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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Houston, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Hip Hop Hip Hop


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As the gracious blue skies of America crossover all 50 states, Texas stands alone with its vast terrains, southern hospitality, one-of-a-kind livestock, and a strong sense of originality. Along with these assets, the manifestation of legends are created as well. The tall tales of Lone Rangers and Spaniards that were once duking it out across the Southwest transformed into the modern age representation of icons who have boasted their legacy through the many art forms that are attainable in the Lone Star state. Houston being one of the flashiest cities that the state has to offer, it’s only right for the city to conceive a rising star that embraces soul samples from the 70s, has a southernplayerstic vernacular, and uses the moniker “Cowboy Jones.”

Dylan Cohl, who’s originally from Port Arthur, but moved to Houston, has transcended a sound in this region that has been forgotten, surged with his eclectic energy and soulful background. He released his first full project, Cowboy Jones: 2000 and Beyond, last fall and it showed Cohl’s versatility as an artist and producer. Since the release, he’s worked closely with Kirko Bangz and LMG Music Group while also crafting the sequel, Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days In The East. The growth of Cohl’s artistry is shown in tracks such as “Flowers,” a Third Coast duo ballad with Susan Carol, to songs such as “Don’t Need It,” a slow but well-worth-the-wait single that offers Cohl’s minimalistic attitude towards life.

All in all, the preparation of this project shows maturity after the first act of “Cowboy Jones”, the feature presentation. The sequel has much anticipation, and I recently had a chance to speak to how this project, his life, and more will become a cinematic experience with the upcoming release of Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days In The East. - Free Press Houston

"Dylan Cohl's My Mental"

Dylan Cohl‘s late-March Booth debut, $hort Texas, found the Lone Star State buzzmaker utterly focused on his hustle, and the legacy he hoped to create in the hip-hop game. Two weeks later, his concentration’s been shattered and his head is a mess, all thanks to a certain woman. On promo cut and album inclusion My Mental, the artist reveals that he’s been troubled by intrusive thoughts of an ex, even as he neglects his current woman in favor of marathon studio sessions. Despite his psychological burdens, he manages to pull double duty on the mic and behind the boards, hooking up with Los Angeles beatmaker Flying Lotus to create this joint’s shapeshifting, sampled backdrop. Most Kings, Dylan’s debut full-length, has yet to receive a drop date. As always, you can keep it locked to The DJBooth for the latest on the forthcoming set. - DJBooth.net

""Cowboy Jones" Dylan Cohl Blazes The Trail For Up-And-Coming Artists"

I said it in my last article, and I will say it again: I just really like this guy! Not only is Dylan Cohl’s music very appealing to me sonically, he seems to be an outstanding person. I got a chance to interview him again as he prepares to release the second part to his album series, Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days in the East, and we talked more about who he is, how he creates, and what drives him.

Hope Carter: In our previous interview, you mentioned that your last album, Cowboy Jones: 2000 and Beyond, reflected where you are in life. Where were you then, and where are you now?

Dylan Cohl: I had been working on Cowboy Jones with my guy, Tha Brodee, for a solid year and a half unknowingly. I was, at the time, bouncing from city to city like a nomad gaining insight and trying to develop something that didn’t exist. I was looking for my place in everything. Many broken hearts, drugged filled nights…all the shit you could think a true creative goes through, I went through.

I had been working with Kirko Bangz (who is like my mentor big brother) trying to get placements traveling with him on the road, thinking I was headed to the “promised land” as I stated on “Dial Tone.” But it didn’t happen like that, so in a sense of trying to prove I had what it takes, Cowboy Jones came about. I just said, “Fuck it,” and went all out.

Nowadays, I’m in the same place but with a better perspective and understanding. Kirko would always tell me not to skip steps in this industry just take baby steps, now I know what he means.

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“I don’t need notoriety to make a change; I just need the will to want to make things better for people.”

— Dylan Cohl

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HC: Does where you are in life now reflect your upcoming Cowboy Jones 1.5?

DC: Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days in the East is continuing on with the first story, but it’s like a deep, dark spin of the streets that molded me. I’m no kind of thug or anything but being from where I’m from, I get it how I live and this is what 1.5 is about. I’m putting it all on the table and letting everybody know I’m a problem and I’m here to stay, I feel like people recognize me and what I do but I’m always seen as a little brother or some shit. Everybody knows what I’m capable of but I’m at the point where I need to be taken seriously and be heard and considered an influencer out here. I’ve been in rooms with greats and now I want to be a great in a room full of greats…if that makes sense. I feel people will appreciate all of Cowboy Jones down the line more than now. I’m ahead of my time.

