Dylan Dog

Dylan Dog

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Dylan Dog is a Power Pop/Rock Band out of Chicago that is ready to deliver a must see stage show fueled with high energy and pure raw talent; which forms a tight yet aggressive live sound. A fellow performer said to us, 'You guys are a TRUE uncompromising rock band and THAT makes you stand out.'


Dylan Dog's history first began when C.D. (Lead Guitar) and Bill (Lead Vokills) met, through mutual friends, at a Chicago Dunkin’ Robbins in March 2006. C.D., a Boston native, was attending Berklee Music College at the time where he learned to master the guitar and had started working on his songwriting skills. Bill meanwhile was perfecting his dynamic vocals by singing in various Thrash/Power metal bands.

Fast forward to '09, frustrated with the situations of their then current projects, the two started collaborating on songs/lyrics by trading files online. The resulting primitive demos were really the beginning to talks of recording a real EP.

In early 2010 C.D. began tracking guitar and bass played by himself and drums with a Boston area session drummer. At the helm was producer/engineer mastermind Jeremy Krull.

April 2010, fed up with the music and social scene in Boston, C.D. moved to Chicago with hopes of starting a band unlike any other.

May 2010, the vocals were tracked at Gravity studios in Wicker Park, IL with engineer Joe Peven. Jeremy Krull then had the task of mixing the songs; which he then sent to Peter Van't Riet at Finetune in the Netherlands.

After the recording, they began looking for the rest of this newly formed band. Starting with drummers, after auditioning many, they found Victor (Drums, Percussion). His on time, hard hitting style was exactly what they had been looking for. Soon after Christian (Bass) auditioned and was welcomed into the fold almost immediately due to his versatility and down to earth demeanor...thus completing the current lineup.

Dylan Dog strives for every day to be better than the next. Their musical abilities and focused dedication makes them a band that has earned respect and a loyal fan base. They have created a sound that encompasses what makes music great: heart, dedication, integrity, attitude, and honesty. We welcome anyone to take a listen and judge for themselves what specific rock 'sub genre' we fit into, or who we sound like through influences whether real or not. One thing that's for certain is that Dylan Dog brings a fresh provocative sound that will leave just about anyone with an insatiable hunger for more.


Help Me Understand

Written By: Dylan Dog

Are we here again?
Seemed so long ago
Walls of white noise
Seem to make the hour glow

Can’t you see it?
Written on my face
A sense of strangeness in this same old place

With no direction
To neither here nor there
With no direction
Almost without a care

PC: Take a second breath
Take a step behind
Go inside my head and try to find what’s mine

Chorus: Help me understand just where I’m goin’ wrong
Let me in, let me know
Why this face is long

Help me understand just what I’m supposed to do
Help me understand why I do these things for you
Help me understand, Help me understand

How you feelin’ there?
Still feelin’ low?
Any time to think?
I think I’ll let you know

What’s the question
That you wanna hear?
What’s the question that really makes you fear?

Don’t wanna reason
with my self doubt
All I want
is the short way out



Bridge: A Punch to the stomach
And a kick to the skull
I’d rather have these than nothing at all
It’s as crazy as a crime I’m servin’ full sentence
Better bein’ locked up than having no reference


I am overwhelmed
Dam’s about to break
Bring it on to see
How much more I can take
I know the answer
It’s easier to see
Just drop the old act
And fake the rest of me

Condemn my actions
Before they drown
In self guilt
Let me win this bout
There’s no denying
That I want to shout


Faking Love

Written By: Dylan Dog

The distant hum of loud machines
Transcends new birth of clouded dreams
In your haze, imperfect gaze, you left me standing empty

I am the shadow on the floor
I should just beckon
But I know, there lies nothing
‘Cept the agony of burden, Oh

Never want to hurt you
With my eyes there’s no need to
Twisted thought somehow we’re faking love

Out of the gracious specks of time
gears of youth begin to wind
Takes it‘s toll, on us both, too bad it’s an illusion

Greater to feed on strength
Breaking the will it makes
Cannot bend, nor make amends, a chosen path can wander

I am the shadow on the floor
I should just beckon
But I know, there lies nothing
‘Cept the agony of burden, Oh

Never want to hurt you
With my eyes there’s no need to
Twisted thought somehow we’re faking love

Say Anything

Written By: Dylan Dog

Shattered cracks run along my eyes
Doing no good for my disguise
weight of my soul
Weighin' down the world
But you don't care
You don't care to know

Mascara tears line the night
Life in darkness is your only light
In a heart beat I'd be right there
Waiting for you
Waiting for you to say…

CH: anything, anything
You want me to do
Say anything, anything
You need from me too
Oh anything, Say anything,
But I love you

V2: knew you were trouble
Walkin through that door
Stirred a thousand desires maybe more
but I couldn’t fight your lure

Keeping on shootin’ for that moon
Cast out a line
Hope that someday soon
reel in your heart and I’d be your saint
open your mouth,
I wanna hear you say...


Bridge: And I'll be your shoulder
For when times are tough
Just let me know
When you've fucking had enough


Last Chorus:
Anything, ANything, you want me to
Anything, anything, you want me to
Anything, Anything, you want me to.


Upper Persuasion For a Lower Invasion-EP 2010