the same

Kill for religion, all in the name

It’s Amazing.


2005 "For the Love of a Good Woman" CD
2006 "Prairie Surfer" CD , singles include "Everyday People" played on regular rotation and "Bluesy Blue" , played during the "Blues Hour Show" on radio CAFE 100.7 fm

Set List

Songs and set lists vary depending on the need for Original only, Cover only and or a mix of both.