HC: You mentioned that being from Port Arthur makes you want to carry on the legacy of the musicians who have come before you, like UGK. How do you feel you are doing that with your music?

DC: Port Arthur is a very (mysterious) city, if you’ve never been. All these empty buildings and shit hold stories and legends about a time that came and went. So I’m focused on actually bringing some type of pride back there. (There are) tons of artists out there, from B-Lean, Mickey Woods, my bloods in 4/5 Gang…Ray Hunna is right next to me pushing the culture of our city forward getting placements with Beat King, Slim Thugg, etc. and I’m like the pipeline in Houston for all those guys. I just want to bring all my wins home, so they can have someone to look to and know they won’t be left behind or forgotten. I feel like the new King of the Trill.

HC: Bun B – one of your hometown heroes – is known for his accessibility and philanthropic endeavors. Do you strive to use your notoriety and influence to do the same? In what ways?

DC: I do. I have more plans to give back than anything. I want bring actual change to my city of Port Arthur. I’ve had this idea of starting up an after school program for kids teaching them about the importance of being self-made entrepreneurs. I want to teach kids about agriculture and open up a neighborhood farmers’ market with fruit and vegetables grown by the kids of the community. I have a lot of ideas that I would want to put into motion this year. I don’t need notoriety to make a change; I just need the will to want to make things better for people.

HC: Who were your other influences (who made you want to be a musical artist)?

DC: I grew up in a church playing the drums as a kid so music is in my DNA. Listening to artists outside of my genre like Jai Paul, Robert Glasper, Flying Lotus…it made me want to push boundaries in hip-hop as a producer. In Houston, I’m one of the few Rapper/Producers, so I try to stay ahead of the curve. Wolfe de Mchls keeps me on my toes; he inspires me, as well as Cam Wallace. I look at those guys in the city and I want to add to what they are doing. I don’t mind not getting recognition because I know my music stands in a lane of its own.

HC: What life experiences shape the way you create? Is it an organic process, or do you sit down with a pen and paper and try to come up with a song?

DC: I found my Mom dead at 15 years old. She was my biggest fan in the world. She told me music was my calling at 8. So she’s what keeps me going. I make a lot of this music in solitude: I smoke a blunt, sit in the dark, and let the spirits run their course. I believe my mom is living through my music. I only work closely with Tha Brodee who taught me a lot of what I know. My writing process is simple, though: I’ll usually be stacked up on ideas and just piece it together. I’m a master of flow so once my flow is tight, the words come to form easily.

The second in the 'Cowboy Jones' series, 'Cowboy Jones: 1.5: Days in the East' drops February 29th.
The second in the ‘Cowboy Jones’ series, ‘Cowboy Jones: 1.5: Days in the East’ drops Feb. 29.
HC: What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned as an artist?

DC: The most important thing would be understanding the concept of working hard and staying consistent. That’s gotten me further than anything – me helping myself instead of being out here looking for help. You have to realize what you’re up against out here, be completely honest with yourself as an artist because nobody cares how good you are when you’re the one telling them how good you are. Just show and prove. Nothing else.

HC: What do you hope your fans experience when they hear Cowboy Jones 1.5? And why is it not “2”? Should we be expecting more in the future?

DC: I hope the listeners get a better understanding of what I have to offer. I’m not here to share my whole story yet. Cowboy Jones is like a comic series, so over time, I’ll come to life more and more. The production is pretty progressive just as the last one. I made it 1.5 because I’m still getting everyone familiar with me. I hope by the time I drop Cowboy Jones 2 I’ll have more listeners’ attention. Then there will be a need to continue the story, so I’m just spoon-feeding the Internet. I have visuals dropping from 2000 & Beyond soon and everything, so I’m just setting my campaign up how I want to. I want to present this music in a different (way). I’m working on some ideas to actually get people involved; you know, guerrilla marketing tactics and whatnot. I want Cowboy Jones to have propaganda around the city and everything like we’re Outlaws. I’m scheming on some ideas for the culture to understand me more, because it’s not just about the music; I want the world to appreciate all of me.

HC: When can we expect 1.5 to drop?!

DC: February 29th, Cowboy Jones 1.5: Days in the East is set to release. I have a screening of a video February 13th @ Trey’s Vintage Downtown Houston. Hopefully, we have a special night. - The Hive Society


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